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One Killed in Bicycle Accident at South 1st Street and Reed Street [San Jose, CA]

Fountain Valley see a lot of motorcycle riders on the local streets every day.

Warm weather and sunshine are 2 ingredients that attract people to ride a motorcycle, and Fountain Valley offers both of those.

If you own a motorcycle then you probably know by now just how dangerous it can be when you are riding around on the public streets.

There is no way to 100% avoid an accident, but by riding safe and following the traffic laws you can definitely improve your chances to get home safely.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident here in Fountain Valley (or anywhere in Orange County) then we encourage you to contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Why Contact Law Office of Daniel Kim

Once you get injured riding a motorcycle your life can get turned upside down literally over night.

Many times people think they will just handle their accident case on their own and deal with the insurance company and get a big fat settlement check.

Then reality sets in and they realize that the insurance company has no interest in paying a fair settlement.

It’s bad enough to be an accident victim due to no choice of your own, but don’t fall victim to the insurance companies.

Daniel Kim and his legal team have helped thousands of clients all over California, and Daniel will fight for you in the same way.

Daniel knows how to handle the insurance companies, and if you got hit by an Uber driver, or if a teenager hit you due to inexperience behind the wheel, call us today for help.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim has over 1000 great reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook, and we are proud of each review.

Helping clients is what Daniel does, and his compassion shines through on every case he takes on.

You can contact us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for FREE consultation.


How Much Is My Motorcycle Accident Settlement Worth

All motorcycle accident victims want to know how much their accident settlement might be worth once it settles..

We don’t just make up numbers and fake facts to get clients to sign with our law firm, instead we put our heart and soul into offering real help.

Each motorcycle accident in Fountain Valley has a unique story and outcome, and compensation will vary case by case.

In the end though, the damages that you suffer are a large determining factor in the amount of the settlement that you will be offered from the insurance company.

Your injuries from the motorcycle accident are the main piece of an accident case, and obviously if a motorcyclist loses a leg in a crash then he will receive much more compensation than if he just suffered road rash.

Pain and suffering can be much harder to put a $ amount on, and that is why hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is a wise choice.

Long term injuries will also play a pivotal role in how we negotiate with the insurance companies to ensure you get max compensation.

This type of injury might enable you to get compensation for –

  • Physical therapy and medical care for the future
  • Any drugs and medications you need for pain
  • Possible home remodel for easy access (a wheelchair ramp)
  • A special vehicle that is meant for somebody who lost an arm
  • A home health care aide to help your daily life

Don’t fight the insurance companies alone, call Daniel Kim today.

Ricardo Simpson Killed in Motorcycle Accident on Ashlan Avenue [Fresno, CA]

Common Causes For Motorcycle Accidents

No matter how careful you are while riding a motorcycle you are still at high risk of being hit by another vehicle while traveling on the road.

The fact that there is not much between the motorcycle rider and the road or vehicle it collides with makes riders extremely vulnerable to injury or death.

Motorcycle accidents continue to increase and there are so many variables that can cause a motorcycle crash in Fountain Valley.

Car doors  if a car owner opens his door without looking a motorcyclist can find themselves in a dangerous position and an accident can occur.

Driving under the influence – due to the physical and mental skills it takes to ride a motorcycle, driving intoxicated is dangerous and a large cause of accidents.

Poor road conditions – cracked pavement, sand, potholes, oil spills and other debris can make for dangerous roads and cause accidents.

Lane splitting – when you drive between two lanes of traffic, it’s legal but pretty dangerous.

Distracted driving – incredibly dangerous, a motorcyclist should always be attentive to every sight and sound in order to be as safe as possible.

Unsafe lane changes – motorcyclists are hard to see, and when a person driving a car fails to check their blind spots or use a signal, this spells tragedy for motorcyclists.

Speeding  motorcyclists enjoy the freedom and speed of a motorcycle but too often drive too fast. Another motorist may can find speeding riders difficult to see and hard to react to.

Inexperienced drivers – often riders that are less experienced may not be as careful or understanding of the dangers of the road.

Motorcycle defects – sometimes a manufacturer just designs a bike poorly and a defective part can easily lead to an accident (think about flat tire, or brakes failing).

Left turn accidents – this is very common when a driver just misjudges the distance that he thinks the motorcycle rider is from him.

Abrupt stops – following too close to another vehicle a rear-end accident can happen. Even these accidents can be deadly on a motorcycle.


Common Injuries From a Motorcycle Accident

It is a reality that riding a motorcycle is extremely dangerous and even if you wear a helmet, there are still plenty of horrible injuries that you need to worry about.

Most motorcycle riders are very passionate about this activity, but also understand the incredible risk that comes along with riding.

Follow the motorcycle laws of the roads of Fountain Valley, stay aware and be careful in order to stay safe.

If you do get hit by a car, these injuries below are most likely what you’ll be dealing with –

Head and neck – though a helmet can be of help in a motorcycle crash the devastation of a head and neck injury can range from minor to life-threatening. Concussions, brain damage to the head and torn ligaments, tendons and broken bones in the neck can be very damaging and have everlasting consequences.

Road rash – this is an injury that happens when a motorcycle rider slides across the pavement. Good leather jacket and pants can definitely help the rider avoid serious road rash, but if you hit the pavement in normal clothes (t-shirt, shorts, etc.) you can expect to suffer from it.

Legs and feet– the majority of non-fatal accidents on a motorcycle is injury to the legs and feet. Broken bones, fractures, sprains as well as other injuries of the lower extremities can be problematic. Bikers have no frame of protection and are highly exposed.

Back and Spine – when the spinal cord is injured from the impact of a motorcycle crash, it can result in paralysis (paraplegia).

This is a catastrophic injury that usually results in permanent disability for the biker.

Fountain Valley Motorcycle Accidents

According to the 2017 accident data from the California Highway Patrol and their Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System there were more than 40 accidents in Fountain Valley that involved motorcycles – a figure that is up quite a bit from the year before.

Injuries And Deaths Motorcycle Accidents In Fountain Valley 2017

Thankfully, no one passed away as a direct result of Fountain Valley motorcycle accidents in the year 2017.

Injuries were pretty common, however, with more than 80% of these accidents throughout Orange County involving at least one injury reported.

23 people were injured as a direct result of motorcycle related accidents in Fountain Valley during the year 2017.

% Of Accidents Involved Drugs Or Alcohol

According to the California Highway Patrol, DUI charges are up more than 30% over the last five years in the state of California.

On top of that, 11% of all accidents in the state of California are found to have been caused at least in part by operators that were under the influence of drugs.

These figures continue to climb year after year and are a major problem for the state of California.

What Is Population In Fountain Valley, How Many Registered Drivers Over 18 Years Old?

Almost 56,000 people call Fountain Valley, California home with more than 80% of the population over the age of 18 years old and possessing their driver’s license.

A decent amount of these individuals also has registered motorcycles and licenses to operate them, making the streets, highways, and byways of Fountain Valley some of the most frequently traveled motorways when it comes to motorcyclists in particular.

How Many People Own A Motorcycle In California?

The state of California has the most registered motorcycles of any state in the US, with more than 800,000 motorcycles registered to individuals living in the state.

This number is more than 100,000 registered motorcycles higher than the second-place state in the country.

Bad Intersections In Fountain Valley For Motorcycle Accidents

A couple of intersections in Fountain Valley are very risky for motorcyclists, including Newland Street and Slater Avenue, Newland Street and Ellis Avenue, as well as the intersection of Euclid Street and Slater Avenue.

If you are going to be driving a motorcycle (or any vehicle, for that matter) through these intersections you want to be sure that you stay on the lookout.


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