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Long Beach Truck Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim and his team of attorneys know that being involved in any type of truck accident like semi-truck accident and 18-wheeler accident can be traumatizing for victims. Our Long Beach truck accident lawyers are here to help guide you in this difficult time. These Long Beach truck attorneys specialize in any type of truck accidents. Contact Long Beach Truck Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim and speak directly to him regarding your situation for free!

Long Beach is certainly a beach town, but with the 405 and 710 freeways being part of the city, many big trucks drive in Long Beach every day. As a result, truck accidents can happen any day.

If you or your loved ones are involved in this type of accident, contact our Long Beach truck accident lawyer Daniel Kim today. Our exceptional attorneys have provided this article below to help guide you through this difficult time.

In addition, the roads are already dangerous enough with uninsured driversteenage drivers, and motorists that run red lights, but add 18-wheeler to the mix and it makes the roads even more deadly. Our Long Beach truck accident lawyers know these roads all to well and will get you the best compensation and the medical care you deserve.

Certainly, your best bet is to call Long Beach Truck Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim today and get answers to your questions!



Truck Accident Lawyer – Daniel Kim

Why Contact Long Beach Truck Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim is a top rated Long Beach truck accident attorney, and he can help people all over Southern California.

Daniel and his legal team have years of experience helping clients that were injured in a truck accident, and Daniel knows the trucking laws in California very well.

Our client satisfaction rate is 99%, and we strive to get that to 100%.

Dealing with the insurance companies is not fun, but Long Beach Truck Accident Lawyer like Daniel Kim is not intimidated by them and he knows the tricks they use.

You must remember that insurance companies don’t want to pay out big money on injury claims, and this is why you’ll want to contact Daniel today.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have over 1000 reviews on Yelp, Google, and FB from past clients that wanted to share their story.

Call us today for a FREE consultation.

Other Practice Areas We Handle

Our law firm can help with any other injury accident that involves –Uber, Lyft, Motorcycle, Car, Bike, Pedestrian,

  1. Motorcycle Accidents – Obviously any motorcycle accident can end up very bad, even with a fatality.
  2. Car Accidents – Car accidents happen all the time in Long Beach and some are due to all the drivers on the freeways (405, 710, etc.). Our accident lawyers will can help you relieve your stress and we’ll make sure you get a fair compensation. We also handle Uber and Lyft accident cases here in Long Beach.
  3. Bicycle Accidents – Long Beach has it’s fair share of bike accidents that occur all year long, many of these people are tourists at the beach. Bike accidents can be fatal, don’t fight the insurance company alone.
  4. Commercial Truck Accident -The numbers are staggering for big-rig truck accidents and FedEx trucks, etc. Speeding, distracted driving, and over worked drivers are common causes for truck crashes.
  5. Pedestrian Accident – With so many people walking around Long Beach, it’s no surprise that many injuries occur due to pedestrian accidents.
  6. Rideshare Accident Injuries – Many times a bad car accident will involve an Uber or Lyft driver or passenger. We can help with rideshare accidents here in LA County.

What To Do After a Truck Accident in Long Beach

Getting injured in a truck accident can completely destroy a persons’ world here in Long Beach (or anywhere in LA County).

The physical injuries, recovery, financial stress, and the mental stress can easily overwhelm a person, and that is why you need to contact a top Long Beach truck accident lawyer to step in and help.

Paying the medical bills after a truck accident can financially destroy a person unless they know what to do and hire the right injury lawyer.

Call Long Beach Truck Accident Attorney Daniel Kim today for a Free consultation.

If you have been injured in a Long Beach truck crash read this below.

Post Truck Accident Procedure

Contact the police immediately – It is very important to contact the police at the scene. If the accident seems minor, or if you are hurt bad and going to ride in an ambulance, having an official police report will help our law firm make sure you get maximum compensation for your injuries. And in case the police report is wrong you’ll want to have it corrected because it can affect your entire case.

Get medical treatment ASAP – If you involved in a truck accident and don’t think you feel pain, it doesn’t mean you are not injured. Often right after a truck accident, the victim doesn’t feel (or see) any injuries. It is wise to get medical help and make sure you don’t have any internal injuries, or injuries that could show up a week later, etc. Having records of your medical treatment will help your accident claim also as our law firm takes care of your injury claim.

Contact the insurance company – You’ll want to contact your insurance company and let them know you were involved in a truck accident. You don’t want to talk and give too much to the insurance company, instead state the facts and say as little as possible (ask us for advice).

Get photos or video of the accident – If possible just get photos on your smartphone of the damage to your vehicle and any injuries you might have suffered. It can be difficult in a stressful moment but just do your best.

Call a Long Beach truck accident lawyer – Daniel Kim and his law office are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The Law Offices of Daniel Kim are compassionate and well versed in trucking accidents, and we offer a Free consultation, so call our professional Long Beach truck accident lawyers today.

Common Types of Semi-Truck Accidents In Long Beach

Driving on the Long Beach freeways are dangerous for everyone especially when large semi-trucks and 18-wheelers are in the lanes with smaller cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Safety is an important issue for all traveling and when these big rigs are involved in an accident the consequences can be devastating.

Not only can the freeways be hazardous for drivers but also the roads and city streets can have large trucks on them making them dangerous as well.

When driving on the roads with semi-trucks remember to be very careful and cautious.

There are many reasons why an 18-wheeler can find itself in an accident and when it happens the other vehicles involved usually will be the ones with the most damage and injuries.

If you were injured in an accident described below then contact our Long Beach truck accident attorneys today.

Common Types of Semi-Truck Accidents

Jackknife  The trailer swinging behind the cab can cause significant injury and damage.

Bridge strikes – Trucks sometimes miscalculate the height of a bridges, overpasses and other structures that cross the roadway and this can result in serious damage and injury.

Head on collision – This type of crash usually causes fatalities or life-long disabilities.

Rollover – These accidents also have a higher fatality rate than other types of vehicle collisions.

T-bone – This type of accident is known as a side impact collision (or broadside crash).

Spilled cargo – If cargo is not properly loaded, a serious accident can occur when other drivers try to avoid the debris spilled on the road.

Rear-end – A semi-truck can crash into the back of another vehicle with incredible force.

Main Reasons For Truck Accidents in Long Beach

When an 18-wheeler gets involved in an accident there is more than likely going to be damage and injury.

When any type of accident involves a large truck, these injuries and damage are usually much more serious than if the crash had involved only passenger automobiles.

Commercial trucks, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, etc. can often carry enormous loads that can be extremely dangerous if a speeding truck makes impact with another vehicle.

This is why the California rules and regulations on truck drivers are so extensive and are meant to help ensure the safety of the public.

If you are involved in a truck accident, in the city of Long Beach or the surrounding areas please call an experienced Long Beach truck accident lawyer that will fight for you and get you the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes for Semi-Truck Accidents in Long Beach

  • Overloaded cargo
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Braking system
  • Driving to close to vehicle
  • Tired driver
  • Improper lane changes
  • Rain or fog
  • Not obeying state trucking laws
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Common Trucks on Long Beach Roads

Roads and city streets can be at risk when mixing in large trucks with pedestrians and vehicles around the residential neighborhoods of Long Beach.

When these town trucks drive around the schools and apartment complexes it is vital to be aware of the danger.

Truck drivers and the public both need to be careful and follow all traffic laws that apply to pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles.

Common Large Trucks in Long Beach

Below is a list of the more common large trucks that pose a danger to pedestrians and motorists:

Wrecker tow trucks – these trucks pull other vehicles and are common around town

Flatbed trucks – often these carry large loads, multiple cars sometimes are on the flat bed

Refrigerator truck – often seen delivering goods to grocery stores

Garbage trucks – trash trucks are often in residential areas with kids, pedestrians nearby

Long Beach Truck Accident Statistics

With a population just slightly under 500,000 people, Long Beach obviously has a considerable amount of commercial traffic moving throughout the city limits – and that means that they have a considerable amount of truck accidents as well.

According to Allstate Insurance, Long Beach is the 133rd most dangerous city in all of America as far as car accidents and truck accidents are concerned.

Drivers have a 15.8% higher chance of being involved in a motor vehicle accident in Long Beach than anywhere else in the nation – and Long Beach is considerably more dangerous for drivers than Los Angeles, Torrance, Pasadena, and Huntington Beach.

Injuries And Deaths From Truck Accidents In Long Beach

Anytime you’re talking about an automobile accident that involved commercial vehicles (big, heavy, fast-moving commercial vehicles) and trucks the potential for injury and fatalities definitely increases.

In 2017, the amount of fatal accidents in Long Beach set at 26 – an increase from the year before.

As far as injuries reported during truck accidents are concerned, they were just slightly above the national average, just over 80%.

The Percentage of Accidents in Long Beach that Involve Drugs Or Alcohol

California continues to struggle with drivers getting behind the wheel of their vehicles (including commercial trucks) after they have consumed drugs or alcohol.

11% of all fatal accidents in the state are found to have been caused by motorists operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs, and DUI arrests and charge rates are up 30% over the last five years.

About Long Beach’s Registered Truck Drivers (Commercial Driver’s License)

There are plenty of commercial drivers operating in Orange County and throughout the rest of the state of California, with California being home to the second highest number of Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDLs) – second only behind the state of Texas.

More than 137,930 drivers in the state of California have a valid CDL, many of them going to a CDL program at one of the 140+ commercial drivers’ schools throughout the state.

On top of that, California has 5.6 million commercial vehicles registered to businesses in the state.

Dangerous Intersections In Long Beach For Truck Drivers

Like any other major metropolitan area in the United States Long Beach has certain intersections that are more dangerous than others.

The Most Dangerous Intersections in Long Beach include:

  • 8th Street and Termino Avenue
  • East Stearns Street and Palo Verde Avenue
  • West 27th Street and Daisy Avenue
  • East Los Coyotes Diagonal and East Stearns Street

The Most Common Locations Where Truck Accidents Happen in Long Beach

There are plenty of roads and freeways throughout Long Beach that are dangerous as well, especially when commercial vehicles are commonplace.

The Most Dangerous Freeways & Roads in Long Beach for Commercial Truck Drivers

  • Traffic Circle
  • Cherry Avenue
  • Second Street
  • Pacific Coast Highway


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