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By now it seems that everybody has taken an Uber or Lyft at least one time in their life, as taxi cabs die a slow death.

There are almost 1/2 million rideshare drivers in California, and it’s been reported that the average Uber driver spends over $250 per month using the service.

With all of the people driving around in an Uber vehicle, of course there are going to be more and more motor vehicle accidents involving an Uber driver.

Also now there are delivery services like UberEats, DoorDash, and Postmates that are all over the roads here in Mission Viejo.

Uber is a great way to get around town if you don’t want to park or if you plan on drinking etc., but you still need to use common sense when using Uber.

Always wear a seat belt, make sure you get into the correct vehicle (verify driver information before just jumping in the car), and if you ever feel unsafe then ask to be dropped off before your intended destination.

Why Contact Law Office of Daniel Kim

As you know driving on the roads in Mission Viejo can be dangerous, it doesn’t matter if you are riding in an Uber or driving a semi-truck.

If you were involved in an accident with Uber or Lyft, then you want to be sure and hire an injury lawyer with a great online reputation.

Don’t just hire a family friend because you think they need the business and you want to help them out, not a good move.

Daniel Kim has over 1000 positive client reviews on Yelp and Google.

Once you start dealing with the insurance adjusters, and negotiating medical bills, etc., the entire process gets tricky very quick.

When you hire Daniel Kim to represent you, things will become a lot less stressful for you and your family.

Here are some things to consider about our law firm –

  • Daniel Kim knows every Uber law and loophole
  • We use top investigators to prove your case
  • We can help get you immediate medical care
  • You can contact us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

How Much is My Uber Accident Settlement Worth

Our number 1 goal is to make sure our clients are well taken care of, and that starts with making sure you get the proper medical treatment and on the path to a full recovery.

Obviously we also care about getting you a large settlement and making sure you get maximum compensation.

personal injury settlement can be taxable, and each Uber accident settlement is unique and takes a certain amount of time.

It is important to keep good track of all your medical bills from the hospital and your doctors, and you need to keep track of doctor visits etc.

Having all your records and bills will help later with your case.

There is no magic calculator where you can just punch in a few numbers and get a quick answer about the value of your case.

Daniel and his team will carefully monitor your case and all your injuries before they try to negotiate with the insurance companies.

We will seek compensation on your behalf for stuff like:

  • property damage to your vehicle
  • lost wages from missing work
  • medical bills from ambulance and urgent care, etc.
  • pain and suffering
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How Does Uber Hire Their Drivers

Many Uber customers nowadays want to know how Uber hires drivers and what the background check is like, etc.

You read in the news about an Uber driver kidnapping somebody or raping a passenger, etc. etc.

You definitely need to be careful even when you are using Uber or Lyft, there are many people who impersonate an Uber driver and take advantage of Uber customers.

It is actually pretty easy to get hired as an Uber driver and below we have listed out the main details that you must –

  • Pass a valid background check from the police
  • Have a valid drivers license
  • Own a newer 4 door car
  • Own a smartphone to use the Uber app
  • Pass a simple interview

Should I Report an Accident to Uber

If you drive for Uber and you have been involved in a car accident then you want to file a report with Uber.

You might want to contact an injury lawyer first if you were injured.

Waiting to report the accident will not benefit you, and if you have injuries then you want to seek medical attention right away.

If you were a passenger in an Uber, or if you were hit by an Uber driver then you’ll want to contact our law office today so we can help you.

We will explain how the whole process will work, and most importantly we can try to help you get proper medical care.

car crash

Common Causes For Uber Accidents In Mission Viejo

There are many common causes of an Uber (rideshare) accident in Mission Viejo and like any other vehicle accident there can be complications and damages.

If you are a passenger in an Uber or if you’re an Uber driver yourself, there is a chance of getting injured in an accident.

Any person injured in an Uber accident needs to understand the liability and accountability aspects in order to be fairly compensated.

You will need a Mission Viejo Uber accident lawyer like Daniel Kim to help, call us today.

This is a list of what causes many Uber crashes in Mission Viejo –

  • Scanning for passengers (driver’s scanning the street looking for passengers)
  • Tired drivers (overworked exhausted drivers lead to accidents)
  • Distracted drivers (drivers often using the Uber app while driving)
  • Speeding (top reason for accidents of all types)
  • Running red lights (incredibly dangerous but common in accidents)
  • Car malfunctioning (flat tire, faulty brakes, etc.)
  • Driving under the influence (drugs, pills, alcohol)
  • Rain (bad weather makes roads unpredictable)
  • Tailgating (driving aggressively and too fast)

Common Injuries From an Uber Accident

When you are riding as a passenger in an Uber, you may not realize a collision is about to happen and often you have no time to brace yourself before the impact.

Injuries in an Uber can depend on many factors like if you sit in the front seat or back.

Don’t wait around after an accident to see how you feel, your best bet is to seek medical treatment to ensure your well-being, even if that requires an ambulance ride.

Of course, the severity of your injuries will play a major role in your settlement so call our offices today for a Free consultation.

Below is a list of injuries we see every day from Uber accidents in Mission Viejo:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Legs injuries (ankles, knees)
  • Neck injuries (whiplash, torn ligaments, strains)
  • Concussion (fast head movement shakes the brain)
  • Skull fractures (cracked bones in head)
  • Cuts and wounds (from glass, metal, steering wheel)
  • Back injuries (lumbar, spine)
  • Amputation (loss of limbs)
  • Death (worst case scenario)

What To Do After an Uber Accident

There are numerous factors involved when in an Uber or Lyft accident in Mission Viejo.

If you stay focused, then you can follow a certain process to ensure your safety and protect your legal rights.

One of the likely problems that can arise is determining the main reason of the crash and who is considered responsible.

This is just a short list of what to do immediately after being involved with an Uber car accident –

  • Call Police (get officers badge number, create report)
  • Location of accident (get address of incident)
  • Get information from other driver (insurance, license, etc.)
  • Take photos or video with your phone (of the scene, your car, your injuries, etc.)
  • Get vehicle information (make, model and year)
  • Take yourself to the hospital (get checked out, don’t ignore any minor pain.
  • Contact Daniel Kim Law Offices for Free consultation

Mission Viejo Uber Accident Stats

Statistics regarding exactly how many Uber accidents in Mission Viejo occurred in 2017 are not yet available.

But the US Department of Transportation (DOT) suggests that anywhere between 2% and 3% of all automobile accidents involve vehicles operated by ridesharing service drivers.

Injuries And Deaths From Uber Accidents In Mission Viejo

In 2017, Mission Viejo saw six people lose their lives as a direct result of automobile accidents.

Information regarding whether or not those accidents involved Uber drivers is incomplete however.

Injury rates are quite high with these kinds of accidents.

US DOT says that on average more than 70% of all automobile accidents have at least one injury reported, and more than 300 people in Mission Viejo reported being injured as a result of automobile accidents in 2017.

How Many Uber Drivers Are There In California

According to Uber, there are more than 385,000 drivers for this ridesharing service alone operating in the state of California.

Other ridesharing services also exist which likely pushes this number north of 500,000 people – and Uber says that they are on target to hit 500,000 drivers working for them alone within the next five years.

% Of Uber Accidents Are Caused By Uber Driver

The US Department of Transportation has published a study reporting that between 2% and 3% of ALL automobile accidents in the United States are caused or involve Uber vehicles or vehicles driven by operators for other ridesharing services.

% Of Uber Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver

Distracted driving is one of the biggest challenges that motorists have to deal with today.

With about 80% of all automobile accidents not only in the state of California, but in the United States as well-being linked directly to some form of driver inattention and distracted driving.

The fact that this rate continues to climb year after year is a major problem, showing just how much needs to be done to curb this issue.

Interestingly enough, 75% of all California motorists self-report that they use their cell phone while they drive even though they know it’s both distracting and against the law.

How Much Does Average Uber Passenger Spend On Uber Rides Per Year?

The average American citizen uses ridesharing services like Uber between three and four times each week, paying on average $22 per trip, which works out to an average of just over $4000 per year.

Obviously, people living in urban and more densely populated areas use Uber even more frequently than that – with some using it as their main mode of transportation.


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