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If you live in Laguna Beach then the odds are you ride a bicycle around town quite often.

The nice weather and beautiful scenery makes Laguna Beach a prime spot to spend time riding a bike.

Unfortunately, riding a bicycle comes with a built in danger, and if you are hit by a car while riding a bike the injuries can be very serious.

Accidents happen randomly, a bicyclist could get hit by a guy towing a car, or when a neighbor backs out of their driveway in a hurry, etc.

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Common Causes Of Bike Accidents In Laguna Beach

There are a lot of reasons why there are so many bike riders on the streets of Laguna Beach today.

The fact that the weather is some of the best in the world is just one reason.

Californian’s are leaders of the green movement when it comes to trying to reduce their carbon footprint and the beach communities have always been known for their health consciousness as well.

This can also be dangerous because there are many motor vehicles on the city streets sharing the roads with bicyclists and pedestrians alike.

If a motorist and a bike rider happen to get in an accident with each other the result is often injury with the bicyclist usually always getting the worst of the accident for obvious reasons.

More often than not it is the driver of the vehicle that is responsible for these bad situations.

Being so vulnerable as a bike rider makes it incredibly important to be aware of all the common causes of these dangerous accidents in order to try an avoid them.

Below is a list of common reasons for a bike accidents in Laguna Beach:

  • Distracted (Drivers are often on the phone, talking, texting, emailing)
  • Speeding (Driving too fast allows for less time to react to a dangerous situation)
  • Running a red light (Bike riders and motorists are both guilty of running red lights which is very dangerous)
  • Car doors (Incredibly dangerous to open a door of a vehicle without looking)
  • Poorly marked roads (If bike lanes are not clearly marked accidents are more likely)
  • Potholes (This can lead to tire blowouts and loss control of the vehicle or bike)
  • Construction zones (Creates confusion on the roadways, proceed with caution)
  • Inexperienced drivers (Lack of driving knowledge can be dangerous)
  • DUI (Driving under the influence is especially dangerous when bike riders are involved)
  • Driving at night (Riders must always make themselves visible at night)
  • Aggressive bicyclists (Racing in and out of traffic, changing lanes is dangerous)
  • Weather (If raining and a car or bike is on a slippery road the risk of injury increases)

How Bicycle Riders Can Be Safe and Avoid Accidents in Laguna Beach

More people than ever have decided to ride bikes to get in shape, commute to their jobs or ride with their friends or family members just for the convenience and fun of it.

Bike riders can save money by not buying cars, but they can also save a lot of time and aggravation in places where the traffic is high.

Laguna Beach is known for its mild climate with the ability to enjoy the outdoors all year around.

Daytime temperatures range from the 60’s in the winter to 80’s in the summer which is heaven on earth for a bicyclist.

There will always be some risk as a bike rider, so it is important to understand the rules of the road and take the necessary safety precautions.

Common Safety Tips For Bicycle Enthusiasts:

Obey all traffic laws – When a motorist fails to yield to traffic lights or signs dangerous situations can occur. Bicycle riders need to always be a aware of all types of traffic around them and assume that the other motorists on the road are unaware of them and all the rules that pertain to them. When looking at the side of the motorist we must also assume that the bike rider may not be fully aware of the laws as well. Driving and riding defensively is the smart thing to do and may save everyone from serious harm.

Wear a helmet – This is the smartest most effective way to save your head. Head trauma can cause a wide variety of injuries from a concussion to brain damage. The helmet can save your life and be the difference between a life changing injury and a less serious one. Knowing what we all know now about the brain and the effects that impact has to the skull, there is never a good reason to ever put yourself on a bike without one.

Ride with the traffic – This is another avoidable situation but still continues to happen much too often. As a bicyclist the best way to stay safe is to ride with the flow of the traffic. Anyone who has ridden a bike before understands that certain situations may seem faster to avoid this safety rule and quickly ride on the other side of the street. Don’t do it. Cars are usually driving much faster than you and can come out of nowhere in an instance. Avoid this at all times.

Lights and reflectors – When driving at night time front and rear lights are mandatory for the safety of everyone on the road. It is hard enough to spot a bike rider with lights and incredibly dangerous without them. As a bicyclist you must be aware of the fact that you are a much smaller and harder to see person on the roads. This is why lights and reflectors are incredibly important to allow the casual motorist to spot you before it is too late.

Bike maintenance – This is one of the most important things a rider who wants to be safe can take control of. A full inspection of the bike before getting on it should be a habit for smart and safe riders. The tires need to be checked for proper inflation levels and the brakes checked to make sure they are ready for the ride. Always tighten seats and handle bars and make sure there are no loose parts of the bike that can lead to a n accident.

Laguna Beach Bicycle Accident Stats

Though the official population of Laguna Beach sits at 23,147 people (making it one of the smaller cities and communities in Orange County), each and every year millions of people visit as tourists – and millions choose to walk or bicycle down the city streets on a day-to-day basis.

On top of that, plenty of people that live and work in Laguna Beach choose to commute via bicycle as well thanks to the beautiful year-round Southern California climate.

Combine that with the narrow streets of Laguna Beach and the congestion and you’re looking at a perfect recipe for any of bicycle accidents to occur.

In 2017, more than 300 Laguna Beach bicycle accidents were reported.

Injuries And Deaths From Bike Accidents In Laguna Beach

Injury rates for those Laguna Beach bicycle accidents were pretty high, but that’s to be expected when you’re talking about an automobile striking a cyclist on these community roads and highways.

The California statewide average sits at just around 95% of all bicycle accidents reporting and injury, and Laguna Beach was right there during 2017 as well.

What % Of These Bike Accident Involved Drugs Or Alcohol

Over the last half decade, California motorists have seen an increase in nearly 30% of DUI charges and arrests.

On top of that, 11% of all motor vehicle related fatalities – including those involving cyclists – were linked to drivers getting behind the wheel after using some type of drug.

Dangerous Intersections In Laguna Beach For Bicycle Accidents

Any of the intersections in Laguna Beach along Park Avenue, Skyline Drive, and near Laguna Beach High School Are Always Some of the Most Dangerous Intersections in the Community When It Comes to Cyclists.

The intersection of Laguna Canyon Road and S. Coast Hwy. is a pretty bad intersection, as well.

You can forget about all of the residential intersections that connect with High Drive (Myrtle Street Locust Street, Jasmine Street, Holly Street Astor Street, Poplar Street Linden Street, and Hill Street) being some of the more dangerous Laguna Beach intersections for cyclists, too.

% Of Bike Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver

Distracted driving is a major problem along California State roadways, just as it is throughout the rest of the United States right now.

75% of motorists report that they text while they drive, 90% report that they use their phones while they are driving, and 80% of all accidents can be traced back to some form of inattentive driving in the state of California as well.


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