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With growing population, newest and fastest bikes, increase in traffic stretching, more and more motorcycle accidents are happening. If any of you or your loved one has become a victim of a motorcycle accident then you must contact with us to get help from our highly skilled Orange Country personal injury lawyers to get a free consultation quote.

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident? Then this is the right time to contact our best motorcycle accident lawyer in Orange City. Just make a call to 800-719-9779 to get assistance for an Orange Country motorcycle accident. Here, you can talk to highly experienced and skilled lawyer to know whether you are entitled to compensation.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is helping people for motorcycle accident cases


The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is dealing with the vehicle accident cases various of them have been the cases related to motorcycle accidents. We are helping people for more than 40 years with motorcycle accident cases. Our knowledgeable Lawyers are having years of experience to help the injured victims. Our attorneys understand what is required to fight with a corporation, insurance company and other entities, which can make it challenging for you to get compensation.


Seek compensation for your loss


Injured victims in a motorcycle accident lawyer can seek compensation for their damages. These damages usually include the costs of medical bills, rehabilitation, permanent injury, suffering and pain, lost wages and emotional distress.

Even if someone has killed in a motorcycle accident in Orange Country then you still can file a case to seek compensation for the damages. Also, if you have hit-and-run accident or even the next person is uninsured, then still you can get compensation for the clause of auto insurance policies.  

However, if you want to seek compensation for your loss, we are always here to help you. We have settled above $500 Million for our clients.

Safety suggestions to consider for motorcyclists


Motorcyclists are well-known to be dangerous extremely. Motorcycle itself is not dangerous but its surrounding factors are. It is because although motorcycle riders are following proper safety suggestions but still, they encounter hazards.

However, here are some of the important safety suggestions which a motorcyclist can consider:

  • – Safety gears

Most common safety gears are including use of helmet, protective clothing options, gloves, eye safety, boots, to ensure your security.  


  • – Motorcycle condition

Make sure all parts of your motorcycles are working in a proper way. lubricate you bike so that nothing can hinder your motorcycle movement.


  • – Road ready

It is always essential to understand bike riding rules to follow on the roads. Also, consider having brake lights, license plate, headlights and turn signals to make your bike road ready too.


Although you are taking proper precautions to ensure your safety but still you can encounter a motorcycle accident. As safe bike riding is always encouraged. but still other vehicles can also cause accident.

Encino Motorcycle Accident Lawyer


Motorcycle accident statistics in Orange County

Hundreds of motorcyclists have injured while riding motorcycles in Orange country yearly. As per report of SWITRS 796 motorcyclists were injured and 18 were killed in one year. 98 motorcycle injuries have been led by Anaheim. While, Huntington Beach has also reported with 59 and Santa Ana with 67 motorcycle accidents. Even more, 34 injuries and 5 fatalities have also reported in Orange City unincorporated area.  


Some major causes of motorcycle accidents in Orange City


Similar to various other vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents are also being caused by various things. In case of a motorcycle accident, it only takes a second of inattention.

However, here are some of the most common causes which can lead to a severe motorcycle accident in Orange City:


– Failure to see a motorcyclist while changing a lane or turning on the road.

– Failure to stop at stop sign

– Running a red light suddenly.

– Driving under drug influence.

– Over speeding

– Distraction while riding a bike

– Aggressive or reckless driving

– Defective or dangerous roadways.


Types of injuries in motorcycle accidents

A motorcycle crash can lead the passenger to injuries. Even in some serious accidents a motorcycle accident victim can also cause some severe injuries, catastrophic injuries or even death. However, when it comes to understand the common injuries then have a look at the following options in this regard:


– Head or brain injuries

– Neck, back or spinal injuries

– Fractures or broken bones

– Amputations or Lacerations

– Burn injuries or scars

– Internal organ damage


Things to do if you have encountered a motorcycle accident


Have you encounter a motorcycle accident and want to know what to do after having an accident? Here are the steps which you should perform to stay safe and get best help in a more effective way.

  • Safety should be one of the most important aspect to consider after having a motorcycle accident. Make sure to go away from the vehicles.
  • Seek medical attention immediately after following a motorcycle accident. Seeking medical attention as soon as possible to ensure your wellbeing. This is not only important for your wellbeing but can also help you to collect evidence for your medical condition or injuries.

Not having a document for your medical injuries from the accident can affect your case dramatically.

  • After arranging all the proofs and documents, contact an experienced Orange Country motorcycle accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Daniel Kim. The skilled lawyers can also help you to preserve your rights and fight to get your compensation in the best possible way. Make a call at 949-203-3814 to get immediate help after encountering a motorcycle accident.


Get help from the best motorcycle accident lawyer


Orange Country motorcycle accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Daniel Kim has represented plenty of motorcycle accident cases since 1978. We also have helped the victims to whom other law firms told that they even don’t have an accident case. So, you can easily trust our capabilities. For this, contact our motorcycle accident lawyers by calling 800-719-9779 and let use see what we can do for you. We will offer you an obligation free consultation with award-winning Orange County personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Daniel Kim.


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