Rancho Cucamonga Bike Accident Lawyer

Rancho Cucamonga Bike Accident Lawyer

Alex Herrera Killed in Bicycle Accident on Highway 74 [Menifee, CA]

Rancho Cucamonga offers nice weather and plenty of bike trails for the local residents to enjoy (some people even ride their bikes to work).

There are things you can do to avoid being hit on your bicycle, stuff like wearing bright clothing, using a light at night, etc., and we cover more of this topic later on in this article.

The reality is that bike accidents happen daily in The Inland Empire and sadly many of these accidents involve some serious injuries.

We put together this article in hopes of educating people on what to do before and after a bicycle accident here in Rancho Cucamonga.

If you have been injured and you need a Rancho Cucamonga bike accident lawyer then call us for a FREE consultation today.




Why Contact Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim?

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident then you’ll want to speak to a San Bernardino accident lawyer.

Daniel Kim and his legal team have years of experience helping bike accident victims here in the IE and Rancho Cucamonga.

Bicycle accidents tend to result in pretty severe injuries, and if you’ve been hit by a car then you’ll want to hire an experienced Rancho Cucamonga bike accident lawyer like Daniel Kim.

Do not fight the insurance companies alone, trust us.

The insurance companies are not in the business of just paying out big settlements to accident victims.

Many times the insurance companies will try to settle a claim very quickly for a low amount of money, or they will attempt to deny the claim completely by placing fault on the bicyclist.

Dealing with insurance companies is very tricky, and it’s not something that most people want to do while they are recovering from their injuries.

No matter how long your settlement takes, Daniel Kim will fight for you to make sure you get maximum compensation.

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Common Causes of Bike Accidents in Rancho Cucamonga

Bicyclists are common on the roads throughout San Bernardino County and Rancho Cucamonga is no exception.

So, when an accident does occur with a bicyclist there can be injuries involved especially when a rider comes in direct contact with an automobile.

Bicycle accidents when involving a moving vehicle are usually a result of a distracted driver or a failure to yield the right of way to the cyclist.

Bike riders are often hard to see due to their compact structure and drivers need to be on the lookout at all times.

Sometimes the bicyclist themselves are at fault when an accident occurs, but no matter who is at fault, anytime a car hits a bike rider it can be devastating.

If you need a Rancho Cucamonga bike accident lawyer then contact Daniel Kim today.

Below is a list of common reasons for a bike accident in Rancho Cucamonga:

  • Right cross (occurs when a car pulls out of a driveway, side street, alley etc.)
  • Right hook (car cuts off cyclist when making a right turn)
  • Drivers not using their turn signals (can cause those behind or in front to be confused)
  • Door opener (throwing open a door of a parked car into a traffic lane)
  • Running a red light or stop sign (dangerous and life-threatening if impact occurs)
  • Left cross (vehicle makes left turn in front of the cyclists, strikes left side of the bike)
  • Inexperienced drivers (not being aware of the rules of the road is hazardous)
  • Bike lanes (lanes can be poorly marked and hard to see making it unsafe)
  • Rear-end accident (riding to close to a cyclist or vehicle is not safe)
  • Roadway defects (like potholes, broken traffic signals or streetlights
  • Distracted drivers (phone, eating, drinking, talking and texting)


How Bicycle Riders Can Be Safe and Avoid Accidents

There is always a risk when traveling the streets on a bicycle in Rancho Cucamonga but there are common factors that can help to make the roads safer.

The top way to avoid bike accidents is to be ready and aware of the other vehicles around you.

It is also best to know the rules of the road and safety tips to help avoid these situations, which in turn will help eliminate the need for a Rancho Cucamonga bike accident lawyer.

  • Look out for road hazards – Watch for debris on the roads, oil, sewer grates, gravel, water, dirt, etc. Be careful when crossing railroad tracks. If a road hazard caused your accident then you’ll definitely want to hire a Rancho Cucamonga bike accident lawyer.
  • Make eye contact with vehicle drivers – It is important to realize that most drivers don’t see you. Eye contact is an important way to communicate with any driver who might pose a threat to your safety.
  • Use lights at night – California law requires a lamp or lamp combination. The light must be visible up to a distance of up to 300 feet. This is for the safety of everyone sharing the road.
  • Wearing a helmet – Just simply taking the time to put on a helmet can save your life or at least help avoid serious injuries. Concussions, contusions, and open head wounds are common injuries when you don’t wear a helmet.
  • Keep your bike in good shape – Adjust the seat to fit your you. Always check brakes and tires before hitting the streets. Do some routine maintenance to ensure a safe ride.
  • Never ride against traffic – Bicyclists need to ride in the same direction as the traffic. Other drivers are not going to be prepared to see a rider coming head-on. State laws require that bike riders ride with the traffic.
  • Keep a safe distance from motor vehicles – Of course, it’s common sense for bicycle riders to keep a safe distance from cars sharing the road. Just being aware of the automobiles around you can help avoid an accident.
  • Don’t ride too aggressively – This is just simple things like don’t run red lights, don’t run stop signs, and don’t cut off cars intentionally. Be safety conscious and respectful.
  • Wear protective clothing if possible – It is also a good idea to wear gloves, any type of shoulder pads or protective back gear, and eye protection to make sure you have clear vision in any weather.
  • Mirrors – Mirrors can help with turning and the overall safety of the cyclist. It is important to be aware of everyone behind and in front of you, remember to assume that no one sees you.
  • Dress for the weather – Rancho Cucamonga has beautiful weather most of the time but when rain, wind, or cold is in the forecast dress appropriately. In rain wear a poncho or something waterproof. It is best to dress in layers to be able to adjust to the temperature.


Rancho Cucamonga Bike Accident Stats

In 2017, only four accidents were reported to have involved cyclists in Rancho Cucamonga and the surrounding community.

Although the number of bike accidents is low, you’ll need a Rancho Cucamonga bike accident lawyer if you are hit while riding a bicycle.

This is an incredibly low number for a city that has almost 200,000 people living in it, but it just goes to show how many improvements have been made throughout the city to help cyclists share the road with their automobile counterparts.

Injuries and Deaths From Bicycle Accidents in Rancho Cucamonga

Of course, anytime you have a bicycle involved in an accident with a motor vehicle – almost always traveling at a higher rate of speed – the potential is there for serious injury and even death.

Thankfully though, in all of Rancho Cucamonga, there were no fatalities reported during 2017.

Every one of the four accidents reported in the city, however, did have at least one injury reported.

If you are injured in a bike accident you should read about going to an ER or urgent care.

Percentage of Accidents Involving Drugs or Alcohol

The state of California has always had a struggle with getting drivers – and cyclists – to stop operating their vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In the last five years alone, DUI charge rates are up almost 30%.

On top of that, 11% of all fatal accidents in the state of California are later found to have been linked directly to individuals operating their vehicles while under the influence of some type of drug.

Bike Trails in Rancho Cucamonga

As we highlighted earlier, Rancho Cucamonga has made a number of forward-thinking initiatives throughout the city to improve the lives and safety of cyclists traveling in and out of high-traffic areas as well as throughout the outskirts of the community.

A number of bike paths have been implemented over the last few years, including the Route 66 Trailhead, the Milliken Park bicycle path, and the North Etiwanda Preserve that has 2.5 miles of bicycle trails for the public to enjoy.

Crazy as it sounds, there are instances where a bicyclist is hit in the parking lot while getting ready to ride the trails, and if this happens to you then you’ll need a Rancho Cucamonga bike accident lawyer to represent you.

Dangerous Intersections in Rancho Cucamonga for Bike Accidents

It cannot be argued that there aren’t certain intersections in Rancho Cucamonga (like any other major metropolitan area in the US) that are more dangerous and more prone to motor vehicle and bicycle accidents than others.

If you want to be sure that you stay as safe as possible while on your bicycle, or that you avoid any opportunity to potentially hit a bicyclist while you are driving your car, exercise extreme caution while driving through these intersections:

  • Interstate 10 and West Foothill Boulevard
  • South Highland Avenue and Highway 210
  • Banyan Street and Day Creek Boulevard

Helmet Laws in California for Bicycle Riders

Children and teenagers 17 years of age and younger are legally required to wear bicycle helmets when they are traveling on public streets, bike paths, and bicycle trails.

If your child was injured while riding their bike, then contact our Rancho Cucamonga bike accident lawyer today.

They are not legally required to wear these helmets while on private property, though.

On top of that, anyone 18 years of age or older has absolutely no legal requirement whatsoever to wear a bicycle helmet – whether they are traveling on public property or private property.

Obviously, it’s a good choice to wear the safety equipment but there’s no legal requirement compelling adults to do so if they choose not to.

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