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To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of endorsement for Daniel Kim and The Law Offices of Daniel Kim.

I can personally attest to the value his law firm brings, and they do so on a consistent, solid basis. I have worked with Mr. Kim close to 8 years on several occasions and on several types of cases.

We can work with just about any personal injury attorney, but we have intentionally decided to work with The Law Offices of Daniel Kim due to the sheer quality and quantity of service and work they provide. It makes our chiropractic practice successful to work with an experienced law firm like Daniel Kim’s law firm.

We don’t want to have to teach and show what’s best practice, we would rather work with the most experienced and honest personal injury law firm, dealing with motor vehicle accidents. Once we started to work with The Law Offices of Daniel Kim, we hit the ground running and have never stopped.

We are honored to work with such a prestigious law firm because they are a true reflection of how we operate at my chiropractic office. We are built on the same principles of integrity, superior customer service, and the best we can do for our patients.

I also like to add that I am always able to reach Mr. Kim via phone or e-mail at anytime of the day. He is very responsive and very professional. Mr. Kim has always been aggressive but ethical in handling cases. He fights for his clients and stay true to his providers, which is a very difficult balance at times.

To work with Daniel Kim is to work with the best in this industry.



Amal F. Cooper D.C.

Clinic Director

HealthSource of Anaheim

No fee promise