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Laguna Beach is a beautiful beach town in Southern Orange County, but like the rest of Orange County, Laguna Beach has a ton of car accidents.

Just the large amount of people that drive (and live) in Laguna is enough to lead to car accidents, based on sheer volume.

Of course there are things you can do to lower your chances of being involved in a car crash, but even following the traffic laws, wearing a seatbelt, etc., won’t assure that you won’t get injured in a car wreck.

Accidents happen when a neighbor backs out of their driveway, or a tourist hits you in their rental car, etc.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident here in Laguna Beach then we encourage you to call us today.


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Daniel Kim is a top rated car accident lawyer here in Laguna Beach, and all of Orange County.

After a car accident your world can get turned upside down, and this is why you need the best injury accident lawyer on your side..

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Dealing With The Insurance Companies

Daniel Kim and his legal team have years of experience dealing with the insurance companies here in California, and we know all the tricks the big companies like Metromile will play.

Do not assume the insurance adjuster really cares about you, because the insurance companies care about their profits, just a sad reality.

Insurance companies have their way of determining fault, and they love nothing more than to place you at fault.

At the end of the day, after you get home from the hospital and you start seeing ambulance bills and insurance papers piling up in your mailbox, you will realize that you don’t want to fight this battle by yourself.

Common Causes For Car Accidents In Laguna Beach

Every day dangerous car crashes occur on the freeways and roadways of California and some of these accidents can even be deadly.

Unfortunately, Laguna Beach is no exception and most car accidents are caused by human error and often preventable.

In order to avoid these damaging car accidents it is good to be aware of some of the most common reasons for them.

Anything that takes away a motorist’s complete focus from driving can be detrimental to themselves, passengers and everyone travelling around them.

These types of misfortunes happen for a wide variety of reasons and are often a combination of circumstances that lead to these dangerous situations.

After an accident, complications with the legal system and the insurance companies can be highly traumatic as well.

Always protect your legal rights and contact a car accident lawyer for help.

Call Daniel Kim for a free consultation.

Here are some common reasons for car crashes in Laguna Beach –

  • Distracted driving (phone, radio, texting, loud passengers, eating and drinking)
  • Weather (in Laguna Beach rain and fog is the most common inclement weather)
  • Reckless driving (speeding, running red lights, improper changing of lanes)
  • Potholes (can rupture tires, cause driver to lose control of vehicle)
  • Animals (especially on the country roads animals can run across the street)
  • Inexperienced drivers (always a concern and can lead to dangerous situations)
  • Car malfunctions (brakes, lights and tire blowouts can cause car accidents)
  • DUI (drugs, alcohol and driving is always a bad combination)
  • Police chases (this creates danger and can catch drivers by surprise)
  • Emergency vehicles (driving to the scene of an emergency can cause one)

Common Injuries From a Car Accident

If you have ever been involved in a car accident you know how stressful they can be.

Dealing with the police, emergency personnel and insurance companies are never a fun thing.

It is always best to seek medical attention after a car accident, if you don’t know about urgent care then read more.

Get to the emergency room or see a doctor to make sure of the severity of these injuries.

In many instances the victim does not realize the severity of an injury and will feel the effects days later.

This will make things much easier and is necessary if you decide to file an insurance claim for pain and suffering.

Ultimately the severity of your injuries (along with other factors) will play a major role in your settlement.

Often in accidents where injury is involved loss of work and wages can occur.

In many cases there are rehabilitation appointments with the Dr. and surgery may even be required.

Injuries can be long lasting and take time to heal.

With all this in mind it is of great value to have an attorney that specializes in car accidents in Laguna Beach.

Call the Law Offices of Daniel Kim today!

Some every day injuries from motor vehicle accidents in Laguna Beach:

  • Head Injuries (This can include concussions, lacerations, cuts, scrapes etc. from hitting the windshield, airbag or steering wheel. The faster the speed of the cars the more severe the injuries. Brain damage can occur in bad car accidents)
  • Soft tissue (Injuries like whiplash and other types where the tendons and muscles can be strained, stretched in a serious manor. These injuries can be damaging and cause prolonged pain and suffering)
  • Broken bones (Bone breaks of the limbs can be serious and create compound fractures. Surgery may be needed to repair the victim’s arms, legs, wrists, ankles etc. depending on what part of the body is impacted.)
  • Spine injuries (When the back or spinal area is injured in an accident the victim can lose feeling in his extremities. In severe cases paralysis can occur and be life changing to the quality of the person’s life.)
  • Amputation (One of the worst possibilities in a car accident. The person can be pinned in or limbs crushed. Whatever the reason for this the loss of any limb is horrific and utterly devastating.)
  • Fatalities (The loss of life is a sad reality in car accidents and remember that all of us share in the safety of the roads. When on the roads of Laguna Beach please drive with caution.)

Laguna Beach Car Accident Stats

Even though Laguna Beach has one of the smaller populations in all of Orange County, it does have a considerable amount of business and tourist traffic pretty much all year round.

This means that the streets of Laguna Beach are going to be jampacked with traffic on a pretty regular basis, with plenty of cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and commercial vehicles mixed in with regular automobiles as well.

As a result, Laguna Beach is one of the most dangerous Orange County communities when it comes to automobile accidents.

In fact, it has the second-highest rate of motor vehicle accidents per 1000 people (as of 2017) with just over 120.9 individuals per 1000 people living in Laguna Beach.

In 2017 alone, 2813 people were involved in automobile accidents here in this community.

Injuries And Deaths From Car Accidents In Laguna Beach 2017

Thousands of injuries were reported as a direct result of motor vehicle accidents in Laguna Beach during 2017.

Unfortunately, three people also lost their lives after being involved in a motor vehicle accident in Laguna Beach during that same year.

% Of These Accident Involved Drugs Or Alcohol

The state of California recognizes that they have a problem with motorists getting behind the wheel of vehicles after consuming drugs or alcohol.

A number of statewide initiatives have been put forward to curb this kind of activity, but unfortunately, it’s taking a little longer to see results.

Laguna Beach has seen a 30% increase in DUI arrests over the past half-decade. On top of that, 11% of all motor vehicle accidents that have fatalities reported are found to have been caused by drivers operating vehicles while under the influence of drugs.

What Is Population In Laguna Beach, How Many Registered Drivers Over 18 Years Old

As of 2017, the population of Laguna Beach was officially set at 23,147 people. This makes Laguna Beach one of the smallest coastal cities in all of Orange County, but the population is overwhelmingly older than 18 years of age and the majority of people living in this community have their driver’s license.

Bad Intersections In Laguna Beach For Car Accidents

The intersections along the Third Street Hill area are some of the most dangerous in all of Laguna Beach, as are the intersections that Laguna Canyon Road and El Toro as well as the intersections along the Coast Highway Autobahn.


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