Car Accidents and Spinal Cord Injuries in CA: What You Need to Know

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries

Did you know that about 38.6% of spinal cord injuries that occur each year in the US are due to vehicular crashes? Such injuries can be life-altering and devastating for you and your loved ones.

Victims often have to rely on extensive medical and assisted care, which can be costly. The good news is that you may be entitled to compensation if you suffered a spinal cord injury at the hands of a negligent driver.

If you’re considering filing a claim, here’s everything you need to know about car accidents and spinal injuries in California.


Why You Should See a Doctor Immediately

A spine injury is always a medical emergency, and immediate medical evaluation is paramount anytime you’re involved in a car accident. Emergency medical personnel will take precautions at the accident scene to prevent further spinal injuries. They will immobilize your head and neck to prevent movement.

A doctor may need to perform a physical exam and diagnostic tests to determine whether you have an injury at the hospital. These may include blood tests, X-rays, a CT or CAT scan, and an MRI.

The ideal treatment recommended for this injury will depend on your age, the extent of the spinal cord injury (SCI), the type of SCI, the expected course of the SCI, and other factors. Surgery may be deemed necessary to:

  • Evaluate the injured spinal cord
  • Release pressure from the affected area
  • Stabilize any fractured backbones
  • Manage other injuries that may have resulted from the accident

Recovering from an injury to the spinal cord requires long-term hospitalization and rehabilitation. An interdisciplinary team of specialists works to help control pain and monitor heart function, bladder and bowel function, blood pressure, nutrition status, and body temperature. Depending on the specifics of your case, your doctor may recommend:

  • Observation and medication management in the ICU
  • Medications
  • Bladder catheter
  • Feeding tube
  • Mechanical ventilator

While all of the above may sound expensive and scary, prompt treatment and adhering to the treatment plan is crucial to reclaiming your life. It’s the best chance to prevent permanent damage to the spinal cord and maximize your chances of recovery.


What’s the Worth of Spinal Cord Injuries?

Car Accidents and Spinal Cord Injuries contract

The exact amount of compensation a spinal cord injury victim can receive in California depends on their specific damages. The damages vary from case to case and often include:

Medical Expense

The average cost of a spine injury within the first year ranges from $300,000 to $1 million. They start falling after that to $42,000-$200,000 depending on your prognosis, treatment protocols, and other factors.

Lost Wages

An injury can deter your ability to work either temporarily or permanently. You may be able to seek compensation for lost wages if your spinal injury makes it impossible to continue on your career path or earn as much money as you would otherwise. Lost wages cover loss of current and future income.

Pain, Suffering, and Emotional Distress

Spinal injuries cause significant distress for the injured and their loved ones. You can claim compensation for physical pain, lost quality of life, and emotional distress you experience due to a vehicular spinal injury.

Loss of Consortium

Spinal cord injuries can make it difficult to have a normal loving relationship. This may include sexual dysfunction and paralysis of sexual organs. You may also be entitled to compensation for losing other aspects of your relationship, like the ability to take family vacations, care for the children, and enjoy meaningful activities with your family.


An injury to the spinal cord can render you unable to move all or part of your body, making it difficult to move on with your life. This disability may make you feel socially disconnected or make it impossible to enjoy things you previously enjoyed. You have the right to pursue compensation if your spinal injury leads to a catastrophic change in circumstances.


How Can Legal Representation Aid Your Spinal Cord Injury Claim?

personal injury claim for spinal cord injuries

A devastating injury like SCI can constitute grounds for a personal injury claim in California. But due to the significant emotional and financial toll they can take, it’s essential to hire an experienced spinal cord injury attorney. You can rely on their expertise, skills, and resources to achieve the best results for your case. A California spinal injury lawyer can handle all aspects of your claim, including:

  • Analyzing your injury and medical records
  • Investigating the car accident that led to your injury
  • Assessing the damages in your injury claims case
  • Devising strategies to counter the defense tactics used by insurance companies to deny or downplay your claim
  • Compiling strong evidence to build a compelling case to present in court
  • Consulting with doctors to estimate future medical expenses

Besides providing legal counsel and representation, your SCI attorney can advocate for your treatment. Our attorneys are particularly knowledgeable about the medical aspects of spinal cord injuries.

They have contacts and information regarding healthcare professionals, companies, and resources. They’ll monitor the treatment process, ensuring that your rights are protected.


Can Hiring a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Increase Compensation?

Yes, an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer can increase the odds and size of compensation. A good lawyer will use aggressive legal strategies to negotiate a fair settlement for your claim.

No amount of money can take away the fact that you suffered a spinal injury. However, the financial outcome of the lawsuit can help you plan for a positive future. A personal injury lawyer will negotiate the maximum settlement. This will ensure that your family has the money they need for medical expenses and other expenses.


Let Our Car Accident Lawyer Handle Your Spinal Injuries Case

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Our spinal cord injuries attorney at The Law Offices of Daniel Kim is happy to discuss the details of your case and answer your questions.

Our attorneys are empathetic allies. We’ll listen and understand the difficulties you face while being compassionate and caring. We offer straightforward guidance about your case and care for your emotional well-being at this difficult time.

If you or a loved one has suffered an SCI after a vehicular accident, schedule a free consultation today.