Settlement for Car Accident Back, Neck Injury

An auto accident can lead to major damages financially and physically. It can be complicated and overwhelming with all the injuries, damages, and bills to be paid.

Even being rear ended under 10 MPH can lead to serious pain.

That is why it’s so important to know your options to ensure you receive due compensation for the inconvenience of your time and pain you have to deal with.

Working with an experienced and honorable car accident lawyer can make the chaotic event more bearable and calm.

Having someone you can trust working on your side to ensure you get the due compensation can greatly soothe stress from an auto accident.

The average settlement for back and neck injuries from auto accidents usually falls somewhere between $15,000 and $30,000, but can vary depending on the severity of the injury, damages, and other details.

But commercial verdicts and settlements can be in the six figures range, if not in the millions.

It is important to reach out to a car accident lawyer as soon as possible following the occurrence of an accident,

This will help us to gather the maximum amount of information to get you back on your feet after all your pain and suffering.

When you find yourself injured from an auto accident, be sure to follow these two easy steps to make sure you are awarded the money you deserve.

1. Always seek medical attention after an accident

Many victims notice pain immediately after an auto accident.

Neck and back pain are the most commonly reported and treated, but there are thousands of different ways to be injured depending upon the severity of the accident.

This is why you should always seek professional medical help to get a complete and detailed list of any injuries you may have received from an auto accident.

If you are injured, seeking medical help and records of all medical bills can greatly help you in your next step with speaking to a car accident attorney.

Keep track of all your diagnoses and medical visits, etc., to help your car accident attorney get you the compensation money you deserve.

And with the right car accident lawyer like Mr. Daniel Kim, the firm will help you every step of the way.

2. Reach out to a trusted auto accident attorney


Mr. Daniel Kim is the highest rated motor vehicle accident lawyer in Southern California.

Trusted by thousands, Mr. Daniel Kim has won large and small settlements for his clients, and promises the very best service from his firm.

Each client is eligible for a free consultation to discuss options and a plan to gain the greatest amount of compensation for your pain and suffering.

Common Injuries

When involved in a motor vehicle accident, many people will suffer from varying levels of pain and physical injuries.

One of the most common sources of pain is in the neck almost immediately following the incident.

This is a painful side effect of car accidents in which one’s head is suddenly and forcefully drawn back and whipped forward again.

This is more commonly known as whiplash and can be a very expensive injury to resolve.

If the pain does not subside quickly, doctor and chiropractor visits are often in order to alleviate the pain. These medical treatments are hardly cheap, and the bills can quickly add up.

Another common complaint from those involved in car accidents is back pain.

This is caused by damage to spinal discs after too much pressure is exerted and placed on the spine.

Your spine was not designed to handle immense amounts of pressure, especially sudden, thus pain in this area is extremely common after an auto accident.

Do You Have a Case?

The most important point in determining if you have a case is to seek legal counsel first.

Never simply accept a settlement when you know you could receive so much more with the help of an auto accident attorney.

Another part to consider is if you have been injured in the auto accident and the severity and nature of said injury.

The right auto accident attorney law firm will assist with this process, but keep up with all your medical diagnoses and bills to help your car accident lawyer develop and build your case in your favor.

Another major point to determine is if the accident was not your fault.

How The Law Offices of Daniel Kim Can Help You

If you’ve been injured recently in any kind of motor accident, your best choice will always be Mr. Daniel Kim.

As an experienced auto accident attorney, Mr. Daniel Kim guarantees the best outcome possible for you.

He works hard to ensure his clients walk away satisfied and with greater compensation than they could have gotten alone.

Mr. Daniel Kim understands that auto accidents affect so much when it comes to your daily life.

Damages to one’s car and self are often only the tip of the iceberg.

Pain can lead to an inability to work and a loss of income for however long needed for recovery.

And with worse injuries comes frequent doctor’s visits and bills which can quickly add on to your stress.

An auto accident can cause a huge mess, so Mr. Daniel Kim has taken it upon himself to become a name you can trust to help you through these times.

An Auto Accident Lawyer Firm that Can Do it All

With The Law Offices of Daniel Kim, you will find the most coverage and options among any other law firm in Southern California.

With the ability to successfully represent all sorts of car accident injured clients, Mr. Daniel Kim assures the greatest sum of money for your pain and suffering.

Don’t settle for just any firm to handle your car accident settlement.

This firm is the absolute best when faced with the task of getting clients the compensation they deserved.

 motorcycle crash lawyer

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Mr. Daniel Kim has represented thousands of clients involved in motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents are far more likely to result in serious injury, which is why victims involved in such accidents should reach out to a dependable motorcycle accident lawyer.

Motorcycle accidents are very common because of the vehicle’s small size making it more difficult to spot on the road.

Besides other vehicles, miscellaneous obstacles in the road always prove greatly hazardous for motorcyclists.

A motorcycle is not as stable as a large car, so it is easier for small road hazards to become extremely dangerous.

Mr. Daniel Kim also specializes in motorcycle accidents.

He wants his clients to drive knowing that they are in good hands if anything were ever to happen while riding a motorcycle.

Truck Accident Attorney

Mr. Daniel Kim is also a truck accident lawyer and has been rated as the most reliable and devoted truck accident lawyer anywhere in Southern California.

Truck accidents often prove very damaging to property, victims, and the victims’ lives. For those who spend a large amount of time on the interstate, seeing a semi-truck is a very normal occurrence.

Many people feel uneasy when driving near one because of the sheer amount of damage they can do.

Truck accidents being some of the most devastating cases among auto accidents.

Mr. Daniel Kim stands by supporting clients with “white glove” service while ensuring thorough investigation and case management.

When you hire an attorney, your wellbeing should be at the forefront of their concerns.

Your health and satisfaction matters greatly to a truck accident attorney like Mr. Daniel Kim and his firm, and will do everything in his power to get the utmost compensation for every client who approaches him.

Car Accident Attorney

With The Law Offices of Daniel Kim, you can expect the highest quality care and intense investigation of every case. Car accident settlements vary depending on numerous factors.

One factor which lawyers take into account for an auto accident case is the speed of both cars during the time of the accident.

The greater the speed, the more likely it is that there was greater damage dealt to property and self.

If a client’s injuries were serious enough to receive large amounts of doctor’s bills, the greater the chances are for a larger sum of compensation for their struggle.

Pedestrian Accident Attorney

The difference between being a victim in a traditional auto accident and a pedestrian accident is that the pedestrian is completely vulnerable to the operator of the vehicle.

Most often, these cases arise from irresponsible driving including running red lights, driving under the influence, or distracted driving.

Mr. Daniel Kim fights especially hard for these clients, because it is unjust for one to have to deal with all the pain and suffering that comes with an accident like this and not receive due compensation.

Victims of pedestrian accidents are usually forced to endure great levels of pain and serious life-altering injuries.

Aside from the great deal of stress and injuries that the victim suffers, there is guaranteed to be mountains of doctor’s bills piling up faster than can be handled.

The pedestrian accident lawyers at this firm assure the greatest legal guidance and case to bring clients the greatest amount of due compensation.

Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle accidents in California are all too common.

Mr. Daniel Kim pledges to work by your side to get the greatest sum of compensation for your injuries and help you recover fully from the bike accident.

While there are designated areas for cyclists, drivers often ignore or do not see the potential danger of not obeying the laws and sharing the roadway.

Injuries obtained from bicycle accidents can often equal the severity of motorcycle accidents.

Even with proper gear and protection, cyclists will always deal with more devastating injury cases than the motorist.

The bicycle accident lawyers at this firm guarantee the best possible service and legal help for all victims of bicycle accidents.

Do I Really Need to Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer?

If you have not been convinced by the prior article contents, please consider these next few points.

Imagine you are driving your usual route to work on the interstate when you are suddenly involved in an auto accident that is not your fault.

Your car suffers significant damages, and you have to make a visit to your doctor because of distinct pain in your back.

It turns out your spine has been damaged in the accident, and will take a while to heal physically, not to mention the high expenses.

You are trying to figure out what to do about getting the car and yourself fixed, but your injury makes it to where you are unable to work.

This results in a large loss of income and the bills are racking up.

As you expected, you receive a settlement offer from the insurance company, but it is much smaller than you expected.

It does not even come close to covering the immense amount of compensation you need.

Each insurance company is different, and working with MetroMile insurance and Uber/Lyft commercial insurance companies, etc. can be very difficult after an accident.

Make sure to never settle for a low-ball settlement, and call the most trusted and devoted car accident lawyer Southern California has to offer.

Mr. Daniel Kim will do his utmost to assure the best possible outcome for every client, because he understands the amount of damage a car crash can do.

The average settlement for car accident back and neck injuries varies greatly on whether or not the individual hires legal representation.

A car accident attorney can change your life during the events following an auto accident by adding thousands to your settlement.

A not-at-fault auto accident is always confusing and overwhelming which is why Mr. Kim’s firm is dedicated to giving you the compensation you are owed for your pain and suffering.

Insurance companies do not care about those involved in an accident when it comes to paying out fairly.

Insurance companies will always offer the minimal amount of compensation, but an injury attorney that specializes in getting fair compensation for car accident victims is devoted to fighting for your legal rights.

To get the settlement you deserve for your injuries, hire a trusted auto accident lawyer to ensure your compensation.