Accident on 5 Freeway near Sutterville Road [Sacramento, CA]

Accident on 5 Freeway near Sutterville Road [Sacramento, CA]
Accident on 5 Freeway near Sutterville Road [Sacramento, CA]

Serious Accident on 5 Freeway near Sutterville Road in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, CA (April 28, 2021) – An accident on 5 Freeway near Sutterville Road in Sacramento snarled traffic on the freeway over the weekend.
Caltrans described the Saturday night incident as a major crash but did not release further details. There was also no information on whether there were injuries sustained in the crash.
Meanwhile, the southbound lanes of 5 Freeway near Sutterville Road remained closed for the duration of the emergency response. At around midnight, Caltrans issued a notification that all lanes on the freeway are passable again.
As of this time, the factors surrounding the crash and its cause remain unknown. Officials are conducting further investigation on the incident.
When driving, it is crucial to follow all the rules to ensure your safety and the safety of other road users. Do a safety check on your vehicle before traveling. When behind the wheel, do not multi-task. Stay alert and keep your eyes on the road at all times. Do not forget to buckle up for safety. Also, never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. By being responsible, you can reduce the risk of injurious road accidents.

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