Why You Need an Uber Accident Attorney After a Rideshare Collision

Uber Accident Attorney

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If you are injured in a car accident, especially as an Uber or Lyft passenger, it can leave you traumatized and confused. In addition, attempting to recover compensation for damages is complex. This is because multiple parties are involved and partially liable. With their legal expertise and knowledge, working with an Uber accident attorney is incredibly valuable. 

After being involved in an accident, you may be eligible for compensation. But with little understanding of the compensation process and laws involved, the insurance company might take advantage of you. However, hiring an Uber accident attorney will keep your rights protected and get you the compensation that is owed to you. Here are the top benefits a rideshare lawyer can provide following a car accident.


Navigate the Insurance Process

Handling insurance claims involving Uber accidents can be challenging. When involved in an accident as an Uber passenger, the driver’s insurance company or Uber’s insurance company is liable for compensating you. In case of an accident, you will need to assess who has which coverage and with whom you should file your claim.

Determining the amount of compensation is not so straightforward. In fact, insurance adjusters and even victims will only account for their past and current medical bills, without taking into consideration future pain and suffering. 

Additionally, determining who to file the claim against is not always clear. In fact, multiple parties may be liable for the accident. An Uber accident attorney will help you assess the situation and help you file the correct claim. This will be especially beneficial if your case involves multiple insurance companies.


File an Accident Claim on Your Behalf

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The settlement that you get from a personal injury case might not be what you deserve. Like any other insurance provider, they have to protect their company’s best interest. Therefore, they will attempt to reduce your settlement. Essentially, they will fight to ensure that you get the least compensation possible.

An experienced Uber car accident attorney will gather all necessary documentation and evidence to support your personal injury claim. Some documents can include medical reports regarding your injuries. This type of evidence puts a monetary value on your injuries, further proving your case. 


Evaluate the Worth of Your Claim

Determining the value of a claim is challenging; involving big businesses like Uber and Lyft makes the process even more of a challenge. Insurance companies aim to convince rideshare accident victims to accept low settlements under the pretense that the offer is fair. Many victims fall for this trap. This is because they have little or no knowledge about the legal system.

If you have sustained injuries, you might need hospitalization and rehabilitative care. As a result, you will accumulate expensive medical bills that could impose a substantial financial burden on you and your family. Only by getting the compensation reflective of your injuries can you comfortably overcome the accident and cover your medical bills.

An experienced Uber accident attorney can help you determine the value of your claim based on:

  • Medical Expenses – all past and future medical costs related to your injuries
  • Economic Damages – monetary losses, like loss of income, property damage, or other out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and Suffering – both physical and emotional injuries suffered


Investigate the Case to Determine Liability

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One of the most challenging parts of an Uber accident claim is proving your injuries were caused by the negligence of another. However, determining the party at fault is essential in order to recover compensation.

After an accident, all the involved parties will try to shift blame, making it difficult to identify the at-fault party. However, qualified accident attorneys will build a strong case that is backed by evidence to support your claim.

Established law firms have the resources to conduct their own personal investigation.  The firm’s evidence is utilized in conjunction with the findings from the authorities who responded to the scene of the accident. In addition, the police report works as credible evidence in a Lyft and Uber accident case. 


File a Lawsuit if Necessary

An Uber accident attorney will keep clients up to date on the progress of their case and advise what their best options are. This can include when to settle or when to take the case to court. 

For example, your lawyer can file a lawsuit if the insurance company fails to present a reasonable settlement offer. If the case goes to court, your lawyer must have trial and courtroom experience. 

While filling a lawsuit, the accident attorney will file a complaint, serve the complaint to the defendant, and handle all of the legal aspects. In addition, the lawyer also helps you prepare for the case by informing you what to say and what not to say during court proceedings.

However, to have the court case going in your favor, you must hire the best Uber accident lawyer. With so many Uber accident attorneys out there, you need to narrow it down to the best. Before hiring a lawyer, check their experience and reputation. Online reviews are a great resource to utilize during your search. Of course, a car accident lawyer with years of experience and happy clients is the best person for the job.


Explain the Laws and Regulations Involved

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Insurance policies are contracts that define the responsibilities of the involved parties. However, deciphering the information in the insurance policies is challenging. If you misinterpret your policy and proceed by making the wrong decision, you risk losing your case.

An Uber accident attorney has the expertise and knowledge needed to explain the information in the insurance policy. In addition, your lawyer will clarify the laws and how they relate to your case.


Hire an Uber Accident Attorney After a Rideshare Collision

Hiring a personal injury lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. 

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