Personal Injury Attorney Orange County

If you are living in Orange County and you were involved in an accident and you are injured then you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney Orange County.

If a car hits you or a dog bites you or some other auto accident occurs and you want legal action to take place against the negligent then you have to discuss the matter with The Law Offices of Daniel Kim a personal injury attorney in Orange County before discussing with other insurance agents. If you discuss the case with personal injury lawyers then it will help you to protect yourself from the negligence and they will improve and strengthen your case.

Protecting yourself is your major right and if you want to protect other citizens of the society from the thing you had faced then you are playing your role in the society. Your initial statement you have given to law enforcement agencies or your insurance agents can also be used against you and the opposite party can créate a huge problem against you if you want to protect yourself and your case then personal injury attorney Orange County can help you and they can fight your case through the legal procedure.

Personal injury attorney Orange County

Why choose The Law Offices Of Daniel Kim?

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is a law firm that is fighting to protect our rights. It is southern California based company and helping their resident for more than 40 years and protect their injury rights. If you are feeling helpless in your injury case and you want to sign a legal firm then you can call The Law Offices of Daniel Kim. You can also call for a free consultation regarding your case.

What does personal injury law require?

Personal injury is civil law. The intention of this law is to make society a better society to live in. Through this law, the negligent has to pay for the plaintiff’s injury, and also he has to pay for the damages the plaintiff had faced. This is the punishment given to the negligent so he should be ashamed of himself and afterward, he would not do these careless things again.

The person who is hit by a car or faced any such incident is termed as plaintiff. The person who is responsible for all this and his careless attitude had injured the other person is the name as negligent. The other cases that are also under personal injury cases are as follows:

  • – Accidents
  • – Defamation
  • – Product defects
  • – Intentional acts

Every case has the same worth and it is treated in the same manner and these words do not mean that results will also be the same, the results can be different depending upon your case. If your personal injury case does not settle in the initial stage then the case is sent to the trial court and then it is important for you to hire a professional lawyer who deals in personal injury cases and have vast experience of these cases to handle it properly. If you hire an experienced lawyer then they have the confidence to face the jury.

The main reason to hire an experienced lawyer is that if you hire professional Orange County accident lawyers  then you have a greater chance of receiving the máximum settlement amount.

According to Civ. Proc. §335.1 Limitations you are allowed to file your claim Within 2 years. It can be for the action of battery, assault, injury, or death because of negligence or wrongful act done by another party. Depending on the state where you have injured rules and regulations may change.

Different kind of personal injury cases

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is an experienced law firm which deals in all the type of personal injury cases whether the dog bites you and your case against the authorities or you file against the careless driver who hits you on the road or you slip on the road. Our law firm can handle your case and have 40 years’ experience in this field and assure you to give a máximum settlement amount.

There are different personal injury cases registered in the orange county which are as follows:

Car accidents: A car crash is a major problem in Orange County, CA. Almost 35,000 people were killed in the car accident and many others are injured in these accidents. People who survived death face many harmful injuries. If you are a car crash survivor and you are thinking why you are going through this and why your all saving spends on your medical. Then you don’t have to worry just contact our experienced car accident lawyer in Orange County. They provide you the free consultation regarding your case and you can receive your máximum settlement amount through the legal procedure.

Personal injury lawyer Orange County

Truck accidents: Many people face a deadly truck accident. According to report people daily faces the truck accident and if you are a victim who survives in these accidents and wants to stop these accidents and want to teach a lesson to careless drivers then you have to file a personal injury case on them.

  • – Nursing home abuses
  • – Auto defects
  • – Pedestrian injuries
  • – Bicycle accidents
  • – Hit-and-run accidents
  • – Brain injuries
  • – Spinal cord injuries
  • – Swimming pool injuries
  • – Motorcycle crashes
  • – Bus incidents

These are the different cases that are registered in Orange County, CA. If you want to win the case and strengthen your case then you have to hire the best personal injury lawyer Orange County who knows how to handle these cases.

The best personal injury attorney in Orange County, CA

There are many difficult cases registered in Orange County and their plaintiff hired our personal injury lawyer Orange County to handle the case. The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is a law firm that deals in personal injury cases and they have a success rate of 96% in Orange County and they have given more than $500 million to their clients.

They are highly professional and have experience of 40 years. They deal with so many personal injury cases that they are highly confident and they can face judge and jury easily. If you are facing the damage of $5000 or more we can deal with your case and gives you the máximum settlement amount. It does not matter whether the case is of $5000 or of $5 million we have experts who deal in all these cases.


If you are looking for a professional law firm to handle your personal injury case then don’t worry The Law Offices Of Daniel Kim is a law firm that deals in a personal injury case and have experience of 40 years. You can contact us for a free consultation regarding your cases.

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