Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer After an Accident?

Personal Injury

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Are you planning to file a personal injury claim? Perhaps you’ve been involved in a car, bicycle, motorcycle, truck, or Uber/Lyft accident. Or, maybe you’ve sustained bone fractures, rotator cuff, meniscus, spinal or traumatic head injuries. In order to file a successful claim, working with a reputable personal injury lawyer will be necessary.

Accidents can result in high medical bills, inability to work, loss of quality of life, or have another devastating impact. A knowledgeable attorney is adept with the claims process and will be experienced in delivering a favorable outcome.

However, not any personal injury lawyer is perfect for your case, be spot on when choosing one. Are you wondering why you need an attorney after an accident? Read more to learn the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer.


Deal With Insurance Companies

Even when all of the evidence points to a negligent motorist causing a car crash, it may still be difficult to collect compensation from the liable party’s insurance. 

Insurance companies have an objective to reimburse accident victims for as little as possible. This is accomplished by denying or delaying personal injury claims. Additionally, in some instances, insurance adjusters will persuade victims to accept an unfair settlement.

Working with a reputable personal injury lawyer will protect victims from these tactics. They will also make sure that their clients are not baited into saying something that will invalidate their claim. 

A personal injury attorney will know how to effectively negotiate with difficult insurance adjusters to obtain the fairest settlement possible. If an ideal settlement cannot be agreed on, a lawyer will assist in filing a lawsuit. 

Established personal injury lawyers who have built a successful reputation can offer experience, as well as options. Therefore, victims will not need to take on the stress of battling insurance adjusters alone. 


Gather Evidence

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After sustaining injuries, it will need to be proven that the car accident caused those injuries. Therefore, solid facts and evidence must be presented, drawing a correlation to the damages and the defendant. This is another area, where a personal injury attorney can be a great asset. 

A successful attorney who has handled similar cases will know which kind of evidence is required to prove your case to insurers. If the case goes to court, this evidence can also be presented in front of a judge and jury. 

They will gather doctor reports, police reports, and witnesses’ testimonies. Each piece of evidence builds a strong case and proves your sufferings, damages, and costs incurred due to the accident. Then, a winning strategy will be developed to negotiate a settlement. This evidence will support your claims and prove liability on the party at fault. This significantly improves your chances of getting maximum compensation.


Determine the Value of Your Claim

Can you quantify how much your personal injury claim is worth? Well, without any background experience, you aren’t aware of how different case elements will affect the value of the settlement. If you determine the value yourself, chances are you’ll value it very low or high.

Without legal expertise or knowledge of accident claims, it would be difficult for the average person to accurately quantify how much his or her personal injury case is worth. Insurers know this and use it to their advantage. Oftentimes, they will present an offer to the victim, which is initially perceived as a large amount. However, that first offer is typically well below what is actually deserved.

An experienced personal injury attorney understands the subtleties of your case and how much your injuries are worth. Also, they will factor in economic and non-economical damages to come up with an accurate estimate of the claim. This should account for current losses, as well as future losses, like rehabilitation or physical therapy.

Economic damages involve the quantifiable financial losses or expenditures attributable to the injuries and accidents. These involve medical bills, expenses, lost wages, and you’ll need personal records as proof. 

The non-economic damage includes mental trauma, like pain and suffering. While economic damages are easy to place value on, collecting non-economic damages can be more challenging. A personal injury lawyer will be able to effectively prove how these losses have made a life-changing impact and how much monetary award should be compensated to the victim.


Represent You in Court

personal injury lawsuit

If a fair settlement is not agreed upon, the case proceeds to a lawsuit. While most personal injury claims are settled before going to trial, you want to be ready for anything. If the claim escalated to trial, courtroom experience is absolutely required.

A reputable personal injury lawyer has successfully represented past clients in trial. They know the ins and out of lawsuit settlement, and rest assured for nothing less than a fair settlement.

During the trial, the lawyer will not only represent you in court but will also argue your case. Knowing someone is working on your case gives you peace of mind and adequate time to recover from injuries.


Hire a Personal Injury Attorney Today

Being involved in an accident presents a lot of suffering and financial burden to victims and their loved ones. However, filing for a personal injury claim can offer much-needed financial aid to offset the resulting expenses. However, you’ll need a reputable attorney to guide you.

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