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Riding a bike in any city is dangerous, but it can be very dangerous when you are riding around busy streets here in Orange County.

Many local residents here in Garden Grove ride a bike to work, the gym, or even a friends house, but there is always risk involved once you ride a bicycle on public streets.

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Common Causes Of Bike Accidents In Garden Grove

Did you know that every year thousands of people are injured or even killed while riding their bikes around the United States?

California is known for great climate and bicycle enthusiasts, which also makes them one of the states with the highest number of cyclists in accidents and injuries.

A large proportion of bike rider injuries are caused by a collision with a car where the motorist is at fault.

The vulnerability of a bike rider can lead to serious injuries around the streets of Garden Grove and we all need to be aware of these dangers while travelling.

Safety should always come first as a rider as well as a motorist and everyone must look out for the other when sharing the road.

Below is a list of common reasons for a bike accident in Garden Grove:

  • Getting doored – Serious injuries can occur from this type of accident and happens when a cyclist is riding along legally in the bike lane or right-side of the road. A careless driver opens the door into an unsuspecting cyclist. Many different types of injuries can happen from this accident like broken bones and head injuries. Incredibly dangerous when a rider is thrown off their bike.
  • Street conditions – Dangerous roads are often responsible for serious bike accidents and injuries. Potholes, cracks, crevices, bumps, manhole covers and slippery conditions due to oil, dirt or water often create hazards to bike riders. As a rider it is important to drive carefully at all times especially when going into corners or when rain occurs making the roads slick.
  • Failure to yield – Often a bike accident occurs when drivers simply fail to give cyclists the right of way and safe space. As a cyclist, if you are following all the rules of the road, if a motorist causes an accident with you, they are at fault.
  • Intersections and driveways – If a car runs a red light or stop sign at an intersection serious injury can occur. Accidents are common at intersections and again never assume that the motorist sees you and is aware of your presence when on a bike. Cars coming out of a side street or driveway can also cause a dangerous situation for a rider.
  • Distracted drivers – Both the cyclist and the motorist need to always focus on the road in order to avoid all these accidents. Those who are on the phone, smoking, eating, daydreaming, drinking, listening to music etc. the chances of an accident dramatically increase.

How Bicycle Riders Can Be Safe and Avoid Accidents in Garden Grove:

Bike riding is on the rise in California and there are many reasons for this.

Now people like to commute to work which not only saves money on gas but also is environmentally friendly.

The fact is that the weather is fantastic and riding is also fun and a great way to stay in shape.

Cyclists are here to stay and it is important for all travelling the streets to coexist safely.

Bicyclists have to obey the rules of the road like all other drivers and motorists need to equally respect the cyclist rights as well.

Here are some steps that bicycle riders can take to avoid an accident and serious injuries.

Wear a helmet – It is extremely important to always protect your head.

Don’t weave – Driving along with the traffic in a straight and predictable manner is always better for rider safety.

Stay aware – Always stay attentive to everything around you when on the road. Pay attention to cars, pedestrians and other riders.

Ride in same direction – Never ride against the traffic. Always go with the flow of the traffic.

Obey all rules – Know your rules of the road as a cyclist it is important to keep you safe.

Bike maintenance – Always do a check on your bike before riding. Brakes, tires, lights etc. must be all in proper working order.

Lights – Always have working lights and reflectors especially if riding at night time.

Don’t ride distracted – Make sure you are not listening to music with headphones in. It is especially important as a rider to hear the sounds of the road.

Wear bright clothing – It is always best to let the others on the streets see you easily on your bike. Bright reflective clothes are invaluable as a rider.

Wear protective clothes – Padding and thick clothing can be very helpful in reducing injuries if an accident does occur.

Think defense – Riding defensively, cautious and careful is the safest way to help avoid an accident. Reckless riding increases risk unnecessarily.

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Garden Grove Bicycle Accidents

Located a little bit more than 30 miles southeast of Los Angeles proper, Garden Grove, California is a decent sized city in northern Orange County.

Like every other community in Orange County Garden Grove sees plenty of bicycle traffic, but because the city streets are so busy there are quite a few accidents here each year.

In fact, during 2017 Garden Grove had a bicycle accident rate of 0.98 per one thousand people living in the community.

Injuries & Deaths From Bike Accidents Here In Garden Grove

Thankfully though, even with all of those accidents there were no bicycle accident related fatalities reported during 2017.

The community of Garden Grove does have a bicycle accident injury rate of just about 90%, which is right around the statewide average for these kinds of accidents here in California.

What % Of These Cycling Accidents Involved Alcohol Or Drugs?

Drinking and driving, as well as consuming drugs and driving, continues to be a tall task for the government of California to try and overcome.

California has a state has seen DUI arrest/charge rates climb by 30% in the past half-decade, with 11% of all statewide traffic fatalities linked back to individuals operating vehicles after they have consumed some type of drug.

Dangerous Intersections In Garden Grove For Bicycle Accidents?

For a city as large as Garden Grove, and for one as active as this community is, there are only a handful of intersections that really could be classified as truly dangerous for those riding bicycles.

For the most part, cycling traffic sticks to the bike lanes and to the less busy roads throughout the community – and that certainly helps to cut down on overall accident rates.

All the same, these are definitely the most dangerous intersections for cyclists that are going to be riding their bikes in Garden Grove.

  • College Ave and 9th St
  • Stanford Ave and S Euclid St
  • Nelson St and Stanford Ave

What % Of Bike Accidents Involved A Distracted Driver?

Distracted driving is just as big a problem for California motorists (and cyclists) as driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

80% of all traffic accidents in California can be linked back to some form of distracted driving, with the overwhelming majority of drivers involved in these kinds of accidents self-reporting that they weren’t paying attention at the time of the accident.


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