Orange Country Bicycle Accidents

Orange Country Bicycle Accidents

Cycling can be a very economical, healthy, and eco-friendly option to driving. With bike lanes, trails and beaches in Orange County, cycling is also an excellent leisure activity. There are great opportunities for mountain bicycling and there are around 1,000 miles of bike paths. However, cycling has inherent dangers. When a bicycle hits a vehicle, it is often the cyclist who is seriously injured. These injuries can have a life-threatening impact, and bicycle accident lawyers in Orange County can help protect your rights and your compensation, now and in the future.

Bicycle accident lawyers at The Law Offices of Daniel Kim have had a long and successful career for more than 40 years, representing the rights of seriously injured victims and their families.

We will provide you with our legal services without any funds in advance. Our program guarantees that regardless of the outcome of your bicycle accident case, you will not have to pay legal fees or expenses if your case does not work.  Call us at 800-719-9779 to find more.

What is the Value of Your Bike Claim in Orange County?

Injured cyclists in California can claim compensation for all financial and non-economic damage suffered due to the negligence of another person. All your medical bills must be covered, including surgery, hospital treatment, and physiotherapy.

Support should also be available for lost wages and potential loss of income if your injuries prevent you from returning to work at full capacity. In case of severe damage, support may also be available for emotional suffering and physical pain. This is why it is so vital for victims to keep their daily logbook since the accident.

Note the activities you cannot do and the family reunions you missed and how the injuries have affected your quality of life. All of these factors will affect the value of your claim for a bicycle injury. Since there is an OC injury and our lawyers are very experienced, we have a high success rate in finding such claims.

Injuries in Bicycle Accidents in Orange County

The extent and nature of the injuries that occur in a bicycle accident generally depend on the impact of the collision, whether the rider is wearing a helmet or other protective equipment, the speed at which the accident occurred, and the road condition.

  • Head injury is one of the most common types of bicycle accident injuries. Head injuries that can result from bicycling accidents can range from bumps, concussions, and cuts to skull fractures and other brain injuries. Research has shown that brain damage most often occurs when a cyclist is not wearing a helmet.
  • They may also experience trauma in the spinal cord. This type of trauma can cause vertebral fractures or even paralysis. When cyclists abandon their bikes, they can also fall on their faces, which can cause injuries such as eye damage, broken jaw, nose, or broken teeth. Bone fractures are also common consequences of bicycle accidents.

San Diego Bike Accident Lawyer

  • There are also chances that the bicyclist may break the bones in the legs, arms, shoulders, hips, or back. Bone tears require further treatment and rehabilitation. Bicycle accidents often result in internal injuries, such as torn spleen or punctured lung.

What to do After a Bicycle Accident?

Each year, more than 1,000 people are injured in bicycle crashes across the province. Many of these incidents could have been avoided if the driver concerned had only exercised due diligence.

There are a large number of bicycle accidents in Orange County due to the negligence of the driver. Motorists do not look for bikes before changing lanes or turning. Disabled drivers can stop, distract, tire, or speed up the driver’s observation before it is too late.

Some common causes of bicycle accidents include drivers who do not see cyclists; we do not judge the speed or trajectory of a cyclist; indifferent or high-speed driving; cyclists pass too close.

The most dangerous types of accidents for cyclists are those that occur at or near an intersection.

In case of a bicycle accident, here are some essential things to consider

– Wait for the police

In the case of a bicycle accident in Orange County, you may need immediate medical attention. However, if you are involved in an accident, wait for the police to arrive so that they can introduce themselves. If you can, be sure to include the accident account in the police report.

– Medicare

Make sure you get the medical care you need right away, even if you don’t think you are infected. Some cyclists do not realize that they were injured even several hours after the accident. There are also cases where minor injuries turn into permanent and chronic problems.

– Stay tuned

When you stay on the scene, admit no mistakes, and don’t reveal any details specific to anyone. However, make sure you get the driver’s name, call, driver’s license, vehicle and insurance information. Also, try to get the name and contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident.

– Document everything

Note everything that happened at the scene very carefully. Try to take notes on traffic, roads and weather. Close your wounds. Seek medical attention, even if you think your injuries are minor. Take photos of the accident scene and your injuries.

– Keep the evidence

Be sure to seek the advice of a lawyer specializing in bicycle accidents in Orange County who can advise you on what to do, help you negotiate a fair deal with insurance companies or help you to represent you in legal action.

Bicycles are mainly vulnerable to traffic accidents. Due to the small size, thin tires and instability, sudden changes in the road surface can be very dangerous. These dangers can even cause the most careful and experienced cyclist to lose control.

Dangerous road conditions for cyclists include drainage systems, irregular payment, cracked or damaged roads, potholes and street debris. The Law Offices of Daniel Kim has represented thousands of clients over the past four decades, mostly in California, and has risen over $ 500 million in settlements and provisions.

If you have a bicycle accident, contact a lawyer specializing in bicycle injuries in Orange County for a free consultation. Call 800-719-9779 for compensation.


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