5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring Truck Accident Lawyers

Hiring Truck Accident Lawyers

Hiring Truck Accident Lawyers

If you recently suffered injuries in a truck accident, it’s likely that you’re in pain and still trying to figure out what to do next. Many Americans in a similar situation consider hiring truck accident lawyers, and it would be in your best interest to do the same.

Each year, an estimated 130,000 people in the US are injured in truck accidents. Many of these injuries last a lifetime, permanently altering the life of the victims. Injuries can include head trauma, broken bones, spinal cord damage, neck and back injuries, and whiplash. Licensed truck accident lawyers can immediately get to work identifying who the liable party is. Additionally, they can gather the necessary evidence, interview eyewitnesses, and negotiate with the insurance agency on your behalf, among other things. 

However, not all attorneys are capable of delivering the best results for their clients.  When hiring a truck accident lawyer, you need to interview them in order to make sure you are making the right decision. Here are the top five most important questions to ask during the interview.


1. What’s Your Background and Experience? 

One of the first things you want to know before hiring a truck accident attorney is whether they have the proper educational background to do the job. The most effective way to establish this is to confirm whether the lawyer is licensed. You may also inquire about which law school the lawyer attended and when they graduated.

Next, ask questions about the attorney’s professional experience. For instance, how many years have they practiced personal injury law? The longer an attorney has been in the industry, the more competent they’re likely to be. 

Find out if they have represented truck accident victims in the past. Those who have are better equipped to fight for individuals in your situation. 

Ask how many truck accident victims the attorney represents on average each year. How many lawsuits do they settle? What percentage of tuck accident cases do they take to trial per year?

You can also try to find out whether the law is a member of any professional organizations or bar associations. The best attorneys usually are. 

Inquire whether the attorney has experience representing clients with the same injuries you experienced in the truck accident. This helps you know whether the attorney has the necessary background to argue your truck accident case and help you recover compensation.


2. What’s Your Assessment of My Case?

worth of a truck accident claim

During your meeting with your potential accident attorney, you need to describe the accident as clearly as possible. Let the attorney know of any truck accident injuries that were sustained. After disclosing all of the details, your attorney should be able to provide an estimate of how much your case is worth, as well as any other relevant case information.

It’s okay to request a comprehensive assessment of your case. It’s important to determine if they believe you have a case at all. If so, what kind of judgment or financial settlement can you realistically expect at the conclusion of the case?

Ask the attorney to tell you which factors in the case will work in your favor and which ones will work against you. This will help prepare you for any potential disappointment down the road.

Is it likely that the case will proceed to trial? In 95% of personal injury cases, pre-trial settlements are reached. That means your attorney may recommend mediation or arbitration, and it’ll still be a sound legal strategy. 

How long is your case likely to take before settlement? A seasoned attorney should be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate based on the facts surrounding your case.


3. What’s Your Legal Philosophy?

Another thing you may want to find out before you hire a truck accident attorney is what approach and style they use when practicing law. A good attorney will have no problem describing their approach to personal injury law.

Do they prefer settling out of court, or do they believe in battling it out in court? An attorney who is not a good litigator may pressure you to settle too early. Generally, you want to work with a lawyer who’s not afraid of filing a truck accident lawsuit and representing you in court if it comes to that.


4. How Will You Manage My Case?

Hiring Truck Accident Lawyers

Find out early on whether the attorney you’re interviewing will be the one personally managing your case. Once you’ve established who will be in charge of your case, inquire how they plan to handle negotiations and court appearances if necessary. How often will they provide progress reports? What can you expect in those reports?

Now’s the time to find out how the two of you will communicate over the course of your case. Communication is very important, so you want to be sure that the law firm can guarantee open communication with you.


5. What Are Your Legal Fees?

One of the top mistakes made when hiring accident attorneys is taking the issue of fee structure too lightly. It’s important to be clear on the issue of legal fees so that there’s no conflict between you and your attorney once the case has concluded. 

Most truck accident attorneys will charge a contingency fee. Find out how much that is, as well as any other expenses you need to pay for. In addition, consider comparing lawyer fees to avoid being overcharged or not getting the most cost-friendly offer. 


Hiring Truck Accident Lawyers Shouldn’t Be A Headache

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Suffering a truck accident can be an overwhelming experience, and many times, victims don’t know what to do next. If you’ve suffered harm as a result of an accident, you’re entitled to compensation if you weren’t at fault. Hiring truck accident lawyers will guarantee that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Were you or your loved one a victim of a truck accident? Contact The Law Offices of Daniel Kim to learn about your options and if you’re eligible for compensation.