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While Newport Beach is incredibly bicycle friendly that doesn’t mean that the city is free of cycling related accidents, including those that involve at least one motor vehicle.

Orange County in general is one of the more dangerous locations in the United States to ride a bicycle according to the Office of Traffic Safety here in California.

With the third-highest ranking as far as the overall amount of traffic accidents involving cyclists that were either injured or killed is concerned.

In 2017 alone more than 100 people were involved in cycling accidents while riding their bicycle in Newport Beach.

Learn more about picking a personal injury lawyer and what you need to think about.

Why Contact Law Offices of Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim and his legal team have been helping bike accident victims in Newport Beach for years.

When you suffer injuries from a bicycle accident you can’t afford to take a risk and hire a lawyer without a track record.

The financial implications can be overwhelming and if you don’t get proper representation then your final settlement could be affected.

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How Much Is My Bike Accident Settlement Worth

Every bike accident is unique, but typically these accidents involve some serious injuries because bicyclists really don’t have protection in a crash.

The actual value of your bike injury claim (for the insurance company) will be based a lot on the injuries you suffered and who is at fault.

There is no way to just come up with a settlement amount, but of course if you suffered a broken leg and arm then you would get more compensation then if you just had road rash.

It is critical to hire an experienced bike accident lawyer in Newport Beach because the insurance companies will fight you tooth and nail before they just write you a check.

You might have been hit by an uninsured driver and or a distracted driver, and this can also complicate the case.

There are some major factors that determine the value of your case


Common Injuries From Bike Accidents

Getting hit on a bike in Newport Beach happens quite often because there are so many bicyclists that ride down PCH.

Wearing a helmet does help a lot, and protective clothing will definitely help reduce the chance for injuries.

If you do get injured on a bike ride in Newport Beach then we encourage you to contact us today for immediate help.

Whether you get hit by an Uber Eats driver or a guy from Postmates, you need to get your injuries looked at immediately by a doctor.

Trying to file a claim on your own is a long frustrating battle.

very common injuries from bike accidents –

Branden Finley Killed in Hit-and-Run Bicycle Accident on 7th Street [Los Angeles, CA]

Common Causes Of Bike Accidents In Newport Beach

No matter how careful you are as a bicyclist riding around the streets of Newport Beach, there is always a chance you will be hit by a vehicle on the road.

Unfortunately, many times when a bicycle accident occurs it is the driver who is to blame, maybe even backing out of a driveway.

People are often in a hurry and driving distracted is a major problem for everyone sharing the road these days.

It is hard sometimes to see a bicyclist in normal situations let alone when not fully paying attention, especially for teenage or new drivers.

Of course, there are times when the bicyclist themselves are at fault for an accident, but no matter who is at fault, anytime a car hits a bike rider it’s a bad situation.

Obviously, the sheer impact of a moving car or truck hitting a bicycle can be life changing.

Below is a list of common reasons for a bike accident in Newport Beach:

  • Distracted drivers (talking on phone, texting, emailing)
  • Intoxicated drivers (includes drugs and alcohol)
  • Side swiping bicyclists (motorists don’t give enough room while passing)
  • Drivers who violate bicyclists’ right of way (not looking out for the other)
  • Drivers who open their car door without looking (can have devastating consequences)
  • Speeding (catastrophic injuries can occur)
  • Unsafe passing (bicyclist may be caught off guard)
  • Poor road designs (paths and bike lanes not marked properly)
  • Mechanical failure (brakes, handle bars, tires, chain defects)
  • Potholes (can cause loss of control)
  • Reckless bicyclists’ (those who ignore the rules of the road)

Recovering From a Bike Accident

Of course all recovery starts with going to your doctor and getting evaluated after an accident.

Without proper medical care and advice your recovery will never get started, so don’t risk your health.

Some tips to help your mind and body recover.

  • Get a lot of sleep
  • Eat well
  • Physical therapy is a key step
  • Get a massage or multiple over the weeks
  • Slowly build your strength at the gym

How Bicycle Riders Can Be Safe and Avoid Accidents in Newport Beach

In Newport Beach there is plenty of bike riding in the community.

No matter how many precautions a bicyclist takes, they will always be at risk while sharing the roads with all the automobiles.

But there are steps that bicycle riders in Newport Beach can take to avoid an accident and serious injuries.

Protect your head – just simply taking the time to put on a helmet can save your life or at least help avoid serious injuries. Concussions, contusions and open head wounds are common injuries when you don’t wear a helmet.

Proper lighting on your bicycle – This includes lights on the front and rear of the bike. It is actually against the law to ride around without lights and reflectors on your bike, but more importantly it’s very unsafe.

Keep a safe distance from motor vehicles – Of course it’s common sense for bicycle riders to keep a safe distance from cars sharing the road. Just being aware of the automobiles around you can help avoid an accident.

Stay alert – this sounds easy enough, but many cyclists don’t pay attention to traffic, pedestrians and signals, etc.

Wear protective clothing if possible – It is also a good idea to wear gloves, any type of shoulder pads or protective back gear, and eye protection to make sure you have clear vision in any weather.

Go with the flow  Be sure to travel in the same direction that the traffic is moving.

Equip your bike with mirrors – mirrors help a lot with making safe lane changes.

Use hand signals – when you are making turns or changing direction you always want to use hand signals.

Do a Quick Bicycle Test – Check your seat and brakes. Make sure that “quick release” wheels are secured properly.

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Newport Beach Bicycle Accident Statistics

The amount of fatalities recorded for cyclists has been going down (nearly 30% over the past 10 years) in Newport Beach, but still a few people were killed as a direct result of bicycle accidents in the city in 2017.

Injuries From Bicycle Accidents In Newport Beach

Nearly every single cycling accident in Newport Beach – in 2017, or any other year for that matter – resulted in at least one injury that was reported.

According to the Office of Traffic Safety in the state of California, 97% of all bicycle related accidents have one injury or more reported.

Bike Accident Involved Drugs Or Alcohol

California drivers and cyclists involved in accidents California roadways have been found to have consumed some form of drug 11% of the time.

Drinking and driving, or drinking and cycling, is also on the rise – up nearly 30% over the last five years in California alone.

Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver

Distracted driving is a major problem throughout Newport Beach and the rest of the state of California.

Almost 75% of California drivers report using their smartphone while they drive even though they know it is distracting and illegal, and 80% of all accidents have been found to be caused by at least some form of driver inattention.

How Many People Own A Bicycle In California

People love to own bicycles in the state of California, with millions and millions of people proud to not only own bicycles but also to use them on a regular basis.

In Newport Beach, a considerable amount of the population rides a bicycle on a semi-daily or daily basis – and many of them choose to use their bicycle as their primary form of transportation.


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