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1 Killed in Pedestrian Crash on 405 Freeway at Century Boulevard [Inglewood, CA]

Los Angeles is a well-known city for its nice weather and various outdoor attractions and shopping centers, and many residents walk to and from places to enjoy the sun that shines all year round. When you combine nice weather and millions of people, you end up with many pedestrians walking around the busy streets of Los Angeles. With all that foot traffic comes many pedestrian accidents all over the city. Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer Daniel Kim is here if you have been injured.

And not all pedestrian accidents involve a car, many times people walking are hit by a motorcycle or electric scooter, or even city work trucks.

Anytime a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle the injuries can be very serious since the pedestrian has no protection around them.

Los Angeles is one of the most dangerous places for pedestrians. Many fatalities have been reported over the last few years making it a very risky area. It is no secret to the Los Angeles residents that walking around the busy city is quite risky. Most pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles occur in the evening when it is hard for drivers to see. If you have suffered from a pedestrian accident, call our Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer Daniel Kim today to schedule a free consultation.

Why Contact Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident in Los Angeles, you don’t want to fight the insurance companies and the legal system by yourself.

Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer Daniel Kim is a top pedestrian accident attorney here in Los Angeles with 5 Star ratings on Yelp and Google.

After a pedestrian accident, your life can become very stressful with the insurance companies calling you, dealing with medical bills, and trying to recover from your injuries.

If a lawsuit is necessary for you to receive compensation for damages done, it is crucial you hire an experienced Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer to help ease the process. Daniel Kim and his professional legal team are ready to assist your case and ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

When you hire Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer Daniel Kim and his team to represent you, you won’t have to worry about paying any fees until we win your case.

Our law firm also helps with all motor vehicle accidents in Los Angeles County including bicycle, motorcycle, automobile, Uber, and Semi-truck accidents.

And if we don’t win your injury lawsuit then you don’t pay us.

If you or a loved one was involved in a pedestrian accident and suffered serious injuries, contact Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney Daniel Kim today. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so call us now for a FREE consultation.

Statistics on Pedestrian Accidents In Los Angeles

According to information released by the City of Los Angeles Transportation Department, traffic fatalities involving pedestrians have spiked up to the highest level they’ve ever been in 15 years.

Following a nationwide trend of pedestrian accidents and deaths that have reached the highest point it’s ever been in 25 years.

In Los Angeles County in 2017, 82,437 people were injured or died because of automotive accidents.

Los Angeles saw an increase in pedestrian fatalities and accidents of 36.9% from the year 2011.

How Many Deaths Occurred from Pedestrian Accidents in Los Angeles in 2017?

Fatal Pedestrian Accident on 205 Freeway at Grant Line Road [Tracy, CA]

According to the report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association, LA County has the highest number of pedestrian deaths in the entire United States. This included more than 265 people killed due to traffic-related accidents or injuries in 2017 alone.

Even more shocking is the fact that Los Angeles County is so significantly more dangerous for pedestrians than the next most dangerous County in the US. Maricopa County in Arizona comes in second at 133 pedestrian deaths in 2017.

How Many Injuries from Pedestrian Accidents Occurred in 2017?

In 2017, more than 60,000 traffic collisions occurred in the city of LA – a 7% increase over the previous year. A considerable amount of these accidents involved pedestrians (with some reports suggesting that nearly 40% included pedestrians). The overwhelming majority of these pedestrian-involved accidents resulted in many serious injuries to those pedestrians involved.

What Percent of Drivers Tested Positive For Drugs Or Alcohol?

28% of ALL traffic-related fatalities – including those that involved pedestrians dying – were directly linked to California drivers who were impaired at the time of the accident.

32% of these drivers were found to have been under the influence of some type of drug, prescription, or illegal substance. The remainder were found to be inebriated and under the influence of alcohol.

Car Hits Power Pole in Accident on Bechelli Lane at Cypress Avenue [Redding, CA]

What Percent of These Los Angeles Pedestrian Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver?

About 80% of traffic accidents that involved pedestrians in LA (both the city and the county) were found to have been related to some form of distracted driving. On top of that, more than 40% of all California drivers statewide willingly admit that they –

  • Check their phones while driving
  • Send out texts while driving
  • Update social media while driving
  • Check emails while driving

Most Dangerous Intersections in LA for pedestrians

The LA Times did a study that gave detailed information about each dangerous intersection and recorded every fatality and injury that resulted from a pedestrian accident. The study examined multiple different intersections in Los Angeles over a span of 12 years. These intersections were considered to be the most dangerous for pedestrians:

  • Slauson Ave. and Western Ave.
  • Hollywood Blvd. and Highland Ave
  • MLK Jr. and Crenshaw Blvd.

Over the 12 year span the study took place, Over 600 pedestrians were hit by a vehicle in these intersections.

Toddler Seriously Injured in Pedestrian Accident on North Dutton Avenue near Decker Street [Santa Rosa, CA]

Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents in Los Angeles

Like all accidents, there are many ways that a pedestrian accident can occur where the driver may be at fault.

If you have been injured by a driver in a pedestrian accident in Los Angeles then it is in your best interest to contact a Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer immediately.

Some common types of pedestrian accidents include:

Crosswalk Accidents – It’s very common for a driver to ignore or not pay attention to crosswalks. But, hitting a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk is a serious offense that can lead to criminal and civil penalties.

Intersection Accidents – When vehicles are turning at intersections many times the driver won’t look for pedestrians in crosswalks.

Sadly, this happens because the driver is usually distracted (cell phones, etc.).

Hit and Run Accidents – This type of accident occurs more frequently for many reasons. The driver may not have car insurance, not have a license, or is already in trouble with the law.

If you are hit by a car and the driver takes off, it can complicate your potential claim. Call Los Angeles personal injury lawyer Daniel Kim today and get help.

Back Over Accidents – This happens when a car backs over a pedestrian. Typically, this happens in a busy parking lot or driveway. Oftentimes it happens to kids because they are harder to see.


Los Angeles Pedestrian Laws and Right of Way

Most parents do their best to educate their children about the importance of safe street crossing and paying attention to our surroundings. Kids are taught to always look both ways before entering a crosswalk to ensure that no vehicles are coming and that it is safe to walk.

On the other hand, being careful doesn’t always ensure your safety. It is important to know when a pedestrian has the right of way and when they don’t. There are strict laws set forth by California that pedestrians should be aware of. Following these laws may help avoid any unnecessary accidents as long as motor vehicle drivers are following the law too.

Pedestrians should always be aware of their surroundings, cross intersections safely, and follow all pedestrian laws.

These laws below must be observed by anybody driving a motor vehicle:

  • You are not to pass a vehicle that is stopped at a crosswalk. They might be stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross.
  • Do not stop in a sidewalk. This will always put a pedestrian in danger if they have to walk around your car.
  • A driver must yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian who’s crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk (or any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection).
  • The only time you can drive on a sidewalk is when you are entering (or exiting) a garage or alleyway. Even then you need to watch out for and yield to pedestrians.
  • Pedestrians should never jaywalk. If a car gets into an accident while trying to avoid a jaywalker, the pedestrian will most likely be held liable.

There are certain rules that apply to blind pedestrians.

Blind pedestrians pull their cane inward and move away from the curb when they aren’t looking to cross the street.

Los Angeles takes these laws very seriously. Drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians face a minimum penalty of $220 if an injury occurs.

Failing to yield to a blind pedestrian is much more serious. It is subject to a maximum fine of $1000 and possibly 6 months in jail.

Overall, the bottom line is that drivers and pedestrians should both be cautious and aware of their surroundings. This will allow the roads in Los Angeles to be a bit safer. If you need to consult about a pedestrian accident, call Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer Daniel Kim.

Rosa Rivas Involved in Pedestrian Accident on Highway 101 [Goleta, CA]

Common Injuries From a Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrians hit by a car or truck typically suffer from severe injuries. There are many different factors that play a role in how bad a pedestrian is injured after a vehicle accident. If you have been injured, contact our Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer Daniel Kim for assistance.

Things like how fast was the car going, type of vehicle, and the pedestrian’s age and health can play a role.

The most common injuries we see from pedestrian accidents are:

  • Internal Injuries – This includes internal bleeding, rib fractures, brain bleeds, etc., which are all very serious injuries.
  • Head Trauma – Whenever a brain injury is involved in an accident, the results are usually life-altering if not fatal. Traumatic brain injuries must be treated with extreme care by an expert doctor.
  • Pelvic Injuries – These are very common in pedestrian accidents and is very painful. A pelvic injury can be very serious if not treated immediately.
  • Broken bones – Broken bones are the most common injury in a pedestrian accident. The most typical broken bones are arms, ankles, legs, wrists, etc.
  • Lacerations – This type of injury can be very painful and take a while to heal. It all depends on the location and how deep the wound is.
  • Back and Spine – Back and spinal injuries are very serious and can be detrimental. The spinal cord keeps the brain and body working together and just a small injury can be traumatic.
  • Wrongful Death – The worst case of all is when a pedestrian is killed by a negligent driver.

Pedestrian Accident Car Settlement

Many pedestrian accident clients will ask “what is the average compensation for being hit by a car” and “can I sue for being hit as a pedestrian?”

There are many factors that go into a pedestrian accident settlement claim. Oftentimes, people think they can google a settlement calculator to just easily come up with an amount, but it’s not always that easy. It’s recommended that you speak to a professional and experienced lawyer. Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer Daniel Kim can help you get precise information regarding your specific case.

Many factors contribute to how much compensation one can receive after a pedestrian accident such as:

  • Fault – Lawyers and insurers will study the accident scene and property damage to determine who’s at fault. If the pedestrian is at fault in any way, it can greatly affect the compensation received.
  • Recovery – If your injuries are permanent or take long to heal, you may be entitled too more money.
  • Injuries – The severity of your injuries will be a major factor in how much money you can get.
  • Work – If a pedestrian has to take time off work due to the accident, then this will increase the compensation you are entitled to.

These factors all contribute to the importance of contacting Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer Daniel Kim. Call today and let him fight for you.

Sitting around waiting on insurance companies won’t benefit you. Get a jump start to being compensated fairly by calling Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer Daniel Kim today.

What To Do If You Are Involved in a Pedestrian Accident

If you’re a pedestrian who’s been hit by a motor vehicle, the first thing you should do is assess whether you’re okay or not. If you are conscious and able, do your best to document everything you can and call the police immediately. Take photos of the accident scene including the crosswalk, street signs, any visible injuries to yourself, the driver, and their car. Documenting the scene of the accident is important because situations occur where an argument over who is at fault takes place. Taking note of any crosswalks, stop signs, traffic lights, etc. can help your case.

Gather witness statements if anyone was there to see the accident occur and exchange information. It’s also important to get the information and insurance from the party at fault. Lastly, file a report with the officer that comes to the scene. A police report is very important in helping your case if a lawsuit is necessary.

If you were involved in a hit and run pedestrian accident, it is crucial you speak to the police. Make sure to obtain any information from witnesses on the make/model of the vehicle or a license plate. The smallest details can go a long way when searching for the driver of a hit-and-run accident.

Next, seek medical attention. It’s beneficial to get checked out by a doctor. This is to ensure there are no internal or hidden injuries that may have resulted from the accident. Some injuries do not become apparent until a few days after the accident. Receiving medical attention will help you in the long run if you chose to seek a settlement.

Contact Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer law Daniel Kim to discuss your case and see how we can help.

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