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We know that car accidents can seriously affect the lives of victims and have a major impact on finance. However, if you are in the time of need and are unsure what steps to take, Long Beach Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim will help you with your personal injury case.

Long Beach is the sixth biggest city in California. Some of the most popular attractions in Long Beach are Queen Mary, the Aquarium of the PacificPike Outlets, and many more. Most importantly, the city offers beautiful beaches along the coastline and makes it known to the tourists.

With that many locals and tourists driving all over the city, it’s no surprise that Long Beach sees its fair share of car accidents.

Following the traffic laws and wearing a seat belt are wise things to do, but there is no guaranteed way to avoid an auto accident.

There are a lot of people who aren’t great drivers, but they have a license and you’ll come across them daily in your commute or while running errands in your car.

If you have been injured in a car accident here in Long Beach then don’t wait to get help, call Long Beach Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim today to get the help you need. Our Long Beach car accident attorneys have years of experience helping car accident clients in Long Beach and its surrounding area: Los Angeles, Costa Mesa, Anaheim, and other cities.

What To Do After A Car Accident in Long Beach

Accidents can’t always be avoided, but you can be prepared if it happens again.

It is hard to think clearly after an accident, especially if you are injured, but you need to stay calm.

This is why it’s so important to always carry a drivers license on you, even if you get hit by a FedEx driver, or if you are just a passenger in an Uber crash you want people to know who you are.

Be careful of what you say, so if you weren’t at fault don’t start saying “I’m sorry, or I didn’t mean it”.

Things you say can be used later against you in your injury case, and you don’t want to give the insurance companies more reasons to blame you.

Here is a short list of what to do after a car accident in Long Beach–

1. Call the police – will help create police report that you need.

2. Driver Info – Get their drivers license and contact information

3. Talk to witnesses – Exchange contact info as you might need it

4. Take photos – Use your cell phone to get pics of everything

5. Seek medical help – See a doctor that day

6. Contact Long Beach Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim – Call our team of award-winning Long Beach car accident attorneys the day of the crash for help

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Why Contact Long Beach Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim

Pursuing a car accident claim is extremely complicated and takes a lot of time, even when you are doing everything right. It even more stressful when you suffer from pain and suffering from the accident.

Not only that, negotiating with the insurance company can be extremely overwhelming for most people.

Therefore, it is crucial to choose an experienced Long Beach Car Accident lawyer on your side.

At the office of Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim, our Long Beach personal injury lawyers care about your health and well-being. This is why our attorneys will ensure you receive the best medical treatment you deserve for your pain and suffering.

Our personal injury lawyers in Long Beach have proudly served victims of car accidents and other types of traffic accidents in the area. Moreover, they will ensure that they seek maximum compensation to recover the damages from the car accident.

Contact Long Beach Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim today for a FREE initial consultation about your car accident in Long Beach. Trust our personal injury lawyers in Long Beach to protect you and your loved one.

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Common Causes For Car Accidents In Long Beach

Long Beach is a popular destination for so many and the amount of traffic. Not only that, but car accidents are reflective in the numbers on the freeways and city streets in Long Beach.

There are so many reasons for car accidents in Long Beach and many could be avoided if drivers were a lot more careful.

A car accident can be stressful and when damages and injuries are serious can lead to many disruptions in one’s life.

If you are physically injured in a car accident, your life can be greatly altered. Moreover, it is important to reach out to a law firm that can help with the legal issues relating to an accident.

Most importantly, always protect your legal rights and get the help you need especially when dealing with insurance companies. Contact Long Beach Car Accident Lawyer Daniel Kim today to reserve a FREE consultation!

Here are some common reasons for car crashes in Long Beach –

  • Unsafe lane changes (Trying to pass someone can be dangerous especially if on a hill, at night or a road that curves)
  • Drunk Driving (This is always a common cause of accidents and even if you are a little bit buzzed, your reaction time is always lowered)
  • Driving Distracted (Our world today is filled with more distractions than ever, phone, texting, radio, talking and eating are all common distractions that can lead to crashes)
  • Tailgating (If the car in front stops suddenly, you may not have enough distance to stop, often leading to crashing into the back of a vehicle)
  • Road rage (there are times when a driver is filled with rage. This can cause them to react improperly putting those on the road in harm’s way.
  • Improper turns (When a driver misses an exit or turn and then makes an illegal turn in the middle of the road. can be quite unexpected and cut other drivers off.
  • Sleepy drivers (Tired drivers can be very dangerous on the roads of Long Beach. Nodding off just for an instance can be catastrophic)
  • Car malfunctions (flat tires, faulty lights, bad brakes, etc. can lead to dangerous situations)
  • Running a red light or stop sign (being in a hurry and running lights and stops signs can be fatal, often involves other cars as well as pedestrians crossing)
  • Rain and fog (California does have great weather for the most part but instances of rain and fog can occur thus decreasing visibility for all drivers causing accidents)
DUI Accident Kills Pedestrian on Arden Way at Watt Avenue [Sacramento, CA]

Common Injuries From a Car Accident

Automobile accidents in Long Beach happen for a variety of reasons and the severity of the injuries can range from minor to serious. In the most serious of instances fatalities can occur.

The speed and size of the vehicles along with the type of car accident plays an important role in the outcome of injuries.

Ideally you want to go from the scene of the accident to the ER or doctor in order to prove your injuries.

When someone is injured in a car accident the severity of injury is always a major factor in the courts and with the insurance companies decision of what amount to settle for.

Call Long Beach Car Accident Attorney Daniel Kim today for a free phone consultation.

Below is a list of injuries we see every day from motor vehicle accidents in Long Beach:

  • Broken Bones (legs, arms, wrists and ankles are common breaks or fractures)
  • Chest injury (severe bruising when a chest injury occurs)
  • Sprained wrist (wrists are most vulnerable as you try to brace the impact)
  • Neck (whiplash, most common when in a rear end accident)
  • Facial injury (common from hitting a windshield or window)
  • Herniated disc (a common back injury seen in car accidents)
  • TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury, a head injury is a serious issue)
  • Amputation (loss of limbs in catastrophic accidents)

Long Beach Car Accident Statistics

As the sixth largest city in California, Long Beach is home to the infamous Queen Mary, the Pike Outlet, and The Aquarium of the Pacific.

Long Beach, along with the rest of Los Angeles County, has most challenging traffic in the country.

The city of Long Beach experienced 1,855 vehicle collisions in 2017.

These numbers do not reflect any significant difference over the previous year.


How Many Injuries and Deaths from Car Accidents in Long Beach 2017

According to data from California’s Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS), 1,855 people sustained some form of injury.

Another 730 victims were suspected of having either severe or minor injuries.

In addition, the remaining 1,907 victims were listed as having possibly been injured.

What % of These Accident Involved Drugs or Alcohol

It is noted that over 12% of all car accidents in 2017 were drug or alcohol-related.

Moreover, the majority of these accidents were attributed to alcohol.

Drivers impaired by drugs accounted for 11 vehicle incidents.

Impaired driving continues to be a significant safety concern in both California and the nation as a whole.

In addition, the annual report of California Office of Traffic Safety shows that drunk driving fatalities had increased by over 16% in 2017.

What Is the Population in Long Beach, How Many Registered Drivers over 18 Years Old?

As mentioned, Long Beach is California’s sixth-largest city with a total population of 469,450.

Furthermore, 75% (352,000) of the population is over the age of 18.

In short, the vast majority of that number are licensed drivers. Many of these drivers are teenagers who have less experience compared to the group of older adults. Based on this statistic, teenage drivers may cause a higher chance of auto accidents in Long Beach. Besides, teenage drivers are more likely to be uninsured driver which can be troublesome.

Bad Intersections in Long Beach for Car Accidents

The city of Long Beach has three major freeways that pass through the town. Moreover, the city’s charm and local attractions draw tourists and locals to visit Long Beach. This affects the flow of traffic around the city and increases the chance of car accidents.

There are a number of problematic intersections including:

  • E. 7th St. and Redondo Avenue
  • 54th Pl. and East Ocean Blvd
  • Bay Shore Ave and East 2nd Street
  • West 27th Street and Daisy Avenue

Above all, the Long Beach Circle is by far the most problematic. This infamous Long Beach roundabout is located at the intersection of Pacific Coast Hwy., North Lakewood Boulevard, and East Los Coyotes Diagonal.

Other Practice Areas We Handle

Our law firm can help with any injury accident that involves – Uber, Lyft, Truck, Bike, Pedestrian, Motorcycle.

  1. Motorcycle Accidents – Obviously any motorcycle accident can end up very bad, even with a fatality.
  2. Bicycle Accidents – Long Beach has it’s fair share of bike accidents that occur all year long, many of these people are tourists at the beach. Bike accidents can be fatal, don’t fight the insurance company alone.
  3. Commercial Truck Accident -The numbers are staggering for big-rig truck accidents and FedEx trucks, etc. Speeding, distracted driving, and over worked drivers are common causes for truck crashes.
  4. Pedestrian Accident – With so many people walking around Long Beach, it’s no surprise that many injuries occur due to pedestrian accidents.
  5. Rideshare Accident Injuries – Many times a bad car accident will involve an Uber or Lyft driver or passenger. We can help with rideshare accidents here in LA County.

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