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Fullerton isn’t any different than the rest of the cities in Orange County when it comes to truck accidents.

All drivers in LA and Orange County should always be very aware when driving and sharing the roads with semi-trucks (or any large truck like a moving truck, etc.)

If you live or work in Fullerton then you have seen your fair share of 18-wheelers on the freeways and main commute roads.

There is no way (apart from not driving) to completely avoid being in a truck accident, but there are things you can do to lower the odds.

Even things like being a courteous driver, not speeding, and other commons sense habits can definitely help you avoid being involved in a truck accident in Fullerton.

If you have been involved in a truck accident in Fullerton please contact us today for immediate help.

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Injured From a Semi-Truck Accident in Fullerton

If you found our website then the odds are you were injured in a truck accident and you need to hire a Good injury lawyer.

Most of the time, any car accident that involves a garbage truck or big-rig will also include some bad injuries, in some cases even a fatality.

Semi-trucks are so big that when they hit a car, the driver and passengers in that car are at a Huge disadvantage when it comes to safety.

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident then contact us today.

Common Injuries in a Truck Crash –

  • Head injuries – sometimes traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones – very common
  • Concussion – always requires medical care
  • Spine injure – can affect a person for life
  • Facial injuries – often requires surgery and expert medical aide

Common Types of 18-Wheeler Accidents In Fullerton

Sharing the road with semi-trucks can be stressful due to the fact that they are so large and weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded.

Accidents with these big rigs can be devastating with severe injuries and often fatal.

These accidents can occur on the freeways in Fullerton as well as the city streets.

It is always important for automobiles to drive extra cautiously when semi-trucks are on the road.

If you were injured in an accident described below then contact our truck accident lawyers today.

Below are some of the most common types of truck accidents:

Blind spot accidents – truck drivers sit up high and there are some limits to what they can see

Head on collision – this type of crash usually causes fatal injuries or life-long disabilities

Rollovers  an event usually precedes the rollover, such as lane drifting and drowsiness

Tailgating – results in a rear end accident, laws require drivers to follow at a safe distance

Right turn – accidents occur when a trucker turns right while in the outside turning lane

Tire blowout – often road conditions or poor tire maintenance can cause a tire to blow out

Jackknife – serious or even fatal accidents can occur, some may result in multi-car pileups


Main Reasons For Truck Accidents in Fullerton

There are many reasons for semi-truck accidents and when they happen, the damage can be horrifying.

In these big rig accidents in most instances it is the drivers and passengers in the automobiles that suffer the severest of injuries.

If you are on the roads of Fullerton, you need to understand trucking dangers in order to stay safe on the highways in and around the city.

It’s always better to drive careful and slow when around 18-wheelers.

Common causes for semi-truck accidents in Fullerton are listed below:

  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Driver fatigue
  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Poor maintenance of truck
  • Distracted driving
  • Bad weather
  • Road construction
  • Improper or inadequate training
  • Unsafely loaded trucks

Common Trucks on Fullerton Roads

Large commercial type trucks are always driving in our neighborhoods and city streets near schools, malls, apartment complexes etc. which can be dangerous to those around.

Truck drivers and the public both need to be careful and follow all traffic laws that apply to motor vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists.

When the truck driver is responsible for an accident and injury occurs to the passengers in the vehicle or pedestrians, the injured parties may be eligible for compensation.

Below is a list of the more common large trucks that pose a danger to pedestrians and motorists.

Garbage trucks trash trucks are often in residential areas with kids and pedestrians nearby

Flatbed trailer – can be used for transporting everything like cars and lumber

Dry vans – common freight containers, grocery stores will use dry vans to ship goods

Tow trucks – ironically tow trucks are meant to clean up after accidents

Semi-trucks – 18-wheelers or big rigs, the size and weight can cause severe damage and injuries

Fullerton Truck Accident Stats

Truck accident rates in the city of Fullerton, California were considerably lower than other hot spots throughout Orange County – and especially lower than cities like Seal Beach, Laguna Beach, and Anaheim.

The rate of commercial vehicle and truck accidents in Fullerton for 2017 sat at just about 2.3 accidents per 1000 people living in the city.

This makes it twice as safe as cities like Anaheim when it comes to commercial traffic.

Injuries And Deaths From Truck Accidents In Fullerton 2017

According to the most recently available information for Fullerton, the overall amount of injuries and fatalities stemming from truck accidents in 2017 were pretty low – especially compared to the overall statewide average.

Six fatalities in total were reported in Fullerton during 2017, and none of them were reported as a direct result of a commercial vehicle or truck being involved in an accident.

Accidents Involved Drugs Or Alcohol

California has been taking the right steps to make sure that they lower the number of motorists operating vehicles while under the influence of different substances, but as of right now they still have a big problem and significant challenges ahead of them.

11% of all accidents in the state of California are directly linked to motorists that have slid behind the wheel of their vehicle while under the influence of drugs. This includes commercial vehicles.

On top of that, the amount of DUI arrests and charges have actually climbed by 30% over the last five years and show no signs of reversing the trend anytime soon.

How Many Registered Truck Drivers (Commercial Driver’s License) In Orange County?

According to the California Department of Transportation, just over 137,930 drivers have a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) as of 2017.

California also happens to be second in the United States as far as the total amount of motorists with a valid CDL is concerned, trailing only the state of Texas that has slightly more.

More than 140 commercial drivers’ schools exist throughout the state and businesses have 5.6 million commercial vehicles that are registered and on California highways and roadways on a daily basis.

Dangerous Intersections In Fullerton For Truck Accidents

Like any other major city, Fullerton has its fair share of dangerous intersections.

The three we highlight below are some of the most dangerous when it comes to overall commercial traffic.

  • Euclid St; Orangethorpe Ave
  • Harbor Blvd; Orangethorpe Ave
  • Lemon St; Orangethorpe Ave

What Freeways / Roads Have Most Truck Accidents In Fullerton

A number of streets and roads are also pretty dangerous when it comes to commercial traffic, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that most of the streets intersect with one another and made our dangerous intersections list above as well.

  • Euclid St
  • Orangethorpe Ave
  • Harbor Blvd
  • Lemon St


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