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Lake Forest is one of the most desirable cities to live in here in Orange County California.

With beautiful weather, low crime rates, access to freeways and beaches just 30 minutes away it’s no wonder that local residents love living here.

Lake Forest might be a peaceful and calm place to work and live, but there are still car accidents that happen all the time here in the community.

If you or a family member has been injured in a motor vehicle accident, please call us today for a FREE consultation and allow us to answer any questions you might have.

Our law firm has been helping accident victims here in Lake Forest for years, and we plan on helping the community for years to come.

Contact Daniel Kim today for a case review, or if you just need a 2nd opinion.

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Why Contact Law Office of Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim is a highly respected personal injury lawyer here in Lake Forest, but more importantly Daniel is a compassionate person that understands how hard an accident can be on a family or an individual.

Daniel and his legal team here in Orange County have many years of experience representing motor vehicle injury accident victims, and we take great pride in the reputation we’ve built.

The insurance companies Do Not like to payout any money for people that have been injured, so be prepared to fight the insurance companies.

We are here to help, and we will fight for our clients all the way if we have to, if that means going to trial then we’ll help with that situation also to make sure you aren’t alone.

More Facts About Daniel Kim

Whatever you do, don’t just hire a friend or your brother because they are a lawyer and you trust them.

It’s great to work with people you trust, but when it comes to a personal injury lawsuit you’ll need to get the best attorney possible.

In this instance, your best bet with a proven track record is Daniel Kim.


Seeking Medical Attention Immediately

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident then you need to get to urgent care or a hospital right away to get checked out.

Unfortunately, many accident victims think they are OK right after a car crash because they are in shock and don’t feel much pain.

The problem is that a lot of injuries like whiplash can feel fine for a few days, but then suddenly a week later you feel like crap and your back and neck lock up on you.

We see this scenario all the time when an accident victim thinks they are fine and then later on realize they are actually injured.

The biggest reason you need to seek medical attention is to make sure you don’t have any serious injuries that you can’t see or feel yet, and you don’t want these injuries to get worse because you never sought treatment.

The other reason you need to get medical help is to make sure your injury claim you file later on is solid.

If you don’t go to a doctor for 2 months after the accident, and then you want your lawyer to tell the insurance company that you are dealing with serious injuries, it’s going to look very shady and questionable to the insurance company – a red flag.

Call us immediately after you get inured in a car or motorcycle crash.

It doesn’t matter if you break a finger, get a concussion, or suffer a brain injury, you want to get checked out by a medical professional after an accident to make sure you are OK.

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Types of Injury Cases We Can Help With

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim focus solely on motor vehicle accidents

We have found that by specializing on motor vehicle accidents we can better help our clients as we lead them through the legal process.

Types of accidents we help with –

Motorcycle – all motorcycle accidents are dangerous and normally the motorcyclist ends up suffering some pretty severe injuries.

Uber – Uber accidents are all too common nowadays because so many people rely on the ride sharing app to get around town.

Bike – bicycle riders are at risk the moment they get on a bike and leave their house.

Car – whether you drive a Honda, Toyota or a Ferrari, if you’ve been injured in a car accident due to no fault of your own then all us today for FREE consultation.

Truck – semi-truck accidents are usually bad for the other vehicles involved. Even tow trucks and moving trucks can cause serious injuries.

Pedestrian – these are sometimes the worst of the worst when it comes to injuries.

Dealing With The Insurance Companies

This part of having to deal with the insurance companies can literally become a nightmare.

Most people don’t understand that insurance companies are just big corporations and they have one goal in mind, to collect as much money as possible each month in premiums while paying out as little as possible in settlements.

Do not try to fight the insurance companies alone, instead when you hire Daniel Kim he will deal with them for you.

Daniel is an expert negotiator that isn’t intimidated by the insurance adjusters, and Daniel will fight to make sure you get maximum compensation.


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