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1 Killed in Pedestrian Crash on 405 Freeway at Century Boulevard [Inglewood, CA]

Mission Viejo is a beautiful place to live and the sunny weather attracts many residents to spend time walking instead of driving.

Of course the more pedestrians on the road, the higher chance there will be an injury or death involving a pedestrian.

City officials and local residents are always looking for ways to make the streets safer for pedestrians, but it’s not an easy task.

Slowly cities are building newer traffic signals, better street lighting, and high-visibility crosswalks, all in hopes of decreasing the amount of pedestrian accidents.

The reality is though that pedestrian accidents will always happen to some degree, so we hope you read this article to learn more about pedestrian laws and what you need to know in case you are injured.

Just remember than even wearing bright colored clothes, and not listening to music while you are walking can help you avoid being hit as a pedestrian.

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How Much is My Pedestrian Accident Settlement Worth

We understand that if you have been injured in a pedestrian accident that you will have major concerns about getting compensated for your injuries.

There are a lot of determining factors that play a part in negotiating your final settlement, and our law firm will fight for you.

Each pedestrian accident is unique, so we can’t just come up with a magic number and tell you that you’ll win 100k or $50,000, etc.

Things that matter will be who is at fault (what % the driver is at fault), the severity of the injuries, diagnosis of any long-term disabilities, etc.

And other things will be considered like lost wages from missing work due to the accident, or even needing to buy a special handicap vehicle in the instance a victim lost an arm or leg, etc.

When you hire Daniel Kim you are hiring the best, plain and simple, and Daniel will make sure you get maximum compensation.

Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents

When a pedestrian is struck by a car or truck the injuries can be bad, even fatal.

If you were injured in a pedestrian accident in Mission Viejo (or anywhere else in OC) then contact us today for help.

Situations that involve pedestrian accidents are below:

Crosswalk accidents – very common for drivers to hit a pedestrian in the process.

Intersection accidents – many times when a vehicle is turning at an intersection the driver won’t see people walking.

Back over accidents – People reversing out of a driveway or parking spot.

Hit and run – this occurs when a driver might be drunk or not have a license etc., but leaving the scene is illegal.


Common Injuries From a Pedestrian Accident

Injuries will occur when a vehicle like a car or truck comes in contact with a pedestrian.

The seriousness of these injuries depends on many factors.

Things like the speed and type of vehicle, the impact on the pedestrian and of course the pedestrian’s age and health can play a role.

Although injuries can vary from one accident to another, some tend to be more common.

Most common injuries we see from pedestrian accidents:

  • Internal injuries – this includes internal bleeding, rib fractures, brain bleeds which are all very serious injuries
  • Broken bones – maybe the most common injury in a pedestrian accident are broken arms, ankles, legs, wrists etc.
  • Lacerations – this type of injury can be very painful and take a while to heal as it really depends on the location and how deep the wound is
  • Spinal cord injury – damage to the lumbar, cervical spine, the thoracic spine, even a small injury to the spine can be traumatic
  • Upper extremity injuries – arm and shoulder are injured the most, followed by forearm wrist and elbow
  • Soft tissue injuries – soft tissue damage may take longer to heal and can have a lasting effect on the victim for the rest of their lives.
  • Head trauma – whenever a brain injury is involved in a traffic accident the results are usually bad for that pedestrian.
  • Pelvic injuries – these are very common in pedestrian accidents
  • Fatal injuries – death caused by devastating injury

California Pedestrian Laws and Right of Way

A pedestrian is a person on foot and also can be someone who is on a skateboard, roller blades, etc., other than a bike.

It can also be a person with a disability using a wheel chair for transportation.

Keep in mind that people who operate a motor vehicle have certain laws they need to follow when on the roads and around pedestrians.

But as a pedestrian you want to be as careful as possible and follow California vehicle laws.

These laws below must be observed by anybody driving a motor vehicle.

  • Do not stop in a sidewalk because this will always put a pedestrian in danger if they have to walk around your car.
  • If a pedestrian makes eye contact with you, they are ready to cross the street. Always yield to the pedestrian.
  • If a pedestrian is crossing in a crosswalk, drivers are required to reduce speed and exercise caution to ensure the safety of the pedestrian.
  • Do not drive on a sidewalk, except to cross it to exit or enter a driveway or alley
  • Pedestrians should never jaywalk, and if a car gets into an accident while trying to avoid a jaywalker, then that pedestrian can be held liable.

There are certain rules that apply to blind pedestrian

California vehicle codegives blind pedestrians with service dogs or white canes the right-of-way.

California code also forbids those who are not blind from carrying a white cane.

If the blind pedestrian is to pull their cane inward and moves away from the curb then that means they aren’t looking to cross the street.

Hitting a blind pedestrian is a misdemeanor and could require up to six months in the county jail and carries a $500 to $1000 fine.

Mission Viejo Pedestrian Accident Stats

With a significantly smaller population than many other towns and cities in Orange County there are a lot fewer pedestrian accidents on the streets of Mission Viejo than elsewhere.

During 2017, the city saw only 67 pedestrian accidents – good for just slightly over 0.7 accidents per 1000 people living in the city.

This is somewhat remarkable considering the fact that the population density in Mission Viejo is 2225% higher than the California State average.

That means there are a lot of pedestrians walking around Mission Viejo compared to other locales.

Deaths From Pedestrian Accidents In Mission Viejo In 2017?

The best news of all is that none of these pedestrian accidents in 2017 ended up resulting in fatalities.

Anytime you’re talking about an accident involving a pedestrian the risk is quite high, but no fatalities were reported to the Mission Viejo Police Department during the year 2017.

Injuries From Pedestrian Accidents In Mission Viejo In 2017

At the same time, more than 97% of pedestrian accidents throughout the state of California had at least one injury reported.

This average was maintained throughout Mission Viejo during 2017, with the overwhelming majority of pedestrian accidents having at least one injury reported either at the scene or after those involved sought out medical care following the accident itself.

% Of Pedestrian Accidents Involve A Drunk Driver

Drinking and driving, as well as operating motor vehicles while under the influence of drugs, remain major problems throughout Mission Viejo.

In fact, the state of California has a major problem with these issues.

DUI arrests are on the rise and have been for the last five years, climbing nearly 30% over that stretch of time.

11% of all motor vehicle accidents (including those involving pedestrians) are found to have been caused by operators under the influence of drugs.

How Many People Live In Mission Viejo?

As of 2017, Mission Viejo was home to just slightly over 96,000 individuals.

This town has seen considerable growth over the last decade and continues to have more and more people calling it home on a year after year basis.

Bad Intersections In Mission Viejo For Pedestrian Accidents

Puerta Real and Crown Valley Parkway, Alicia Parkway and Muirlands, and Olympiad Road at Alicia Parkway are just some of the more dangerous intersections in Mission Viejo.

Especially when it comes to pedestrian traffic.

All motorists as well as all pedestrians should be sure to keep highly aware of their surroundings when approaching these intersections


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