When Do You Need To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer

Getting the best car accident lawyer to handle your case is very important. Having an experienced lawyer on your side will benefit you in many ways during the settlement process. Receiving compensation from the insurance company can be extremely difficult and having a professional on your side can ease the stress of the process.

What is the process of getting compensation?

After you choose our best car accident lawyer, then we proceed with the following steps:


First, we assign a legal team that will gather records related to your claim. This includes medical records, medical bills, and insurance policy information. These documents will help our car accident lawyer Orange County understand the extent of your injury, and build your case for maximum compensation.

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The investigation is an important step in gathering evidence that will make your case strong enough to get the desired compensation.


When you choose a car accident lawyer near me, they will negotiate with the defense outside of the courtroom to help get you the compensation you are entitled to. If settlement negotiations are unsuccessful, our attorney is prepared to go to trial and present your case in the strongest possible form.

When you’ll know if you need a car accident lawyer:

Negotiating with the insurance company becomes difficult

Insurance companies never want to give you your desired compensation amount and will always try to give you the lowest possible compensation amount for your damage. It’s their work to save money, thus cracking them will be tough. Therefore, it’s better to get yourself the best car accident lawyer in the city, as they will be able to handle the insurance companies with ease. An experienced car accident lawyer knows how to crack down insurance companies and how to make them pay the desired amount. Also, if they don’t agree, our lawyers are happy to take your case to court.

A car accident lawyer is a knowledgeable professional who knows the law and will be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.

When you are blamed for an accident you aren’t at fault for

No one wants to take responsibility or blame for an accident, as they know they will have to pay for the damages done. Thus, having proof of innocence is important. It needs to be made clear to insurance that you are not at fault so that you can claim a fair compensation amount. It is often very difficult and strenuous to deal with insurance companies after your first accident. Insurance companies will offer the lowest payout amount after an accident. Oftentimes, you are entitled to much more than what the insurance agents can offer. To avoid being taken advantage of, you can contact a professional car accident lawyer in Orange County to help you accordingly.

Hiring an attorney can really help protect you from these types of claims. The Law Offices Of Daniel Kim can make sure that your accident is thoroughly investigated by experts. The investigation can provide insight into why the accident happened and who is at fault. That information can be valuable as you pursue compensation.

Calculating your compensation

One of the most important points of all is calculating what was lost. Loss when calculated is not only information on the money lost, but also the cost of physical and emotional damages suffered as a result of the accident. For example, if are a football player and lost your leg in an accident, your career is essentially over. Thus many small details are to be taken into consideration when deciding the actual amount of compensation for your damages. If these details are not accounted for, then it may be a huge loss. Therefore, having a top-rated car accident lawyer in Orange County will help ensure you get the highest possible compensation amount.

Important Legal Deadlines

There are several deadlines that have to be met, and a good car accident lawyer can make sure you meet them. There are many, lesser-known deadlines that you also need to know about.  Depending on what insurance companies are involved, an insurance policy may require that you notify the insurer about the collision “promptly” or “as soon as practical”. Deadlines like this are most common in underinsured motorist insurance policies.  If a government entity is involved then you may have to meet “ante item” deadlines that can be as short as six months or one year.

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Missing these deadlines can be a big problem. Sometimes missing a deadline can ruin your chances of winning a case.

The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is always there for you to help and get you justice. We have worked in this field for a long time and have the knowledge and experience to help you in the best possible way. Contact us today and get the desired compensation for your damages.