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Glendale is a busy commuter city in Southern California located approximately 8 miles north of downtown Los Angeles with a population of around 203,000 people.

With more and more apartments and condos being built every day (particularly in the downtown Glendale area between Brand Blvd, Orange Ave, and CentralAve), multiple schools, Glendale Community College, and new businesses finding homes in the city, it is no wonder that the amount of bicycle riders increases in Glendale every year.

Commuting by bike can be a cost-effective and time-saving method of transportation in any busy city where traffic and parking are a day-to-day hassle.

While riding a bike to and from school, work, the gym or anywhere can be enjoyable, it also carries an element of danger when sharing the roads with other motor vehicles.

Glendale is well known for its high rate of traffic and pedestrian accidents.

If you or a loved one were injured in a Glendale bicycle accident, contact The Offices of Daniel Kim today for a Free consultation.

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Why Should I Contact The Law Offices Of Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim is one of the highest-rated personal injury attorneys in Glendale and throughout the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan region.

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We have well over 1000 positive reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook from previous clients that were so satisfied they felt compelled to share their stories.

Daniel Kim is an aggressive personal injury attorney when it comes to dealing with insurance companies and fighting for your rights.

He treats all clients with respect and compassion and encourages them to ask any and all questions.

Cases are handled on a “No win/No fee” policy meaning that calling Daniel is risk-free for you.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you call us you will speak with an actual attorney, not an assistant or answering service.

The bottom line is that if you have been injured in a Glendale bicycle accident you will need a personal injury attorney on your side that knows how to get the job done.

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Dealing With The Insurance Companies

Bike accidents are no joke to recover from, and typically the injuries suffered in a bike crash are pretty severe.

You always need to be careful when you talk to the insurance companies, or email them, or text communication, etc.

This is because whatever you say can be used later against your claim, and if you say things that you shouldn’t you can bet the insurance company will bring it up later.

A lot of bike accident victims simply forget that the insurance companies are in business to make money (as they are a For profit business), and when an insurance company has to pay out cash for an injury claim it hurts their bottom line.

Do not just assume that the insurance company is going to be there to help you, because once injuries are involved it becomes a different situation.

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Common Injuries From Glendale Bike Accidents

Whether you are walking, riding a motorcycle, traveling as a passenger in an Uber, riding a city bus, or driving a car, anytime you are in an area with traffic and other motor vehicles there is danger present.

Riding a bicycle is not only no exception, but it is also actually one of the more dangerous things you can be doing on the road.

No matter whose fault an accident is, when a bicyclist is struck by a moving motor vehicle, the damages and injuries can be immense.

Seeking medical treatment immediately after a bicycle crash in Glendale is imperative to both your health and your case.

Here is a list of typical injuries from a bike accident:

Broken bones – broken and fractured wrists, ankles, collarbones, jaws, and noses, are particularly common after a bicyclist is hit by a car or truck.

Concussion – traumatic brain injuries or TBI are even more common when the cyclist is not wearing a helmet.

Cuts and bruises – being knocked off the bike will inevitably cause bruises and in some case lacerations. These can range from minor cuts to deep wounds that require stitches and further medical treatment.

Dental – broken or chipped teeth are all too commonly reported injuries, and usually part of a larger medical complaint regarding facial damage.

Neck and back injuries – neck sprain and bulging or herniated discs are very common and can take a long time to heal. In the worst cases, surgery may be required and severe spinal cord trauma can cause life-altering circumstances such as permanent paralysis.

Death – unfortunately bicycle fatalities are a real possibility given the unprotected nature of the bicycle versus the large and heavy motor vehicles it shares the road with. If a family member or loved one was killed in a Glendale bike accident, we may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit to collect damages and compensation.

If you were involved in any type of bicycle accident in Glendale, whether it’s with a pedestrian, a Postmates driver, a UPS truck or any motor vehicle, see the doctor immediately and then contact The Law Offices of Daniel Kim.


Common Causes Of Bicycle Accidents In Glendale

There are a variety of reasons why bicycle accidents happen in Glendale, and Daniel Kim has seen them all.

Unfortunately, many of these accidents occur because drivers of motor vehicles were not paying attention and did not realize there was a cyclist near them.

Here is a list of the primary reasons for bicycle accidents in Glendale:

Distracted driving – texting, talking on the phone, looking at GPS, and interacting with other passengers in the car are all leading causes of distracted driving accidents.

Side swiping a bike – when a car or truck drives too close to a cyclist or bike lane they could inadvertently hit them or force them off the road. This is especially common at intersections and curves on the road.

Speeding – this is universally the leading cause of all motor vehicle-related accidents and can be substantially more devastating in a collision with a bike rider.

Drunk driving – driving under the influence or DUI is a real problem and can cause drivers to not see a bicycle rider, especially at night.

Reckless driving – this goes for both motorists and cyclists. Not obeying Road rules and signs can cause accidents no matter what role you are playing on the road.

Poorly marked bike lanes – like many major cities, Glendale has designated bike lanes and paths, but if a driver can’t see them they could merge into them without knowing and cause a collision.

Whatever the reason for the accident, and whether you think it was your fault or not, contact Daniel Kim and his legal team for expert advice.

What To Do After Being In A Glendale Bike Accident

Being in any kind of motor vehicle accident can be extremely stressful and painful. This is never more apparent after being hit by a car or truck while on a bicycle.

There are certain things you should do after being involved in a Glendale bike crash that could help in both the immediate and the long run.

These include:

Collect evidence at the scene of the accident – if possible, document everything you can immediately after the accident. Take photos of the scene, damages to all vehicles involved, road hazards, street and road signs, speed limits, and all injuries that are visible at the time. Get all contact information for everybody involved including driver licenses, registration, insurance info, as well as any witness’s phone numbers and statements.

Get medical attention immediately – it is vital that you seek medical attention immediately after being involved in an accident even if you are not in too much pain. Some injuries may not reveal themselves until hours or even days after the crash. The sooner you can get to a hospital and see a doctor, the sooner you can start the road to recovery. Go directly to the emergency room in an ambulance if offered. Your priority is your health.

Call 911 – request that a police officer comes to the scene to document and create a police report. This police report will provide important information down the line for your personal injury claim and can help determine fault.

Seek legal advice – the aftermath of being involved in a bike accident can be incredibly frustrating. Not only are you dealing with injuries sustained in the crash, but now the insurance companies as well. Not fully understanding your rights and legal options could cause you to reduce or even lose your claim. We will not let that happen. Daniel Kim knows how the insurance companies operate and how to fight them on your behalf. We will work for you to ensure you receive every dollar you deserve in compensation.

Bicycle Accident Stats In Glendale

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 840 bicycle accident fatalities across the United States in 2018.

In California, there were 147 deaths recorded from bike accidents, and in Glendale, there were 43 reported bicycle accidents that resulted in injuries or deaths.

Most Dangerous Roads And Intersections In Glendale

Glendale may be a quiet and friendly place to live, but unfortunately it has been ranked by Allstate Insurance as one of the most deadly places to drive in the United States for the past 12 years in a row.

Particularly bad roads and intersections include:

  • N. Brand Ave and Goode Ave
  • E. Mountain Street and N. Verdugo Road
  • Brand Ave and Sanchez Drive
  • Broadway and Brand Ave
  • Glenoaks Blvd and Highland Ave
  • W. Glenoaks Blvd and Western Ave
  • W. Colorado Street and S. Pacific Ave.

Always wear a helmet, brightly colored protective gear, have lights on your bike, and obey all signs and road rules.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times and ride safely, but if you are involved in a Glendale bike accident, contact us today at The Law Offices of Daniel Kim.


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