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Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Common sense would suggest that motorcycles are quite a bit more dangerous on Los Angeles city and county roads than your typical automobile, if only because you are so much more exposed.

On top of that, motorcycles are quite a bit smaller than cars and trucks on LA roads today.

It isn’t at all uncommon for drivers involved in accidents (where they hit motorcycles) to say that they never even saw the motorcyclist before the accident occurred.

According to the NHTSA, 52 % of all fatal motorcycle accidents occur on weekends from 3-9pm, and just over 5% of all motorcycle wrecks are fatal.

Further down the page are some statistics that show just how dangerous it can be for motorcyclists in Los Angeles today.


Why Contact The Law Offices of Daniel Kim in Los Angeles

Motorcycle accidents can lead to life-threatening injuries, and no matter what injuries you sustain, your life will definitely become stressful when you start dealing with the insurance companies.

You want to contact an Experienced motorcycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles, and Daniel Kim is the right lawyer to help you.

Dealing with insurance companies can be a nightmare, then arguing with the doctors about all the medical bills, it just never ends.

Without the help of a top LA personal injury lawyer you risk getting a much smaller settlement due to the insurance adjusters trying to minimize your losses.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim care about our clients, and we’ll fight for you and your family.

Daniel Kim is an expert negotiator when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and he’s familiar with all the motorcycle laws here in California.

Daniel Kim Law Offices have over 1000 reviews on Yelp and Google – 5 Star Reviews.

Daniel and his legal staff actually answer the phones and offer great communication all the way.

We won’t settle quickly with the insurance companies just to get paid, we will make sure you get maximum compensation no matter what we have to do.

Daniel and his team will make sure you get the best medical treatment from local LA doctors.

We can help with all motor vehicle accidents in Los Angeles including – auto, bike, pedestrian, Uber, and truck.

Call Daniel Kim today for a FREE consultation and let us help you get back on track.


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How Much is My Motorcycle Accident Settlement Worth?

We hear this everyday from our clients who’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash.

They want to know “how much compensation can I get”, or “can I use a motorcycle accident calculator”?

Each motorcycle accident is different and there is not one set method, or compensation payout that can be applied to all motorcycle accident lawsuits.

The damages that you suffered are a determining factor in the amount of the settlement you can get.

Your injuries from the motorcycle accident will be included with any calculation that your lawyer makes.

Some damages are easier to calculate like medical bills, lost wages, etc.

But things like pain and suffering are much harder to put an amount $ on.

Another area that will impact any settlement offer you get will be if you suffered injuries that will affect you for a long period of time.

If you are a dancer and you lost a leg in a motorcycle crash then you would be entitled to additional compensation because your future ability to earn money will be affected.

This type of injury might enable you to get compensation for –

  • Physical therapy and medical care in the future
  • Any drugs or medication you need to deal with pain
  • Possible home remodeling so you have access (like wheelchair ramp, etc.)
  • A special vehicle that is meant for somebody who lost a leg
  • A home health care aide to help around your house (stuff you can’t do anymore).

Don’t fight this battle alone, call Daniel Kim today.


Los Angeles Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

In the entire state of California, 16,505 motorcycle accidents were reported – with nearly 16% of those accidents located in Los Angeles county.

These kinds of accidents are incredibly common these days and only becoming more and more prevalent.

The amount of motorcycle accidents reported in Los Angeles is double today compared to the year 2000.


motorcycle death lawyer

How Many Deaths From Motorcycle Accidents?

The Governors Highway Safety Association reported that 566 motorcyclists died because of accidents in 2017.

This is an 11% increase compared to 2016.

Worse than that, California was found to be far more dangerous than the national average for motorcyclists with an almost 24% increase in these motorcycle related fatalities compared to the US as a whole.

These numbers are staggering when you think about all the families who are directly related to those accident victims here in LA.



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How Many Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents in 2017?

In the year 2017, 15,527 injuries were reported across 16,505 motorcycle related accidents all over the state of California.

Nearly 16% of those accidents occurred in Los Angeles.

That means that nearly 2480 injuries stem from motorcycle accidents in LA.

The US Department of Transportation says that nearly 80% of all motorcycle accidents throughout the US inevitably result in injury or fatality.

This means that LA – and California in general – is outpacing national averages.

What % of Drivers Tested Positive For Drugs Or Alcohol In These Accidents?

A total of 22.8% of ALL fatal motorcycle accidents involved an intoxicated driver under the influence of drugs (prescription drugs included).

With many of the impaired parties behind the wheel of the vehicle that hits and kills the motorcyclist or their passenger.

What % of Motorcycle Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver?

Nearly 80% of all automobile and motorcycle accidents involve a driver that was distracted for one reason or another, making this one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents and LA as well as around the nation.

60% of motorcycle accidents also occur after the sun has set.

Super Sport bike riders are four times more likely to be involved in motorcycle accidents than any other type of motorcyclist.


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Dangerous Intersections in LA For Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous enough, but when you ride through intersections in Los Angeles that are known for being dangerous (and having fatalities) it just makes life worse for a motorcyclist.

Here is a list of the well know dangerous intersections in LA for motorcycle accidents –

  • Motor Drive & Monte Mar Drive
  • Franklin Ave & Beachwood Drive
  • Highland & Hollywood Blvd
  • Vanowen St. & Sepulveda Blvd.
  • Fairfax Ave & 3rd Street
  • Santa Monica and Colby Street


motorcycle accident in LA common causes

Common Causes For Los Angeles Motorcycle Accidents

Even if you follow all the rules of the road there is still a chance that another car will hit you.

There are a thousand variables that can cause a motorcycle accident, but we have listed the most common reasons below that lead to a motorcycle wreck.

Car doors – careless car owners just slam their door open while parked and don’t look before they do this.

Speeding – this is always a leading cause of accidents period, but speeding makes it very difficult to see a motorcycle rider and the higher the speed the worse the impact and injuries.

Lane splitting – when you drive between two lanes of traffic, it’s legal but pretty dangerous.

Unsafe lane changes – motorcyclists are hard to see, and when a person driving a car fails to check their blind spots or use a signal, this spells disaster for motorcyclists.

Motorcycle defects – sometimes a manufacturer just designs a bike poorly and a defective part can easily lead to an accident (think about flat tire, or brakes failing).

Dangerous road conditions – potholes, debris, broken stop lights, and such can increase the chances that a motorcycle rider can lose control of their vehicle.

Left turn accidents – This is very common when a driver just misjudges the distance that he thinks the motorcycle rider is from him.

Sudden stops – the old rear-end accident happens because people don’t leave enough distance between themselves and the vehicle in front of them.

Distracted driving – nowadays with people driving and texting, looking at maps, talking on the phone, and even writing emails, way too many people don’t even have their eyes on the road while driving.


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Common Injuries From a Motorcycle Accident

It is a reality that riding a motorcycle is extremely dangerous and even if you wear a helmet, there are still plenty of horrible injuries that you need to worry about.

Follow all the motorcycle laws in Los Angeles, be aware, and be a polite rider, all of this will help keep you safe.

If you do get hit by a car, these injuries below are probably what you’ll be dealing with –

Road rash – this is an injury that happens when a motorcycle rider slides across the pavement. This can happen at 15 or 55 MPH. Good leather jacket and pants can definitely help the rider avoid serious road rash, but if you hit the pavement in normal clothes (t-shirt, shorts, etc.) you can expect to suffer from it.

Broken bones – the main problem for bikers is that they have no steel (or protection) around them to protect themselves in an accident. If a motorcyclist is hit by a car or truck, it’s very common to suffer a broken bone or multiple. Usually broken legs, ankles, and broken arms are what rides deal with.

Head injury – this is of course the worst nightmare for any motorcyclist (or their family and friends) to deal with. Most importantly you want to wear a helmet to avoid having a head injury, but even then there is no guarantee. Sadly a head injury is the most common injury from a motorcycle crash and this includes a concussion or even brain damage.

Back and Spine – when the spinal cord is injured from the impact of a motorcycle crash, it can result in paralysis (paraplegia). This is a catastrophic injury that usually results in permanent disability for the biker.

What To Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Los Angeles

Honestly the most important thing to do after a motorcycle accident is to get medical treatment to make sure you are OK.

You will need to contact Daniel Kim Law office for help.

There are other steps you should take to ensure your well-being and to stack the odds in your favor regarding an injury accident claim you’ll file.

Try to follow this list below if you are ever injured in a motorcycle crash in Los Angeles –

  • Protect yourself – get away from traffic and moving cars
  • Call the police – you want the police to document the accident and later you’ll get police report
  • Talk to witnesses – get contact info from witnesses
  • Get drivers info – be sure to get their insurance and drivers license, phone number, etc.
  • Take photos – if you have a cell phone get photos of the car, your motorcycle, the scene itself
  • Get medical attention – go to the hospital or ER and let them help you
  • Contact a motorcycle lawyer – Call Daniel Kim today for a Free consultation


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