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Laguna Beach is an amazing city in Orange County, with beautiful people and scenic beaches.

But like most cities in California, Laguna Beach has their fair share of injury accidents that occur in the community.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident we urge you to call us today for a FREE consultation.

Do not fight the insurance companies alone, they are corporate giants that will try to deny any injury claim they can.

There are so many crazy circumstances that can lead to an accident.

We see people backing out of driveways and hitting kids on bikes in Laguna Beach, and we also see cases where kids on electric scooters run over a pedestrian, etc. Hire a Laguna Beach Personal Injury.

They are called “accidents” for a reason because you just never know when or how they will happen.

Don’t fight the crazy legal system alone, call us for help.

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Types of Injury Accidents We Can Help With in Laguna Beach

At The Law Office of Daniel Kim we only handle motor vehicle accidents.

This is to allow our legal staff to focus and helps us become an expert in what we do.

Motorcycle – these crashes are typically bad and more often than not riders will end up with broken bones or even worse injuries.

Car – the most common type of accident in Laguna Beach we see is the automobile accident. This could be a UPS driver, a Postmates delivery driver, or just a teenager making a mistake.

Pedestrian – these accidents are always bad because the person walking has no protection when they are hit by a car.

Uber – Uber is very popular in Laguna Beach among the residents, but Uber drivers are just as prone to getting into a car crash as any other driver.

Truck – although Laguna Beach isn’t full of semi-trucks, there are still a ton of larger trucks on the road like tow trucks, garbage trucks, city trucks, etc.

Bike – bicycle accidents are very common in Laguna Beach because the nice weather has people riding their bikes 12 months a year.


Dealing With Insurance Company After Accident in Laguna Beach

Never rely on an insurance company to take care of your best interests.

The insurance company is in the business to make money and they don’t like to pay out cash for injury claims.

Contact Daniel Kim before you make a mistake.

Below are some of the methods insurance companies use:

  • Calling the victim soon after the injury – You may feel like talking to someone and telling your story. Be very careful what you say.
  • Asking for a recorded statement – Don’t do this until you speak to Daniel Kim.
  • Asking for a signed medical authorization – Again don’t do this.
  • Offering a fast settlement – If an insurance company offers you a fast payday you need to understand why.
  • Claiming the insured is partly at fault – this is how the insurance company can deny or minimize a claim. Be very careful about how and when you speak to the insurance company.
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Why Contact Law Office of Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim and his legal team are a Top Rated Personal Injury Law Firm here in Laguna Beach.

Daniel is very experienced at negotiating with the insurance companies in Laguna Beach and making sure that our clients get maximum compensation for their injuries.

More Facts About Daniel Kim

  • 99% client satisfaction rating
  • over 1000 reviews on Yelp and Google
  • We help you get proper medical care
  • Pay us No Money until we settle your case

Daniel Kim has won hundreds of $$ Millions for his clients, but more importantly Daniel is a compassionate person who understands how much responsibility to help people. Hire a Laguna Beach Personal Injury.

When you call most law firms you speak to an assistant or paralegal, but when you call us you’ll speak to Daniel if you have an actual case.

Don’t just hire a friend or some lawyer in a strip mall, call the best to make sure you get the help you need.

Getting Compensation For Your Damages in Laguna Beach

As we mentioned above the insurance companies in Laguna Beach will fight very hard to avoid having to pay any money for your injuries, but when you hire Daniel Kim you can rest assured we’ll take care of everything.

It is not an easy process to come up with a dollar amount on what compensation every client should get.

There are so many factors that play into the equation, but there are certain types of monetary damages that we an explain below –

Liquidation damages – the defendant that is responsible for your injuries is forced to pay a certain amount.

Nominal damages – even when there aren’t major injuries the negligent party is still required to pay.

Punitive damages – many times compensation is awarded to not just help the injury victim, but to also punish the negligent party.

All of this stuff is very complicated and frustrating, this is because the insurance company hopes the crazy legal process will annoy the plaintiff enough that they give up on the lawsuit. Hire a Laguna Beach Personal Injury.

Our law firm won’t fall for this trick, and we will fight for our clients all the way to trial if we have to.


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