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Huntington Beach is literally a paradise that offers the residents miles and miles of bike trails and ocean frontage to ride on for free.

Orange County as a whole is well known for traffic accidents that involve bicyclists and unfortunately HB is no stranger to bike accidents and injuries.

We just hope that our readers will learn about the dangers of riding a bicycle after reading this article, and more importantly if you have been injured you’ll learn what you need to do.

Don’t sit back and hope the insurance companies are going to take care of you and get you maximum compensation, because that isn’t going to happen unless you get help.

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How Much Is My Bike Accident Settlement Worth

If you do get injured in a bike accident the odds are good that you’ll start having financial stress as the bills pile up and you might miss work due to the injuries.

The insurance companies have their own methods of determining fault, which is why you want to contact a Great bike accident lawyer like Daniel Kim.

The actual value of your bike accident injury claim will primarily be based on the injuries you suffer, although there are other factors that will play into the final compensation.

Daniel Kim and his staff have years of experience dealing with bicycle accident cases here in Huntington Beach, and we know how to deal with the insurance companies to make sure you are treated fairly.

If you suffer a broken leg and head injuries then your settlement is going to be worth far more than somebody who just broke their wrist and had road rash.

Other things will matter like were you hit by a distracted driver, or did an uninsured motorist hit you, etc?

The major things that help determine a case value are –

  • severity of the injuries you suffered
  • costs of medical treatment
  • any lost wages or future lost wages
  • physical or emotional suffering
Rosa Rivas Involved in Pedestrian Accident on Highway 101 [Goleta, CA]

Common Injuries From Bike Accidents

Just riding a bicycle in Huntington Beach can be dangerous enough, but if you ride recklessly then your odds of getting injured will sky rocket and you could end up in an ambulance.

Pacific Coast Highway is a favorite road among bicycle riders in HB and sadly there are many accidents on that stretch of PCH.

If you are injured while riding a bike in HB, then you’ll want to talk with a top injury lawyer like Daniel Kim to make sure you protect your legal rights.

Of course there are many factors that can determine what types of injuries you’ll suffer, for example wearing a helmet will definitely minimize the injuries you’ll suffer.

If you are hit by a truck, an Amazon delivery van, or any other vehicle, you’ll want to get medical treatment immediately after a crash.

Below is a list of typical injuries from a bicycle accident –

Alex Herrera Killed in Bicycle Accident on Highway 74 [Menifee, CA]

Common Causes Of Bike Accidents In Huntington Beach

There are many reasons for bicycle accidents today in Huntington Beach.

Drivers like to blame the lack of attention or recklessness of the bicyclist that cause these collisions.

The reality is that most often these accidents are the cause of the drivers lack of attention by not realizing the position that the bicyclist is in and not providing the right of way.

No matter whose fault it is the results of a vehicle and bicyclist colliding can be damaging and injuries often occur.

list of common reasons for a bike accident in Huntington Beach:

  • Distracted drivers (talking on phone, texting, emailing)
  • intoxicated drivers (drugs and alcohol)
  • Side swiping a bicyclist
  • Drivers who violate bicyclists’ right of way
  • Crossing in front of the bike
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Driving too fast
  • Unsafe passing of a bicyclist
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Poorly marked or designed bike paths and bike lanes
  • Poorly maintained bicycles (bad brakes, chain)
  • Roadway defects like potholes, broken traffic signals or streetlights
  • Reckless drivers (bicyclists, motorists)

How Bicycle Riders Can Be Safe and Avoid Accidents in HB

No matter how many precautions a bicyclist takes, they will always be at risk while sharing the roads with all the automobiles in Huntington Beach.

But there are steps that bicycle riders in HB can take to avoid an accident and serious injuries.

The key is to avoid the collision all together that way injury does not occur.

Watch out for parked car doors opening – this is very dangerous and occurs often. Ride far enough to the left that you can avoid this. This is dangerous because you have to not ride to far left as to get hit by a car.

Using front and rear lights on your bicycle – It is actually against the law to ride around without lights and reflectors on your bike, but more importantly it’s very unsafe.

Wearing a helmet – just simply taking the time to put on a helmet can save your life or at least help avoid serious injuries. Concussions, contusions and open head wounds are common injuries when you don’t wear a helmet.

Avoid the crosswalk slam – this can happen by riding on a sidewalk and crossing at the crosswalk. Slow down, get a light and try not to ride on a sidewalk if possible.

Be polite while riding a bike – This is just simple things like don’t run red lights, don’t run stop signs, and don’t cut off cars intentionally or ride aggressively.

Be seen – make sure when ride you have reflective gear or neon clothing especially at night. This way the drivers can see you, making it safer for all.

Pay attention to the road  this sounds easy enough, but many cyclists don’t pay attention to traffic, pedestrians and signals, etc.

Stay alert at all times – this means to use your eyes and ears at all times. Don’t use headphones at any time. Stay focused and aware of all your surroundings.

Ride in same direction as traffic – be sure to travel in the same direction as the cars as moving.

Use hand signals – when you are making turns or changing direction you Always want to use hand signals.

Huntington Beach Bicycle Accident Stats 

Huntington Beach is one of the most picturesque places in the United States to ride a bicycle, with great weather all year round, miles and miles of bike trails, and plenty of opportunity to take these two wheeled methods of transportation to the open road.

At the same time, with so many bicycles on Huntington Beach roads – and with so much other traffic – it’s not uncommon for bicycle accidents to occur.

According to the police department in Huntington Beach 112 bicycle collisions were reported in 2017 alone.

Deaths From Bicycle Accidents In Huntington Beach In 2017

Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of bicycle accidents do not involve fatalities.

As of 2017, only three people involved in a bicycle related accident passed away as a direct result of injuries sustained during those incidents.

Injuries From Bicycle Accidents In Huntington Beach

Injuries, on the other hand, are quite common when it comes to bicycle accidents in Huntington Beach.

More than 100 injuries were reported as a direct result of these accidents, particularly when bicycles were involved in accidents that also had motor vehicles involved, too.

How Many Tourists Visit Huntington Beach In 2017

Every single year, just over 4 million people visit Huntington Beach – and the rest of Orange County – from somewhere else.

This number continues to grow each and every year, with tourism being one of the biggest industries in all of Huntington Beach.

All these people on vacation means a lot of people renting electric bikes and other bikes to cruise all over HB.

More than 500,000 people visiting Huntington Beach are classified as “overnight hotel visitors” each and every single evening.

Bad Intersections In Huntington Beach For Bicycle Accidents

There are quite a few dangerous roads and intersections located throughout Huntington Beach, but almost all of them have a single major thoroughfare in common with one another – Beach Boulevard.

Beach Boulevard and Warner Avenue is maybe the second busiest intersection in all of Huntington Beach as well as one of the most dangerous.

Beach Boulevard and Center in Huntington Beach sees a tremendous amount of traffic as well, with drivers rarely yielding and bicycle accidents quite common along a stretch of road

Beach Boulevard and Edinger Avenue is also highly dangerous and seems to be getting even more dangerous year after year.

This is a major transportation thoroughfare for all of Huntington Beach and the rest of Orange County which is why cyclists will want to make sure that they have their radar up whenever they approach this intersection.


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