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Irvine is a growing city in Orange County with over 280,000 people calling the city home. Irvine is a beautiful area located right in the middle of OC.

Irvine was developed by the Irvine Company in the 1960’s and was formally incorporated in 1971.

It is home to multiple shopping centers, trendy retail, and entertainment venues for all ages to enjoy.

Irvine itself is home to wonderful people, growing companies, top schools, and offers a peaceful vibe to enjoy life here in OC.

If you were injured in an automobile accident in Irvine be sure to contact our law firm today for immediate help. Hire Irvine personal accident injury Lawyer

Jesus Mendoza Arrested in Fatal DUI Accident on Union Avenue [Bakersfield, CA]

Irvine Car Accident Stats

No matter the cause, any car accident can completely change your life and disrupt what you consider to be a daily routine.

The California Office of Traffic Safety has reported that there was a total of 891 accident resulting in many injuries and a few deaths in the city of Irvine.

  • 56 involved bike riders
  • 36 involved pedestrians
  • 22 involved motorcyclists
  • 54 involved a driver under the influence

If you or a family member was injured in any type of motor vehicle accident in Irvine then please don’t hesitate to contact our personal injury law firm for immediate help.

Never delay getting help because time is of the essence and if you are going to get compensated for any injuries you need to follow certain rules, like the statute of limitations.


Irvine Personal Injury Lawyers

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident with a pedestrian, carbikeUber, motorcycle or a truck, then please contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Our law firm has years and years of experience dealing with injury accident cases here in Irvine and all over OC and Los Angeles.

We know the feeling that injured victims are dealing with as they face medical bills, questions about how long a lawsuit can take, and just trying to recovery their physical health. Hire Irvine personal accident injury Lawyer

We offer a wealth of knowledge and a ton of compassion for our clients that are trying to get their lives back on track after an injury – major or minor.

Irvine is known to be a safe place to live, but when you start getting on the 405 and 5 freeways, or the busy commute roads like Culver Blvd. or Jamboree you’ll realize quickly that Irvine can be very dangerous.

The term “personal injury” refers to an area of civil law that lets injured individuals attempt to get compensation for losses (monetary and other) stemming from a traumatic incident due to another persons negligence or intentional conduct.

All personal injury cases are governed by the laws of negligence which will dictate the levels of care/attention that is owed from one person to another depending on the specific situation.

Why Hire a Personal Injury in Irvine


After an accident many injured victims ask themselves if they should hire a lawyer to help them.

The sad reality is that the insurance companies will make the process of getting a settlement as difficult as they can to limit the amount of money that they have to pay out.

With that in mind the answer is simple, Yes if you’ve been injured then call us today for help.

Most PI claims aren’t as simple as they first might seem, and once you start digging deeper you’ll realize that you need professional help from an injury lawyer here in Irvine.

Having to Deal With Insurance Companies After an Irvine Accident

This topic will become the biggest nightmare you’ve ever seen.

We urge you not to make the same mistake other accident victims have made, which is to trust that the insurance company and what they tell you.

The insurance adjuster will come across as fun, jovial, and even your friend, but don’t fall for it.

Once you start signing papers and giving statements for all you know you are giving away any opportunity to get fairly compensated once your case settles.

A common tactic is for the insurance company to offer you a quick settlement, but don’t take it.

Saying No will give you power. Hire Irvine personal accident injury Lawyer

These big corporate insurance companies prey on the injured because they know you are in pain and very stressed out and not thinking clearly.

Bottom line is don’t sign anything, don’t give any statements or anything else until you have spoken with The Law Offices of Daniel Kim.

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Damages In A Irvine Personal Injury Case

When you get injured in a car accident in Irvine California you might be entitled to get compensation for whatever injuries you have suffered, and any damages you sustained.

There are a variety of damages that you might be able to seek, see below.

Loss of wages – when you get injured and miss work it starts to become difficult to keep paying the bills and keep up financially. When you break a leg and can’t work a dayjob for 3 months it’s hard to stay afloat. Hire Irvine personal accident injury Lawyer

Medical Bills – dealing with injuries from an accident starts to get very expensive when you see the ambulance ride, ER, etc. etc.

Pain and suffering – these are simply known as “non-economic damages” refers to physical pain and mental suffering that the victim endures after a traumatic event.

Rehabilitation cost – this is related to those who suffer a serious injury and need rehabilitation treatment like physical pain and occupational therapy.

Punitive damages – in a personal injury case punitive damages are sometimes awarded by judges or juries if and when the conduct of the defendant is outrageous or egregious.

Making Demands and Negotiating

Most of the time any small personal injury claim can be settled before a lawsuit even has to be filed in Irvine.

If we believe that your case can be settled then we will make a demand to the other lawyer or insurance company to settle your case ASAP.

This process can speed up the settlement big time. Hire Irvine personal accident injury Lawyer

On the other hand, if your claim involves a claim for permanent injury or impairment then Law Offices of Daniel Kim won’t settle before filing a suit.

Daniel Kim is a Top car accident lawyer here in California and he will fight for you.

Don’t Pay Any Fees Unless We Win Your Case

Feel comfortable knowing that if we don’t win your case that you won’t be paying any fees to us.

This is very important and you should never pay any Irvine injury lawyer fees in advance.

We are so confident with our law firm that we don’t charge any fees unless we win your case.


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