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Rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft have dramatically changed the way people commute and get around the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.

This is especially evident in Culver City.

Thanks to Uber and also the Expo rail line, residents no longer need to feel that owning a car is an absolute necessity.

In fact many people have foregone the financial burden of owning a car and the insurance payments, registration, maintenance, and rising gas prices that come with it.

Millions are now using Uber for their daily commute to and from work, going to the gym, and especially going out for dinner and drinks, thus avoiding costly parking and the possibility of a DUI.

Being able to hail a ride directly from your phone is convenient and cost-effective, but it doesn’t guarantee you won’t be involved in an accident.

After all, you are still in LA traffic and on the city’s ridiculously congested streets.

If you have been involved in an Uber accident in Culver City, you need to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney as quickly as possible.

Contact The Law Offices of Daniel Kim today and let us help you fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.

Why Contact The Law Offices Of Daniel Kim

Daniel Kim is an experienced and highly rated Culver City personal injury attorney that helps clients who have been injured in all forms of motor vehicle accidents.

Our legal team focuses solely on motor vehicle accidents and knows all the laws, loopholes and regulations surrounding Uber accidents.

We have more than 1000 positive reviews on Google, Facebook, and Yelp from previous clients that were extremely satisfied with our service and their compensation.

Daniel Kim knows that every case is unique and approaches them individually knowing that there is not a one size fits all strategy.

We are an aggressive law firm that understands how the insurance companies work and will not let them push us around.

You can reach us 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for a free consultation and initial case review.


How Much Is My Uber Accident Case Worth

Like any motor vehicle crash you are not at fault for, you have the right to recover compensation for your injuries if you are involved in an Uber or Lyft accident.

Unfortunately, there is no magic calculator in the very beginning to tell you exactly what you will receive as a settlement for your case.

We know this is frustrating, but every case is different and we won’t really know what your case is worth until we evaluate the extent of your injuries and losses as we progress into building your case.

During our initial case review, we’ll ask you a series of questions to find out what happened and build a base to start building your case from.

We will then ask you to provide medical records and proof of the injuries from your accident, evidence collected at the scene such as photos and videos, and refer you to our medical experts for further diagnosis and treatment.

Once the doctors have signed off on your treatment and we have been able to establish your damages, we will approach the negligent parties and insurance companies to start negotiating compensation.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim will seek a settlement for injuries and medical issues sustained as a result of the Uber accident, as well as economic losses such as loss of wages, out-of-pocket medical expenses, property damage, travel expenses for medical treatment, and others.

If you have any questions at all, or even want a second opinion, contact Daniel Kim today.


Liability Surrounding The Rise of Rideshare and Delivery Apps

Pretty much everybody you know uses one or more apps regularly to hail rides or have food delivered.

On-demand food delivery services are so popular that Uber even has its own, UberEats.

Others include Postmates, DoorDashGrubHub, and more.

Between these, Uber and Lyft, and other services such as Turo, Maven, Sidecar, etc, there are more and more cars on the road with people trying to hustle an extra buck or two in the modern gig economy which Los Angeles is perfectly situated for.

No matter which one of these services was involved, when an accident occurs one of the first steps is working out who was responsible and then proving liability.

Uber and Lyft are categorized as TNCs, which stands for Transportation Network Companies, and are subject to different rules and regulations than regular passenger cars and drivers.

These companies are required to provide insurance and protection for anyone that may be involved in an accident with one of their drivers and injured as a result.

But this is where it gets tricky and complicated.

California laws say that the rideshare companies must ensure that their drivers are covered by insurance, but that actual insurance coverage fluctuates depending on which of the three periods the driver is in.

Period 1 – this is when a driver is logged into the Uber app and online but is waiting to accept a ride and not actually on one or headed to pick up a rider after accepting a trip request. In this instance, the drivers own personal insurance may cover them during this time. The minimum primary insurance coverage requirements are $50,000/$100,000.

Period 2 – after a driver has accepted a trip request and is on their way to pick up the rider, the driver is considered to be engaged in commercial behavior and is thus covered under the primary insurance coverage requirement of $1 million.

Period 3 – this starts the moment a passenger has entered the vehicle, the ride starts, and the Uber driver is transporting them to their stated destination and is in effect until they exit the vehicle and the ride has ended. Minimum insurance coverage for this period includes both commercial insurance coverage and uninsured motorist coverage of $1 million.

As you can see this is incredibly complex and should always be handled by a skilled and professional Uber accident attorney.

Call The Law Offices of Daniel Kim today.

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Common Injuries From An Uber Accident

Just like every accident is different, so are the types of injuries that can be sustained as a result of a Culver City Uber crash.

You could be the rider in an Uber, the driver of another vehicle, or even a bicyclist or pedestrian, but you could suffer injuries no matter what.

If you are involved in an accident with an Uber in Culver City, you should seek medical treatment immediately.

Whenever possible, be transported from the accident scene to the hospital emergency room by an ambulance or paramedic.

You may think that your injuries are minor and do not require seeing a doctor, but like all motor vehicle accidents, some injuries may not reveal themselves for quite some time. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Some of the most common injuries we see from Uber accidents include.

  • Head injuries – concussion and other TBI or traumatic brain injuries.
  • Back injuries – ruptured discs, fractures, and spinal cord trauma.
  • Broken bones – broken wrists, ankles, legs, ribs, and noses are common.
  • Neck injuries – whiplash, neck sprain, and other disc injuries.
  • Psychological – emotional and posttraumatic stress.
  • Cuts and bruises – bruises from the seatbelt and airbag as well as cuts from broken glass and unsecured objects. Deep lacerations may require surgery.
  • Loss of limbs – major accidents may cause the need for amputation.
  • Death – catastrophic injuries can lead to fatalities.

No matter what the extent of your injuries are, we can help you.

Contact Daniel Kim today.

Culver City Uber Accident Stats

Uber does keep records of all crashes but does not divulge exact numbers regarding how many of their drivers and riders have been involved in accidents.

But according to a report from the US Department of Transportation, they claim that between 2% and 3% of all motor vehicle accidents that are reported involve Uber or other rideshare drivers.

On top of that, a lot of Uber accidents go unreported because many police reports do not require that information, only needing drivers names, license, insurance, and registration info.

Globally, Uber does over 14 million trips today and has completed over 10 billion rides so far.

Busiest Roads And Intersections In Culver City

Culver City is one of the most heavily trafficked and congested places of the greater West LA area thanks to its proximity to major freeways and neighboring busy cities such as Beverly Hills, the City of Los Angeles, Baldwin Hills, and Playa Vista.

Some roads to watch out for include:

  • Venice Boulevard.
  • Washington Boulevard.
  • 90 Marina Freeway.
  • Sepulveda Blvd.
  • Motor Ave.
  • Inglewood Blvd.
  • Washington Place.
  • Culver Blvd and Overland Ave.
  • I-405.
  • Robertson Boulevard and Exposition.
  • Venice Blvd and Robertson Blvd.

No matter what the circumstances, if you have been injured as a result of being in an accident involving an Uber in Culver City, The Law Offices of Daniel Kim can help protect your rights and get you fair compensation for your injuries.

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