Culver City Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Culver City then you need to contact an injury lawyer.

When you are injured it can be very frustrating to get the insurance companies to stand up and compensate you for your damages.

Many times the insurance company will quickly make you a low ball offer in hopes that you will accept it and not consult with a lawyer.

Other times the insurance companies will try to deny your claim if possible.

The reality is that if you’ve been injured here in Culver City then you need to contact Daniel Kim today for help.


Culver City Accidents

Culver City has almost 40,000 people that call the city home, and it continues to gradually grow in population.

Data shows that in 2015, that drivers traveled more than 780,000 miles on the roads in Culver City, and that is a lot of traffic for a city that is only 5 square miles in size.

Usually accidents occur more often as more and more people drive on the local roads, and Culver City is no exception to this.

During 2015 alone, there was 490 (reported) injury accidents in Culver City, which is almost 1.5 accidents per day.

Drive safe, and be courteous, but if you are injured and have questions then call us today.


Common Injuries We See

Our lawyers in Culver City have helped hundreds of local clients that were injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Below is a list of some injuries that we have helped our clients receive compensation for.

  • Broken bones
  • Fractures
  • Burns
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord
  • Wrongful death

Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer

The reality is that personal injury claims are very complicated, and if you fight the insurance companies alone it will be very difficult.

Injury attorneys understand the laws and all the loopholes that the insurance companies love to hide behind.

When a person is injured in a car accident, the legal process can take forever, and if you attempt to take on the insurance companies alone then it can take even longer.

It isn’t as easy as just sending the insurance companies all your bills and asking them to cut you a check, that process could take 5 years – no joke.

Dealing with the insurance adjuster and his company is frictional because they don’t want to pay you any money at all – it’s a fact.

Let an experienced Culver City injury attorney help you.

Call Daniel Kim today for a FREE consultation and get answers to your questions.

Daniel Kim and his legal team have developed an aggressive approach over the years, and this teamwork has allowed us to help many local residents who suffered an injury here in Culver City.

The initial consultation will give you the chance to ask Daniel Kim any questions you have, and it will allow us to get details about your accident so we can evaluate how strong of a case you have.


Damages In a Personal Injury Case

If you were injured in an accident here in Culver City then there are damages you’ll be eligible to be compensated for.

Here are some types of damages that you might be able to seek –

Medical bills – this is related to everything injury wise stemming from the accident, and the bills can add up quick.

Loss of wages – if you have missed work due to your injuries, or if you foresee missing work in the future.

Pain and suffering – referred to as simply “non-economic damages”, things like physical pain, and mental suffering that a victim might endure.

Punitive damages – in a personal injury case punitive damages are sometimes awarded by the judge or jury when the conduct of the defendant was outrageous or egregious. Hire a Culver City Personal Injury Lawyer

Rehabilitation costs – this would be related to someone who suffers a major injury and needs rehabilitation moving forward like physical therapy, etc.

Culver City Injury Cases We Handle

We are a personal injury law firm and we handle motor vehicle accidents.

Car accidents can happen on any road at anytime, like an UberEats crash, to a motorcycle accident, or a UPS truck hitting you.

Common accident cases we handle are listed below:

Bike Accidents – Culver City is a very busy city for bicyclists and people on scooters etc.

Automobile Accidents – Culver City has some busy roads like the 10 freeway and Venice Blvd., both of which are notoriously dangerous.

Motorcycle Accidents – Driving a motorcycle in Culver City can become dangerous in the blink of an eye. You can get hit by a distracted driver, or maybe you were lane-splitting and it didn’t end well.

Pedestrian Accidents – Anytime you drive in Culver City you will see people walking all over the place. Unfortunately this amount of foot traffic can increase the chances of a pedestrian accident taking place.

Truck Accidents – There are many large trucks driving around Culver on a daily basis. Think about garbage trucks, city work trucks, semi-trucks on the 405 freeway, etc. If you have been injured in a truck accident in Culver City then call us today.

Uber Accidents – Uber is popular in every city in California, and Culver City has seen a lot of Uber accidents over the years.

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