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June 27, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

As a 33 year practitioner in our community, I have seen many Personal Injury law firms come and go. All too often I have watched new firms open up, then take advantage of their clients, and treat providers poorly, to say the least. Since they weren’t planning on being around long-term, these lawyers make some quick bucks and always disappear within a few years. They had no concern for their reputation,  and certainly didn’t care about treating the Chiropractic community fairly.

I have come to know Daniel Kim both professionally and personally over the last several years. His approach to Personal Injury is just the right way of doing things! His approach is quite visionary and he is clearly planning to be around for many more decades to come. I have never met an attorney who was so driven to advancing the level of excellence in his Personal Injury practice.

Our whole office loves that Daniel Kim and Associates allows us to manage our patients care in a manner that gives them the greatest possible path to optimal recovery. They always allow us to do what is truly best for the patient, whether its referring out for advanced imaging, specialist referrals, and giving great care to our patients! They aren’t one of the difficult firms that tries to micromanage the patients care. They treat you both respectfully and professionally, which is so refreshing these days.

When it comes to settlement time, everything is handled in the most  professional respectful manner you can imagine.

We expect to give amazing 5 star care to all of our patients, and I expect the same level of legal services from any firm that we deal with on a regular basis. Top to bottom, Daniel Kim and Associates delivers in the same way! His staff is always so friendly and responsive, as is Daniel, and he is personally involved in every case. I have found him to always be very easily accessible.

It is really clear that he gets it that if he gives amazing personal and caring legal services to his clients, they will refer their friends and family, and promptly return if they need his services again in the future.

On a personal level, I have come to know Daniel as a man of great faith, and a terrific father and husband. He does a tremendous amount of volunteer work in the community and at his church, something I find so inspirational!

Our office highly endorses the Law Offices of Daniel Kim and Associates, and I am happy to personally discuss his firm with any fellow professional in order to further discuss why they are simply a cut  above so many other firms.


Kent S. Salholm, D.C., Q.M .E.

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