The Worth of an Amputation Injury Settlement with an Amputation Lawyer

Amputation Lawyer

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Losing a limb is a life-altering experience that can affect physical health, mental well-being, financial stability, and many other essential aspects of daily life. If you have suffered an amputation injury, compensation is not only possible; it is vital. An amputation lawyer can help you navigate the process so you don’t get a settlement that is less than what you deserve.

Compensation for your injury can cover the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, pain suffering, as well as other losses. However, every amputation case is different and can result in a range of settlement amounts. To find out what kind of compensation you can expect from an amputation settlement, keep reading.


Damages in an Amputation Injury Case

In a car accident, the injured party sues the responsible party for damages associated with the crash. Damages can include loss of personal property and physical injury. Here are the different categories of damages as they relate to amputation injuries from car accidents.

Pain and Suffering 

When you get injured because of the negligent actions of another person, you may have a legal entitlement to compensation for physical and emotional pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering is a broad term that can include mental and physical anguish. It can also include mental anguish, anxiety, and loss of enjoyment of life.

The average victim of an amputation accident suffers from chronic symptoms of PTSD. These injuries can also cause significant feelings of anxiety, anger, and depression. Mental health has a direct tie to a person’s quality of life. These conditions can add to a person’s difficulty finding gainful employment, maintaining relationships, and moving forward with their life. 

California does not have a specific formula for determining compensation for pain and suffering. To determine the appropriate damages for pain and suffering, an amputation lawyer will need to prove you are suffering from the harm caused and will continue to suffer in the future.

Medical Expenses

Someone who has suffered a traumatic amputation will have significant medical costs throughout the recovery process. Surgery, medication, prosthetics, rehabilitation, and therapy are just some of the costs of an amputation.

When the fault for your amputation lies with another party, that person can be held legally responsible for covering those medical costs. If you are going into debt trying to keep up with the never-ending stack of medical bills, it is important that you contact an amputation lawyer for help.

Loss of Earnings

In determining how much income an amputation injury has cost a victim in wages, a lawyer will take their salary history into account. It is also common for any paid time off and other potential benefits you would usually receive from your job to be added into the evaluation as well.

You will also want to be compensated for the wages you are likely to have lost in the future. Many amputees find themselves unable to complete the tasks required of them to remain in their current field of work. They require retraining and can struggle to find new employment.

A good personal injury lawyer will know to utilize a projection of the earnings you should have made in the future, had there not been an accident.


How Much Is an Amputation Injury Worth?

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Many amputation injury cases end in less than desirable settlements. An arm amputation may garner as little as a couple hundred thousand dollars. Although this seems like a lot of money, in many cases it is not.

Many factors influence the outcome of an amputation settlement. Lawyers will debate the extent of the injury, loss of wages, as well as pain and suffering. No single case is exactly like another. 

Additionally, not every victim of an accident hires a reputable amputation lawyer. An attorney who is disinterested or inexperienced will often lead individuals to accept a lesser settlement than they deserve.

Defendants and insurance companies will always try to pay as little as they can get away with. That’s why having a personal injury attorney on your team is so imperative. Negotiating a settlement with an attorney versus without an attorney can make a huge difference in compensation.

For example, one Los Angeles resident reached a $23 million settlement after suffering a double leg amputation in a car accident. While an experienced car accident lawyer can’t guarantee a million-dollar outcome, personal injury victims are more likely to recover financial compensation with legal representation.


How to Find the Right Amputation Lawyer

When you are hiring an attorney, you should be vetting them in order to set your case up for success. Amputation injury cases are personal injury cases. However, you should not just hire any personal injury attorney to advocate for you. Instead, you should specifically hire an attorney who specializes in amputation injuries.

Look for Expertise Specific to Your Case

To get even more specific, if one of your limbs was amputated in an auto accident, you should be hiring a lawyer who focuses on vehicular accidents and amputation injuries.

They will know the ins and outs of the laws pertaining to your accident. Someone who focuses on these types of cases will also be able to help you figure out how much your specific injury is worth.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Before selecting an attorney, you should also be sure to look into the reviews left behind by clients they have worked with in the past. Testimonials are a great way to judge whether or not you are working with the right amputation lawyer for you. 

See if the law firm or attorney has won any notable awards as well. Lawyers will often be recognized by outside organizations for the spectacular work they have done. These awards are always a sign that you are dealing with a great lawyer.

Conduct Several Interviews

You should also make sure that your attorney respects you and takes a genuine interest in your case. It’s always in your best interest to meet and interview an injury lawyer before hiring them. In fact, many personal injury firms will offer prospective clients free consultations.


Get Help From a Qualified Amputation Lawyer

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Amputation injuries are life-altering events that deserve fair and just compensation. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. Get the help of a qualified amputation lawyer as soon as possible.

If you are located in California and need an amputation lawyer specializing in automotive accidents, The Law Offices of Daniel Kim can help. Schedule a free consultation with our award-winning car accident law firm today.