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Garden Grove might not seem like a hub for big-rigs and other large trucks, but it actually is.

With the 22 and 405 Freeways literally surrounding Garden Grove, there are all sorts of big trucks on the roads here in town on a daily basis.

Truck accidents happen all the time and sadly the injuries are usually pretty serious.

It could be a garbage truck backs out of a driveway and hits a kid on a scooter, or it could be that a semi-truck slams into a motorcycle rider on the 405 freeway.

Whatever you do, if you have been injured in a truck accident call our law firm today to get a FREE consultation.

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Why Contact Law Office of Daniel Kim

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident with UPS, an 18-wheeler, tow truck, or whatever, you’ll want to get an experienced truck accident lawyer on your side.

Daniel Kim and his legal team have years of experience helping Garden Grove residents recover mentally, physically, and financially from truck accidents here in OC.

Don’t sit around and wait for the insurance companies to help you because they won’t, instead the insurance adjuster will try to minimize or flat out deny your injury claim in hopes of saving the insurance company money.

Daniel Kim is an expert negotiator and he knows how to handle the insurance companies to ensure his clients get maximum compensation and a fair settlement.

The insurance companies are Giant Corporations that have a lot of power and they use it when they can.

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Injuries From Truck Accidents

There is no doubt about it, if you are hit by a truck then you’ll probably suffer from some serious injuries.

Truck accidents are notorious for causing major damage and injuries to those people involved, although typically the truck driver will end up much better off.

Recovering from a truck accident can take months or even years, depending on the severity of the crash, etc.

When you start getting calls from insurance companies, and the medical bills come in daily, and you find out the police report is wrong etc., then you’ll realize quickly that you need a good Garden Grove truck accident lawyer to help you.

Don’t let the insurance companies bully you around after an accident, instead call Daniel Kim.

Some common injuries are –

  • broken bones
  • concussion
  • whiplash
  • amputation
  • wrongful death
garden grove truck accident lawyer

Common Types of 18-Wheeler Accidents In Garden Grove

Driving on the roads of Garden Grove can be very dangerous, particularly when you mix in large semi-trucks that share our freeways and city streets.

Semi-trucks and large commercial trucks are important to the US trade and economy.

Every day these trucks are travelling across the nation carrying massive tons of cargo.

With this comes a danger for all other motorists sharing the roads with these massive trucks and serious safety issues can occur.

Due to the size of these large trucks an accident can have overwhelming effects on those involved.

The devastation that comes from an 18-wheeler accident can be fatal or incredibly damaging where serious injuries are often the case.

The size and weight of these trucks is incredibly dangerous if an accident occurs with a passenger vehicle.

If you were injured in an accident described below then contact our truck accident lawyers today.

Below are some of the most common types of truck accidents:

Head on collision – The ultimate in devastation when a motorist collides head on with an 18-wheeler. Results are often fatal.

Side swipe – Anytime a big rig hit the side of a vehicle or the vehicle hits the side of a big rig the damage can be bad.

Underride – This can happen when a smaller vehicle finds itself underneath the trailer of the semi-truck. This is a dangerous situation.

Straight on collision – If a large truck crashes straight into an unsuspecting vehicle the results are usually serious or fatal.

Wide turn – Swinging turns happen when a trucker swings wide left before making a right turn or vice-versa. Motorists are often caught off guard causing an accident.

Rear end – Because of the sheer size and weight trucks need a bit longer to slow down. Rear end accidents can be very dangerous especially if multiple cars are involved.

Jackknife – If a truck hits the brakes real fast a trailer can go sideways at a 90-degree angle leaving a path of destruction behind.

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Main Reasons For Truck Accidents in Garden Grove

Unfortunately, big rig accidents happen on the freeways of Orange County and when they do the damage left behind can be horrifying.

California and the federal government have many laws and regulations in place to help make the roads safe for everyone.

Accidents do still happen and because of the size and weight of these large commercial vehicles injuries often occur.

It’s always better to drive cautiously around these trucks in order to try and avoid these types of accidents.

Some causes for semi-truck accidents in Garden Grove below:

  • Driving in the blind spot
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Distracted driving
  • DUI
  • Tired drivers
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Exiting off freeway
  • Weather conditions
  • Maintenance issues
  • Unrealistic demands on drivers

Common Trucks on Garden Grove Roads

With so many trucks on the roads these days delivering, towing and performing a multitude of functions, it is no wonder these accidents occur.

Often trucks can be seen entering and exiting construction sites in growing cities within regular neighborhoods and city streets.

Grocery stores and large big box stores like Walmart and Target, goods are being delivered in populated areas and driving the streets where pedestrians and bicyclists may be on the sidewalks or intersections.

Anytime a large vehicle like an 18-wheeler or garbage truck is driving near a lot of pedestrians and kids, the danger level goes up exponentially.

Below is a list of the more common large trucks that pose a danger to pedestrians and motorists.

Concrete mixers – Usually coming and going from construction type sites are heavy and large.

Tanker trucks – These can be carrying hazardous liquid or gas making them very dangerous.

Refrigerator trucks – Often carrying cold or frozen goods to grocery stores or big box stores can cause severe damage and injuries.

Garbage trucks – These are seen in residential neighborhoods all the time when kids and pedestrians are always nearby.

Garden Grove Truck Accident Stats

Commercial vehicle traffic is pretty commonplace on Garden Grove roadways during the week and even on the weekends.

At the same time, the amount of commercial vehicle accidents and truck accidents in general that occurred in the Garden Grove city limits are relatively low – particularly when stacked up against some of the other communities located in Orange County.

In 2017, there were 0.47 commercial truck accidents reported in Garden Grove per one thousand people living in the city.

Injuries And Deaths From Truck Accidents In Garden Grove

Commercial vehicles are (obviously) a little bit larger than your typical automobile and that means that accidents involving these bigger vehicles – regularly traveling at higher rates of speed and with less stopping power – always run the risk of serious injury and fatalities.

In 2017, three people lost their lives in as a direct result of commercial truck accidents in Garden Grove.

There were 16 total fatal automobile related accidents in the community during that same stretch of time.

Individuals that were involved in these kinds of accidents have a 90% chance of being injured according to the California Department of Transportation as well as the California Office of Traffic Safety.

What % Of These accidents involve drugs or alcohol

In a perfect world, professional commercial vehicle drivers – especially those that have a CDL – would know better than to ever get behind the wheel of these big, happy, fast vehicles after consuming drugs or alcohol.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens far too often in the state of California today.

Instances of individuals driving after they have been drinking alcohol are up 30% in recent years throughout California, with 11% of automobile related fatalities being tracked back to motorists and commercial drivers that operated their vehicles after consuming some type of drug.

How Many Registered Truck Drivers (Commercial Driver’s License) In Orange County

The state of California has nearly half a million commercial truck drivers with CDL licenses registered already, and the number is expected to top out above 500,000 in the very near future.

There are more than 50,000 schools and organizations in the state of California that offer these kinds of licenses, too.

Dangerous Intersections In Garden Grove For Truck Accidents?

A number of intersections in Garden Grove are particularly dangerous when it comes to commercial truck and vehicle traffic, including:

  • Valley View St and Garden Grove Freeway
  • Edward St and Westminster Blvd
  • Chapman Ave and Magnolia St

What Freeways / Roads Have Most Truck Accidents In Garden Grove?

The roadways highlighted below are where you are most likely going to see commercial vehicles (and truck accidents) in Garden Grove:

  • Garden Grove Freeway
  • Westminster Avenue
  • San Diego Freeway


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