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Mission Viejo is a commuter city located in Orange County, in the Saddleback Valley.

Mission Viejo is a beautiful place and is considered to be one of the largest master-planned communities ever built.

With a population of almost 100,000 people, Mission Viejo is a good sized city that is still growing as more and more people discover the area.

Daniel Kim and his team have years of experience helping people in Mission Viejo that have been injured in a car accident or motor vehicle crash.

If you or a loved one has been injured please contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Tiannah Ruvalcaba Arrested in Fatal DUI Accident on Fernbridge Drive [Humboldt, CA]

Mission Viejo Car Accident Stats

Although some cities might be safer to live than others (based on crime itself), all cities still have car accidents and there is no way to completely avoid them.

The research at City-data.com has offered some pretty detailed numbers for 2017 that we have included below –

  • Fatal accident count – 6
  • Vehicles involved in fatal accidents – 19
  • Fatal accidents involving drunk persons – 0
  • Fatalities – 6
  • Persons involved in fatal accidents – 22
  • Pedestrians involved in fatal accidents – 1

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Mission Viejo then you will want to call a top car accident lawyer like Daniel Kim.

Don’t wait to get medical treatment, and don’t wait to call us for help because California has a statute of limitations that will affect your case.

Mission Viejo Injury Cases We Handle

We are a personal injury law firm and we exclusively represent motor vehicle accident victims.

As we know car accidents happen all too often, as do motorcycle accidents, collisions with DoorDash drivers, or even getting hit by an uninsured driver here in Mission Viejo.

Common accident cases we handle are listed below:

Bike Accidents – Mission Viejo sees a fair share of bike accidents because the city has a large number of residents that ride a bicycle to work or just for exercise.

Automobile Accidents – If you have been injured in a car accident here in Mission Viejo then contact our law firm today for a FREE consultation.

Motorcycle Accidents – As motorcycle enthusiasts know, riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous and the injuries can be life changing if the accident is bad enough. Wearing a helmet can save your life, but neck and spine injuries happen way too often.

1 Killed in Pedestrian Crash on 405 Freeway at Century Boulevard [Inglewood, CA]

Pedestrian Accidents – Walking around Mission Viejo is something that local residents do on a daily basis. Sadly Mission Viejo does have pedestrian accidents and many times children are involved.

Truck Accidents – The 5 and 405 freeway are 2 major freeways that Mission Viejo residents have to deal with, and truck accidents are common on both of those freeways.

Uber Accidents – Uber is very popular in Orange County because it gives people a chance to not worry about getting a DUI, and it allows people a way to eliminate the hassle of parking at busy events like concerts, etc.

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Damages In a Mission Viejo Personal Injury Case

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Mission Viejo, you might be entitled to getting compensation.

There are certain types of damages that you might be able to seek –

Loss of wages – when you start missing days at work because of your injuries, it can cause great financial stress in your life.

Medical Bills – figuring out how to pay all your medical bills is not always that easy. Even if you are still able to work while you are recovering from your injuries, most of us don’t have extra money sitting around to pay hospital bills.

Pain and suffering – these are known as “non-economic damages” and simple refers to physical pain or mental suffering that you have experienced.

Rehabilitation cost – If you have a serious injury then the odds are good you will need rehabilitation treatment – like physical pain and occupational therapy.

Punitive damages – punitive damages can be awarded by judges or a jury if it is determined the conduct of the defendant is considered outrageous.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Mission Viejo

A lot of our clients contact us after they have been injured in a car crash and they get frustrated dealing with the insurance companies.

No two car accident injury claims are ever the same, and each settlement takes a different amount of time to settle.

Fighting the insurance companies is no easy task, and for the average person they don’t have time in their daily life to do it.

Daniel Kim and his legal team have years of experience dealing with these large corporate insurance companies, and we are not intimidated by them.

When you are dealing with severe injuries and huge financial bills, you don’t want to risk doing all this by yourself.

We have over 1000 positive reviews on Yelp, FB, and Google from past clients who wanted to express their gratitude for what we did.


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