Car Accident Lawyers in Orange County

Car Accident Lawyers in Orange County

Car accident lawyer in Orange County.

When it comes to finding an experienced and qualified car accident lawyer in Orange County then this can be an overwhelming process for most of the people out there. Because there are various questions that come to mind including how long it will take, what fair compensation would you have, and the most important one what a car accident lawyer will charge you.

However, if you are finding the best and most trustworthy OC car accident lawyer, then The Law Offices of Daniel Kim can be the best option you can have. Here you can meet the specialized lawyers who are dealing with all kinds of vehicle accident cases ranging from truck accidents to car crashes.


Why The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is the Best Solution for You?

Skilled attorneys: Our skilled and highly qualified OC car accident lawyers are also trial lawyers. Also, our wealth of experience in this field is making us worth considering. We have helped more than 12,000 clients by representing their cases in the courtrooms of Orange County.

Years of experience: We have been helping people in this industry for more than 40 years. We always fought for car accident victims to provide them the compensation they deserve. We have a long history of satisfied clients

Passion for plaintiff justice: Passion for providing justice to the victims is beyond compensation. We can work to set you and your loved ones on the path of emotional, financial, and physical recovery. We can also take complex car accident cases too.


Our Service Areas

We are offering our accident lawyers services in various big cities of Orange County and California, including:

However, for further details make sure to review the interactive timeline of us.


No Win, No Fee Guarantee

We are offering no win no fee guarantee to our clients. With this, they don’t have to pay even a dime if we are not succeeded.

With our unmatched services, we are offering the best client experience which is truly second to none. Our OC Car accident lawyer, Daniel Kim has been recognized as Avvo, Superlawyer, Best Lawyers, Lexis Nexis, and much more.


Statistics of Car Accidents and Safety

Although most people prefer to drive safely on the roads, there are still various reckless drivers too. An average of 32,500 car accident cases is happening in Orange City annually. However, as per our comprehensive report of accident statistics in Orange County, 3.1% of the accidents involved motorcycles. However, 4.1% of the accidents involved bicycles, 2.6% of these accidents have involved pedestrians, and 3.9% of these involved trucks. While unbelievably, 10.9% of these car crashes involved alcohol and other substance consumption.

Although the number of accidents is declining over the past few years, still, a dangerous traffic situation can happen at anytime and change the lives of victims.


What Factors Cause Car Accidents?

With so many drivers around Orange City, driving on the road is becoming dangerous. Even more, the dangerous roads are adding more risk of car accidents. However, when it comes to identifying the most dangerous Orange County roads than here, we have the list to consider:

  • Beach Boulevard at State route 39
  • Laguna Canyon Road
  • Ortega Highway


Most Common Car Accident Injuries

A car accident in Orange County can lead the victims to a wide range of injuries. Although the type of injuries usually depends on what was the type of accident, where the car was impacted and collision force, etc. However, the most common personal injuries can be broken bones, cuts, and bruises, head injuries, Whiplash, emotional pain, and anxiety. However, in severe cases, the damage may also include Spinal Cord Injuries, internal bleedings, and even deaths. Car accidents can also lead to a victim’s lifetime disability.

What to Do if You Are in an Accident

  1.  Safety should be the very first thing you need to get. Because experts say while having a car accident, staying next to your vehicle can be dangerous.
  2.  Medical attention is the next thing to consider. Get the required medical treatment as soon as possible. This is important for your own well-being.
  3.  Calling the police is also important. Because if there is a car crash then make sure to involve the police in this case. It is because you may ask for a police report copy later.
  4.  If you can then make sure to document the accident scene and preserve essential evidence. Because it is important to document everything if you are a victim of a car accident in the City of Orange. So, make sure to take pictures of the scene, record license numbers, and secure the contact details of witnesses.
  5.  Organize your evidence properly. And contact the best car accident lawyer in Orange County who is experienced in handling car crash cases.
  6.  In this step, you can easily trust our car accident lawyer Orange County with ease. As a renowned firm of OC car accident lawyers, The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is always aiming to help the victim. We work hard to provide ease to the victim who has been injured in a car crash and make sure they can get the best compensation and justice that they deserve.


Passenger Rights in a Car Accident

Although it is more commonly known that drivers have certain rights especially when they are not at fault, passengers also have rights as well. Even if the driver is at fault, the passenger can exert their rights as well. In Orange County alone in 2015, 163 of the 3,176 fatal car crashes resulted in passenger death. Ask your OC Car Accident Lawyer about your rights if you have been involved in an accident as a passenger. You may be fully compensated for your pain or loss.


Questions to Ask an Orange County Car Accident Lawyer

If you are planning to hire an auto accident lawyer in Orange County then here are some questions which you can ask from an OC car accident lawyer:

  • What is their experience level?
  • How long your attorney has been licensed for handling car accident cases?
  • Has the lawyer worked on a similar case before?
  • Would they consider your needs?
  • Will they go to court if needed?
  • Do they offer a free consultation?
  • Is the car accident lawyer easy to access?

Here are some questions which you can ask your OC car accident lawyer after bearing a car accident?

  • Should I contact my insurance company?
  • How could I get compensation for my lost time and income from work?
  • Who will bear my medical bills?
  • What should I tell to my insurance adjusters?
  • What if the person hit me was uninsured?
  • Can I allow the insurance adjuster to record my words?
  • What the worth of my car accident is?
  • Where should I prefer to go to my car repair services?
  • Which attorney should I hire, consumer, or car accident?


Car Accident Compensation in Orange County

Do you want to know what you can receive if you are an Orange County car accident victim? Or finding it a bit frustrating by getting the answer that compensation depends on your loss? Although this is a vital truth there are some factors that can affect the claim value. These factors are including the extent of injuries, property damage, medical expenses, ongoing rehabilitation costs, sufferings and pain, and work opportunities. Your OC Car accident lawyer can help you get fully compensated for what you have lost.


Get Help from the Best Car Accident Lawyer For Superior Representation

O.C. car accident lawyers of The Law Offices of Daniel Kim can offer you the help needed to represent your car accident case in the best possible way. They can provide you with support to get justice. Our firm is a part of the Orange County community for over 40 years. With the passage of time, our OC car accident lawyer, Daniel Kim has established a success rate of 96% by getting over $500 million for our clients.

However, if you are a victim of any car accident case then make a call to 800.719.9779 to seek immediate help. Also, you can visit our office at Newport Beach, to get our assistance.

Our car accident law firm is located across the street from South Coast Plaza within the Pacific Arts Plaza.

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