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Have you or a loved one been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Inglewood?

If this is the situation then you need to contact our personal injury lawyers in Inglewood here at The Law Office of Daniel Kim.

Our law firm is here to help accident victims get compensated for high medical bills, ambulance bills, and any lost wages from missed days at work.

Over the years Daniel Kim and his legal staff have helped thousands of accident victims recover hundreds of Millions here in California.

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Practice Areas We Can Help With

Motorcycle Accidents – Obviously any accident in Inglewood involving a motorcycle can end up bad, even with a fatality. Call us for help today.

Uber Injuries – Oftentimes a bad car accident in Inglewood will involve an Uber or Lyft driver or passenger. We can help with rideshare accidents here in LA County and all over California.

Car Accidents – Car accidents happen all the time in Inglewood and some are due to all the drivers on the freeways (405, 5, etc.). Our car crash lawyers will help you relieve your stress and we’ll make sure you get a fair settlement to compensate you for your injuries.

Bicycle Accidents – Sadly Inglewood sees bike accidents that occur all year long, many of these people are just riding around their neighborhood or local side strees. Bike accidents can be fatal, don’t fight the insurance company alone.

Commercial Truck Accident -The numbers are staggering for semi-truck accidents and FedEX Trucks, etc. Speeding and over worked drivers are common causes for truck wrecks here in Inglewood.

Pedestrian Accident – With so many people walking around Inglewood to work, etc., it’s not surprising that so many injuries occur to pedestrians.

Not all accidents can be avoided, as safe as you drive, wearing your seatbelt, etc., it will all help lower the odds of getting hurt, but you can’t completely avoid an accident from happening.

Accident Stats in Inglewood

The city of Inglewood has a population of roughly 110,000 people, which is actually a pretty small number for California cities (compared to LA, San Diego, etc.).

During 2015, drivers in Inglewood drove over 1,000,000 daily miles on the roads here in Inglewood, and of course that amount of driving is going to lead to more car crashes.

In 2015 there was a reported 811 injury causing (or fatal) accidents in Inglewood.

In addition, there were 218 dui arrests made in the city, and almost 80 injury causing car accidents that involved a drunk driver.

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How Much is My Inglewood Car Accident Worth

Clients ask us this question everyday.

The hard answer to give is that it’s not easy to determine what an accident case is worth until we have a chance to dig into the case and get our clients the medical care they need.

If you try to pursue a claim on your own without a lawyer then you will probably regret that decision later on.


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