How an Amputation Injury Lawyer Can Help You

Amputation Injury Lawyer

Amputation Injury Lawyer

Anytime a major car accident or another traffic accident occurs, injuries that result in amputations can happen. If the worst does happen, it’s vital for victims to know what legal options they have to compensate for their injuries. 

If you or a loved one has had to have a limb amputated, here’s what you need to know about an amputation injury lawyer and how one can help you with a personal injury claim. 


What Qualifies as an Amputation?

An amputation is defined as the complete or partial loss of one or more limbs on the upper or lower half of the body. This includes arms, legs, fingers, toes, hands, feet, or even parts of the face. Recovering from an amputation is a long process requiring recurring medical visits.

Some forms of amputation are more common than others. A few examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Removal of the foot at the ankle
  • Partial removal of the leg at the knee
  • Complete removal of the leg at or below the hip
  • Removal of the hand at the wrist
  • Partial removal of the arm at the elbow
  • Complete removal of the arm at or below the shoulder
  • Metacarpal amputation, where one or more of the fingers are amputated

The exact nature of the amputation depends entirely on the state of the limb and the extent of the damage. Sometimes, injuries may be so severe that amputation is required at a later time to prevent further injury.


What Is an Amputation Injury Lawyer?

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An amputation injury lawyer is a type of attorney who handles claims related to the loss of limb(s). They can help file a claim against any related parties responsible for the amputation. If you believe you have a case and wish to file a lawsuit, talking with a personal injury lawyer about your claim will help you get started.

Amputations Cases Handled by Personal Injury Attorneys

There are several types of cases where you may require a personal injury attorney for amputations. However, auto accidents are among the most common amputation injuries. 

Amputations following a car accident are known as “traumatic amputations.” This is due to the traumatic event preceding the amputation. This type of accident may not involve two vehicles. It could instead involve a motorcycle with a car, a car with a pedestrian, or a bicycle with a car. In any case, a personal injury lawyer can help you.

If you are involved in an auto accident that results in an amputation, it’s crucial to keep all medical records of treatment that was already administered. In addition,  hold onto any other medical documentation about the accident itself. This will be vital in proving damages in your personal injury case. The more evidence you can gather, the better off you will be.

Who Is Liable in an Amputation Injury Case?

Depending on the exact circumstances of the accident, different people may be held liable for injuries. For example, if you were injured in a car accident because the other driver was drunk driving, that driver would be found at fault.

Therefore, the other party would be liable for all damages that resulted from the accident. This includes medical bills, vehicle damage, and even emotional turmoil. This is because their negligent actions led to the amputation.

However, if an Uber driver who was drinking and driving caused a car accident, both the driver and the employer could be found at fault. When multiple parties are involved, proving fault can get complicated. A personal injury attorney can help determine liability regardless of the situation.


Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

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There are several ways that an injury lawyer can help you following an accident. To start, gathering evidence to support your personal injury claim can be a challenge on your own. However, without proper guidance, you may not know what qualifies as proper evidence. 

An attorney knows all of the information that can be used to prove the legitimacy of your personal injury claim. Another issue that many victims run into is negotiating a fair settlement. You need to consider not only the costs of immediate damages but also for future issues that may come up due to the amputation. Amputees face lifelong struggles due to their amputation, including, but not limited to:

  • Potential infections
  • Mobility issues
  • Psychological harm
  • Phantom limb pain
  • Skin breakdown

These problems can put a great deal of stress on the personal and professional lives of amputees. In addition, work may be affected during and after the initial amputation resulting in lost wages or a diminished earning capacity. An amputation attorney will know what a fair compensation amount is for your circumstance and won’t have you settle for less.

Recovering from an injury as severe as an amputation takes time and effort. Having someone on your side to work on the major details of your personal injury case gives you the opportunity to rest and recover, which is exactly what you need after suffering such a traumatic event.


Contact an Amputation Injury Lawyer

Reach out to an amputation injury lawyer for help. They will know how to best help with your specific case. The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is here to provide assistance during this difficult time. Contact us with any questions or concerns you have about our services. Our law firm offers a free consultation to get started.