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So many people walk to get around in Orange County that it’s hard to even put a number on it.

But the odds are that if you live in Garden Grove, that you walk somewhere in the city at least once a week.

Maybe you walk to work, or to a restaurant, the gym, a friends house, etc?

It is dangerous being a pedestrian due to the high amount of distracted drivers on the road and other hazards like speeding, etc.

If you or a family member has been involved in a pedestrian accident then call Daniel Kim today.

Why Contact Law Office of Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim is a top pedestrian accident lawyer here in Garden Grove California.

Daniel and his team have years of experience helping pedestrian accident injury victims, as they try to fight the large insurance companies who want to deny their injury claims.

You must remember that the insurance companies aren’t in business to pay out money when pedestrians get injured, in fact this is the last thing an insurance company wants to do.

Daniel Kim is an expert negotiator when it comes to getting you a settlement, so don’t wait to call for help.

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pedestrian accident injuries

Common Injuries From a Pedestrian Accident In Garden Grove

Pedestrians are hit by vehicles in the US every day and injuries can be severe and even deadly.

Adults over 65 and children under 15 are the pedestrians with the highest risk of fatalities and injuries in an accident with a motor vehicle.

The faster the vehicle speed is, the more serious the injuries are if a pedestrian is struck by a motorist.

There are other factors like the size and weight of the vehicle that also adds to the severity of injuries suffered.

Garden Grove is a city in Orange County with beautiful weather and lots of pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicles all sharing the roads.

It is extremely important that everyone be aware of one another, be respectful and follow all the rules of the roads in order to make them as safe as possible.

Pedestrians are most vulnerable if in an accident with a car or truck and the chance of injury is always high.

Most common injuries we see from pedestrian accidents:

  • Internal injuries – This includes internal bleeding, rib fractures, brain bleeds which are all very serious injuries. When internal organs are injured it may be hard to detect the extent at first.
  • TBI – When a Traumatic Brain Injury occurs the results are usually pretty bad. Concussions and worst-case scenario brain damage can have long term effects for a pedestrian and their family.
  • Road rash – When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, they often find themselves scraping their skin on the road leaving them with road rash. This can also later cause infection and leave permanent scarring if severe.
  • Bone breaks – Legs, arms, wrists and ribs are common bones that can break from the impact of a pedestrian accident. If a car runs over a person’s foot crushed bones can occur. Breaks are usually followed by long term recovery and often surgery.
  • Back injury – The spinal cord keeps the brain and body working together and just a small injury can be traumatic. If severe paralysis and permanent loss of feeling in extremities can occur.
  • Fatalities – The worst case of all is when a pedestrian is killed from a car crash. Because the pedestrian is in such a vulnerable position, injury can be so traumatic that the person dies.

If you have been in a pedestrian accident it is important to have an attorney that understands your legal rights.

Call the Law Offices of Daniel Kim!

california pedestrian laws

California Pedestrian Laws and Right of Way

In Garden Grove the laws for California pedestrians are enforced in order to help make clear where and when people can legally walk in public.

These laws are important in a pedestrian accident to help decide who is the responsible party in a personal injury case.

It is important for motorists and pedestrians to understand these rules because if they break the law, they will be held liable for the accident.

Be safe when sharing the road with vehicles and take precautions when on the city streets around town.

These laws below must be observed by anybody driving a motor vehicle.

  • When crossing over a sidewalk a vehicle must yield to the pedestrian and allow them right away.
  • Special rules are given to blind pedestrians who are using a cane or a guide dog the right-of-way at all intersections.
  • Drivers are forbidden from stopping in a crosswalk and blocking it unnecessarily in crosswalks that are marked and those that are unmarked at an intersection.
  • The only time you can drive on a sidewalk is when you are entering (or exiting) a garage or alleyway.
  • Pedestrians should never jaywalk, and if a car gets into a wreck while trying to avoid a jaywalker, then that pedestrian can be held liable.

Garden Grove takes all these laws very seriously for the well-being and protection of those on their streets. Fines and possible jail time can occur if these laws are not obeyed.

Here Are Some Simple Pedestrian Safety Tips

  • Wear bright clothing – Light-colored, bright clothes are always helpful to allow vehicles to spot a pedestrian on the streets, sidewalks and intersections. Clothes with reflective material can also aid in the safety.
  • Eye contact – As a pedestrian it is always a good idea to try and make eye contact with the motorists on the road when crossing the street. Make sure they see you.
  • Be present – Always be aware of what is going on around you. Don’t let distractions put you in a compromising situation.
  • Stay on the sidewalk – If possible, stay off the road and on a path or sidewalk meant for pedestrians.

Garden Grove California Pedestrian Accident Stats

With nearly 200,000 people living within the city limits there is always a lot of pedestrian activity on Garden Grove streets and sidewalks.

When you’re talking about this many people milling about on a day-to-day basis (and spending plenty of time outside thanks to gorgeous Orange County whether year-round) the potential for pedestrian accidents to occur is pretty high.

Thankfully though, Garden Grove has a relatively low pedestrian accident rate compared to other communities of this size in Orange County.

The accident rate in 2017 sat at 0.9 per one thousand people living in the community.

How Many deaths 

Unfortunately, there were quite a few pedestrian accidents in Garden Grove during 2017 that ended up with a loss of life directly stemming from those traffic accidents.

During that year, nine people ended up losing their lives after being involved in a pedestrian accident in Garden Grove.

Injuries From Pedestrian Accidents In Garden Grove In 2017

Injury rates with pedestrian accidents are understandably quite high.

You are, after all, talking about unprotected individuals walking along getting struck by motor vehicles that are moving at high rates of speed.

If involved in a pedestrian accident in Garden Grove during 2017 an individual had an 85% chance that at least one injury would be reported.

% Of Pedestrian Accidents Involve A Drunk Or Distracted Driver

Drunk driving throughout the state of California continues to be a real public safety concern.

A number of initiatives have already been instituted to cut down on the amount of people sliding behind the wheel after drinking, but today we see a 30% increase in DUIs versus five years ago.

Distracted driving is another huge problem, with 80% of the driving population self-reporting that they use their cell phones or are otherwise distracted when they should be focused on the road ahead.

How Many People Live In Garden Grove?

One of the larger cities in Orange County, Garden Grove has a population that sits at 174,226 as of the last reporting conducted in 2017.

Bad Intersections In Garden Grove For Pedestrian Accidents

All cities have intersections that are more dangerous than others for one reason or another, and the worst intersections for pedestrian accidents have to be:

  • Magnolia St and Chapman Ave
  • Lampson Ave and Magnolia St
  • Orangewood Ave and Gilbert St


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