Long Beach Bike Accident Lawyer

Long Beach Bike Accident Lawyer


Long Beach Bike Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim and his professional legal team have years of experience excelling in bike accident cases. If you have suffered personal injuries from a bike accident contact us, we are here to help and guide you through the case. There is no cost unless we win the case!

Long Beach is known to be one of the most bike friendly areas in Southern California. There is a trail for cyclist along the Pacific Coast Highway which reaches Huntington Beach. However, it is common for bike accidents to occur due to the amount of bike and car traffic. Most experienced cyclist feel safer when riding in a car lane rather than their designated bike path. This is because cyclist often feel funneled into danger and have no room to react.

Post bike accident can be very stressful especially when suffering serious injuries. Long Beach bike accident lawyer Daniel Kim specializes in bike accident cases. Daniel Kim and his legal team are skillful in representing bike accident victims who are in need of help. Therefore, it would be beneficial to contact Long Beach Bike Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim if you were involved in a bike accident.

  • Common Causes Of Bike Accidents In Long Beach

    Long Beach has great weather and is a lot of fun and this is why so many people choose to bicycle on the streets in town and along the beach.

    With so many bikes sharing the roads there is more opportunity for accidents with vehicles while traveling.

    When a bicycle comes in contact with a motor vehicle, injury usually occurs with the bike rider getting the worst of the damage.

    If ever in this situation it is important to have an attorney who understands these types of accidents. Call Long Beach Bike Lawyer Daniel Kim immediately.

    Below is a list of common reasons for a bike accident in Long Beach:

    1. Distracted drivers

    2. Use of drugs or alcohol

    3. Running stop sign or red lights

    4 . Drivers who violate bicyclists’ right of way

    5. Drivers who open their car door without looking

    6. Unsafe lane changes

    7. Sudden stops

    8. Speeding

    9. Bicycle defects

    10. Potholes or cracks in road

    11. Inexperienced riders

    12. Reckless driving


Long Beach Bicycle Accident Statistics

Long Beach is one of the most beautiful places to work, live, and visit in all of California – but it also happens to be one of the most dangerous places in all of California for those that like to ride their bicycles.

Over the last five years, nearly 2000 bicycle accidents have been reported in Long Beach alone. This number continues to climb higher and higher each year.

Injuries And Deaths From Bike Accidents In Long Beach 2017

The state of California is one of the highest rated states as far as bicycle fatalities are concerned, outranking nearly every other state in the US outside of three.

On top of that, 17% of all bicycle accidents in the state of California involve serious injuries being reported.

For 2017, 11 people were killed after being involved in a bicycle accident.

These kinds of accidents account for only 12% of all traffic accidents but make up more than 46% of all traffic injuries and deaths.

What % Of These Bike Accident Involved Drugs Or Alcohol

California continues to crackdown on individuals driving or operating vehicles and equipment while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, but these issues still remain a major problem for the state.

According to the California Department of Transportation 11% of all accidents are caused by motorists that have consumed drugs before sliding behind the wheel and DUI charges are up 30% over the last five years stretch of time.

Dangerous Intersections In Long Beach For Bicycle Accidents

Like any other major metropolitan area (California or anywhere else in the US, let alone the world) there are some roads, some highways, and some parts of town that are a little bit more dangerous when it comes to accidents.

These intersections are certainly the most dangerous for cyclists and motorists alike:

1. Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Coast Highway

2. Seventh Street and Redondo Avenue

3. Second Street and Pacific Coast Highway

4. Long Beach Boulevard and Traffic Circle

5. Seventh Street and Long Beach Boulevard

Bike Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver

Distracted driving is another huge problem for the state of California, particularly when it comes to motorists or cyclists that are using their mobile phone or mobile device when they should be paying attention to the road.

According to the California DOT, 80% of all accidents stem from distracted driving and more than 75% of people self-report that they use their phones while driving even though they know that it is against the law and highly dangerous.

What To Do After a Bicycle Crash?

If you survive the crash, call 911 even if you feel fine at the time.

The symptoms may be delayed and affect you once you’re back home and the adrenaline stops pumping.

You should also avoid saying “I’m sorry” after the crash.

The driver can use the apology against you as an admission of guilt.

If you’re in a bicycle collision with a car, remember these things:

• Never admit guilt when it’s not your fault.
• Give a detailed report with the police to avoid having to fight police report
• Visit your doctor and get medical care
• Keep all receipts and papers from doctor visits and insurance
• Never answer calls from the driver or the driver’s insurance company
• Contact an experienced bike accident lawyer

Nearly 500,000 bicycle-related accidents happen every year.

In 2015, there were 467,000 accidents involving bikes and cars.

Long Beach is a big city, and with nice weather and lots of people you end up with a lot of bicyclists all over the city.

If you’re hurt in a collision, it’s important to contact our law firm.

Our Long Beach bike accident lawyers can help you receive compensation not only for your injuries but also for any damages that occurred to your belongings.

You deserve compensation for many things after a collision like:

• Hospital costs and recurring doctor visits
• Current and future pain and suffering
• Lost wages from not being able to work

Man Injured in Bicycle Accident on Ashlan Avenue near Peach Avenue [Fresno, CA]

How Bicycle Riders Can Be Safe and Avoid Accidents in Long Beach

Every year bike riders are injured in accidents with automobiles on the roads of Long Beach. In some instances, these crashes can be fatal.

A bicyclist is always in a vulnerable position when traveling among cars and must always think safety first.

No matter how many precautions a bicyclist takes, they will always be at risk while sharing the roads with all the automobiles.

Bicycling supporters say drivers can play a big role in the safety and coexisting with them but the bicyclists also have a big responsibility in this for their well-being too.

These are some safety tips for bike riders in Long Beach

Think safety first – Don’t ever assume that others are looking out for you. Always proceed cautiously with your safety first at all times.Paragraph

Pay attention – Remember to always be aware of your surroundings. Look out for vehicles, other cyclists and those walking or jogging.

Equip your bike with mirrors – Mirrors help a lot with making safe lane changes.Paragraph

Wear a helmet  As far as protective gear the helmet is a necessary piece of equipment all cyclists should wear. Protecting the head can be the difference between life and death.

Ride with the traffic  Never ride against the traffic. Stay in the flow of the moving cars around you.

Lights and reflectors – It’s unlawful to ride at night without lights and reflectors. This is an important rule for bicycle safety.Paragraph

Keep a safe distance from motor vehicles – Of course it’s common sense for bicycle riders to keep a safe distance from cars sharing the road. Just being aware of the automobiles around you can help avoid an accident.

Don’t drive Reckless – This is just simple things like don’t run red lights, don’t run stop signs, and don’t cut off cars intentionally or ride aggressively.

Use hand signals – when you are making turns or changing direction you Always want to use hand signals.


Why Contact Bike Accident Attorney Daniel Kim

When it comes time to hire a bike accident lawyer in Long Beach you’ll want to contact Long Beach Bike Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim.

Do you want to speak to an actual attorney, and not just an assistant?

Well if you want to get real help then call us and talk to Daniel today.

Our law firm has a client satisfaction rate of 99% and we are always striving for 100%.

Long Beach Bike Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim is an aggressive lawyer that knows how to deal with the insurance companies and he won’t stop fighting for you until he gets every penny he can to compensate you for the injuries you suffered.

We have over 1000 positive reviews from past clients on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

Don’t just hire a friend or your cousin because you want to give them business, instead do your homework and you’ll see why Long Beach Bike Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim is so respected all over Southern California.

Being injured in a bike accident can literally change your entire life, don’t put your fate in the hands of an attorney who has no clue what to do.

Call us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Information Our Long Beach Bike Accident Lawyers Need From You

Contact Daniel Kim today for answers!

After we have answered all your questions then we will need to know

  • date of the bike accident and location, time of day, etc.
  • contact information for any witnesses
  • any information related to the police report
  • evidence to prove you have missed work and lost wages
  • any information about the injuries you suffered
  • insurance documents

Call (562) 512-5550

Other Practice Areas We Handle

Our law firm can help with any injury accident that involves – Uber, Lyft,Truck, Car, Pedestrian, Motorcycle.

1. Motorcycle Accidents – Obviously any motorcycle accident can end up very bad, even with a fatality.

2. Car Accidents – Car accidents happen all the time in Long Beach and some are due to all the drivers on the freeways (405, 710, etc.). Our accident lawyers will can help you relieve your stress and we’ll make sure you get a fair compensation. We also handle Uber and Lyft accident cases here in Long Beach.

3. Commercial Truck Accident -The numbers are staggering for big-rig truck accidents and FedEx trucks, etc. Speeding, distracted driving, and over worked drivers are common causes for truck crashes.

4. Pedestrian Accident – With so many people walking around Long Beach, it’s no surprise that many injuries occur due to pedestrian accidents.

5. Rideshare Accident Injuries – Many times a bad car accident will involve an Uber or Lyft driver or passenger. We can help with rideshare accidents here in LA County.


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